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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Chronicles of Thraynia - DEMO

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The Chronicles of Thraynia - DEMO

Author File Description
SCN Punk
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
The Coming of the Mages
In the month Ashram, of the six hundred and fifty-second year of the Second Epoch of Thraynia, the mages first appeared. No one knew from whence they came, or why. There were many of them, although of the chief there were six. Archbishop, Hhard, Charlemagne, Ornlu, Theodoric and Minamoto. The King, recognizing their wisdom appointed some as his councilors. Under their guidance, Thraynia prospered and the King moved the capital to Takash. Many years passed. With the help of the mages, an alliance was formed between men and elves, who had always been mortal enemies, and elven city were built near human cities. And so the coming of the mages brought peace and order to Thraynia.

The Vanishing of the Mages
Years passed. Kings died and Kings were born. And through it all the mages died not. They did even seem to age. Then in 841 SE, The King's councilors started to disappear. One by one they vanished until only one was left. The rest of the Mages, fearing that the final mage-councilor, Hhard, one of the chief mages, would disappear, hid him in Takash, but to no avail. Just as the others, he too disappeared without a trace. Then more mages vanished, until finally only the remaining five chief mages were still in Thraynia.

The Coming of Evil
Twenty years came and went without a trace of the missing mages. Finally, Minamoto decided to seek for them, to find what magic could not. He was never heard from again. With that final disappearance, the power of the mages weakened and evil entered Thraynia. Using the gates of the Underealm, Orcs appeared, crossing the borders of Thraynia for the first time. Wolves, who had always acknowledged the King, now joined forces with the Orcs, raiding towns and villages. Necromancers, evil sorcerers with great power, began to practice their dark magic. And finally the Woad Raiders, an elite group of warrior orcs declared open war on Thraynia.

The Battle of Skirmah
The war raged for months, with neither side seeming to gain an advantage. On one side Men, Elves and Mages. On the other, Orcs, Wolves and Necromancers. The Woad Raiders continued their raids on cities, destroying many. Finally the armies clashed at Skirmah, a small town near the Eastern border of Thraynia. The battle went on for three days, first one side on the offensive, then the other. The Mages, sensing that if this battle were lost, all Thraynia would fall under the Evil Powers, put forth all their efforts, even going into battle themselves. After two days the Mages had regenerated enough of their power to cast a spell on the orc's weapons, turning them into molten fire. With this the Orcs and Wolves retreated, leaving the Necromancers to the mercy of the King. No trace was ever found of those Necromancers. The King ordered the gates of the Underealm closed, the keys hidden, so that the orcs could never enter again into Thraynia.

Slowly order returned to Thraynia, new cities were built, and old ones rebuilt. The Elves built the great city of Shykri around the gates of the Underealm, guarding against any further invaders. Then the old King died and his son was crowned. The new king was very unlike his father; in fact he almost seemed to have hated him, ordering all close friends of his father removed from their positions, and growing angry when his father was mentioned. Above all the young King hated the Mages, ordering them imprisoned. News of this reached them however, and they escaped, becoming hermits in the forests and hills of Thraynia. And in this troubled time, an orphan was left at the School of Kentand...
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Hyper Duck Another masterpiece by SCN Punk! This one is shaping up to be just as popular as the Nexus. Great job, SCN Punk.

Two beaks up!
Dragon Reborn Yet another RPG has been made. I will not fault the level design. The triggers ran smoothly, the story was easy to understand and the map was pretty good, but it really was lacking in substance. Considering how experienced the team who made this was, you would have thought they could have produced something better, even for a demo. I hope the full campaign contains much more.

Don't take this as a reason not to download. This is aimed at the makers.
Mats Molin WOW!

This is the best demo ever made! I like it better than Final Hour and William, Warrio of the Sun! I order everyone to download this masterpiece!
Rodrigo Yes, this is a nice demo, but I just don't get how it ever got a 5.0. Like Dragon Reborn said, the scenario could be done a lot better. The map is very good, but the story, gameplay and originality surtenly not deserve 5. The story is good, but there could be done more effort to it, and that is logical, it's a demo, so how could a demo ever score so high? The gameplay, well sorry but at some points it gets really boring, sometimes you don't know what to do, but still it's better than others. And there is nothing original, I've seen all "new" ideas used in other scenarios, it's maybe worked out better here, but it's not new. Please don't take this as an offence, I just want to be honest and want to express my oppinion. This is a very good demo like I said, but not one of the best, it could be done a lot better. Like Dragon said, I don't say to don't have to download this. No, please download it, it's worth you time.
Shykre Nice going! Except this map looks like a random map that you just edited a little then added your personnal touch! But dont get me wrong the story is excellent and the triggers are great! You did a lot of nice work but some improvements could be added! I know that the town of Shykri is based on my name but it aint gonna make this review prettier! Btw i like the idea of the elves! You did a good work and imho this deserves a 4.5!

Great work and keep it up
Godfighter a.k.a. p0kem0n This is very good! But, when will the real thing come out? It's been two monthes and we still do not see the actual thing.
ThisNameworked2 A wwell-balanced scenario, one of the most solid scenaiors there is, good story, good eye candy, well designed map, but COME ON! A 5.0?? The full version wll deserve a 5.0, but wasn't this just a little bit short for a perfect score?
Map Design5.0
The Chronicles of Thraynia is another masterpiece by the PUNK team. This looks dead promising, and I can’t wait until the full campaign. I know that I have said that about many scenarios and campaigns, but I’m not lying in any of the cases.

The author has come up with a great new system to use the objective box. Besides the objectives, he has also used it to list your inventory! I bet this one will be used a lot in future RPGs. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone use the function to sort the objectives in a special order, or at least not this obvious. It’s a great idea and i hope to see it in many scenarios in the future.

As to the map design it’s comparable with the other work of the PUNK team, which simply means great. I confess. I did use marco and polo the second time I started the scenario, just to get a look of the complete map, and it simply looked great!

The scenario also got a very nice plot which works as it should, you just want to play and play until you finish because you’re stuck in the story.

So if you haven’t downloaded this already, do it. Or at last, don’t miss the full campaign when it’s coming this fall. As it looks now, I can guarantee that you won’t get disappointed.
DSC the full version will deserve a 6.0 ;)

but as usual, this is excellent work by the PUNKS :) (that's why their hosted by HGS now, their REALLY good :)
DSC Uhhh, i found a little bug in this...

In the TRADE CART scene... if you have La Hire stand right next to the cart, they both disappear and the new cart doesnt appear... :(

Fix that please... that's a major problem... (i waited for like 5 minutes... thinking hte cart auto-drove over... but nope...)
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Map Design5.0
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