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Dark Lands RPG

Author File Description
Adam the Mighty
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
Hi Everyone! It's me again. You probably don't remember me (I created the very bad Relics of Kor scenario) But i made a scenario, i think you people will Enjoy. Its a Basic RPG (not much in the way of Storyline, but it adds a certain depth to the game) You go around completling Quests and Gaining Recruits (which do special things like play songs, tell facts, build buildings, etc. You can also buy new weapons, and warriors to join you.) This scenario may appeal to some of you and it may not appeal. FEEDBACK IS APPRICIATED! Again, FEEDBACK IS APPRICIATED!! Reviewers for AoKH, Please Review my scenario and tell me what you think, and what needs to be added. Thanks!
- Adam the Mighty
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Map Design3.0

Special Attack: Long Review

Playability: 3

What you're playing is a role playing scenario, where you can play as different types of units, e.g. infantry, cavalry, archer etc. You level up by gaining different units, e.g. scout, light cav, camel, and so on. You must advance through to the end of the level to win, which involves a lot of "FF" style fighting, and basically healing after each kill.

At the beginning of the scenario I looked around a little. I saw a monk, a villager, and a camel. I inspected the monk, who was locked firmly in place with palisades. I looked next at the camel, and moved it though an area, where it got quickly killed by MAA and siege weapons. I'm not sure what that camel was, but its demise didn't seem to prevent me from playing the rest of the level.

You begin by choosing what unit you want to be, by walking next to a flag. Read the descriptions first, before you make your decision. Now there are a lot of units here. Cavalry is the recommended choice, and to be frank, I wouldn't bother playing the scenario with anything else. Cavalry begins with a scout cavalry, and goes through 5 levels, as I imagine most of the other classes would. But cavalry is fast, you see. Other units are slow, and can't do hit and run tactics without that speed. As a cavalry you can advance through the scenario at a much faster pace and pick your battles, running away when needed. I can't comment on playability for non-cavalry classes, because I only played as cavalry, but I doubt playability would be as good. As a slower unit you would become very tired of the level, and you would need to heal a lot more, which means even more walking, and more boredom.

The leveling system is good, allowing you to play as a new unit for each section. I enjoyed the varying gameplay that this produced - for example as a camel archers were very tough to beat, while as a mameluke, I could own infantry with hit and run, although camels were now a nightmare to face.

As you advance through the level you gain the services of a monk at each town, and using them to heal is vitally important. But you have to keep running back to them so often that it makes gameplay a little tedious, and the repetitive FF style play, instead of there being more varition, also hinders gameplay.

In the end I was grateful it was over, but pleased I got through it, and there were no bugs for me, so that was a plus.

Balance: 4

The level is well balanced, with varying difficulty, but generally quite hard. The use of gold didn't yield much in return, I ended up not spending any of it. There were several opportunities to "cheat" - converting units with the monks, making villagers, etc that make the level much easier. This will spoil the level, so do not do it. Some of these things could be avoided though - e.g. Disabling cartography instead of asking the player not to research it. Most deductions for the level relate to playability though, and difficulty was pretty good.

Creativity: 5

Creative elements were:

-Unique levelling system, provided a variety of gameplay while still playing as the same character.
-Signs used - remember this is AoK, not AoC. The signs were flags, and walking near them activated the text.
-Tresure chests - I loved this one. Represented by relics and opened by clicking on them.
-Almost all units talk to you. This shows a lot of effort, and not only do they talk, they also each have their own individual names.
-At one place there is a "gate" closed, which is done by creating palisade walls to form the gate. Though I didn't really investigate this area of the map further, it was a nice trick.

Map Design: 3

The map design is a little lacking. A very big map, it is a little difficult to navigate, and tiring to walk across, and then back. One side quest was to buy a dock that allowed you to skip back to the beginning across the water, but this didn't yield any advantage because there was no purpose in back tracking. I think the units were just a little too spaced out. In terms of terrain, there is poor terrain blending, and massive use of terrain brush, rather than more precise map making and eye candy use.

Story/Instructions: 3

The story is present, as must really be the case in an RPG. You must make your way to the end, and then in the planned sequel you were to return back and defeat the empire, although this sequel was never completed. There is plenty of dialogue and narration in game, but there are a number of issues that let this area down. For example, when you begin, I did not know whether you were the camel or villager, and the instructions side of things were not narrated well throughout. There were dialogues and descriptions of what was happening around you, but not clear instructions on what to do at times when it was needed. Here the use of dynamic objectives box changes would have helped this problem, but the objectives were just repeated scenario instructions, and they were static.

When the unit that represents you dies, you do not get defeated. I know this isn't quite so easy to impliment in a level like this, but it looks unprofessional. The other thing that was poorly executed was the levelling up system - your unit dies infront of you and is replaced nearby. This has clearly been the cause of confusion based on the FAQ. Remove object would have been better, or better still a small scene for the transitions.

Overall: 3.6

Approximate Play Time: 3 hours

[Edited on 08/28/05 @ 07:23 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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