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Rivers of Blood

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Build and Destroy
This zip folder contains both AI and PER files. Apparently the AI file is not enough for an upload, and this will make the computer a far better opponent. A lot funner, too.

The scenario is the same, create an army with John Hunyadi's money, break through devsirne lines and join Vlad Tepes in the fight against the Turkish infidels.

This scenario is INCREDIBLY violent and results in a massive death toll in just the first six minutes. Every scenario I've designed has a special feel to it, from the tricky survival strategies of "The Defense of the Chi Ch'uan Sect," to the rushed, helter-skelter feel of "The Four Seasons." This one is just pure violence.
You'll be amazed at the size of the battles this scenario contains, as if it's a multiplayer game with stunning landscapes and plot.
If you already downloaded the first one, try again. I apologize for the snafu.
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KingBarbarossa Pabsthooligan does it again! Great Download! Not the goriest I've played, but still pretty bloody. I nuked the "Charge of the Light Brigade," but it is sorta tough.

A must download. Maybe you want to make a little tougher to spice things up. Great story. Pabsthooligan, you're great at blending history and a good story. You Will Download THIS!!!
Bob Michaels This scenario really lives up to its name. There is lots of fighting and BLOOD. If you want a great blood fest without even playing a multiplayer download this map. It really deserves to be downloaded. 4.2/5
Alfred the Great Hello Again,...pabsthooligan!! I wondered what had happened to you,...if you were still creating scenarios. Imagine my surprise, to have found this fine scenario. I played it, and after making my initial "bonehead" moves,...I finally figured the right strategy to use. This scenario just confirms what I've said before. You are an unrecognized genius of the scenario making art. You always include some tricky strategy move that the player has to find,...that is the key to the whole thing. Also, is amazing how you just seem to have a "feel" for how to make the scenario challenging,...yet not too discouraging, that it's still enjoyable and challenging at the same time. As usual, you don't have a lot of fancy triggers, units talking to one another, or mysterious appearances or disappearances,...but you make up for this with your fantastic maps and the painstaking way that you seem to have figured out little details, the distances within which you can place an attack unit,...without it being decimated by enemy firepower!! Many times,...this virtually means that you only have one or two choices of attack units to use. You seem to have done some of these things purposefully - so that we have to figure these things out for ourselves. You also know just what to disable,...such as enemy naval forces, which would make for an uneven chance of winning - for the enemy forces. I suggest that if you were to team up with someone who is expert at those other triggers, which you don't use,...then, you would have a winning team. You would probably win a lot of awards! I just wish that you liked fishing more! The two scenarios that I've played, by you, e.g., "Defense of the Chi-Che-Chuan Sect", and this one, either have no fish at all, or very little, at all. If 5 were the highest level,...I would give this one a 4.5!!
The Downward Spiral
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
To start off, this scenario is an above average scenario. However, it could use a bit of work. It started out very good, but as the scenario progressed, it began to lose its touch. But if you're a hard-core "blood" fan, you will probably like this scenario.

The scenario's Playability was above average. The scenario started out very good (as I mentioned before), but got quite a bit boring once you reached the final objective. You start out in a small encampment with a large stockpile of resources. You get to choose and recruit a small army, and destroy a slave camp to the north. However, as you are recruiting you must hold out a heavy attack. I liked this a lot, and it was very entertaining. For while you were recruiting units, you were slaughtering enemy feudal units left and right! Later in the scenario once you reach the main city you are ordered to destroy the three enemy castles. This got very boring. For you are doing the same thing (attacking huge fortresses) over and over three times. It got very boring. And due to the fact it took about three rests of recruiting a new army to destroy each castle, it got tiring as well. Perhaps attempt making the siege of the castles a bit easier, lower the amount of castles needed to be destroyed, or vary the final objective somehow.

The scenario's Balance started off perfect, but later in the scenario it was too hard. You start out recruiting an army while holding off a huge, yet feudal, attack. This was very fun I thought. Then you storm a small encampment which wasn't too easy, not too hard, but just right. Once you reach your final objective to destroy all the castles, it is almost impossible to carry out this task without taking the time to recruit a huge army and destroy the castles. This should have been a little bit easier.

The Creativity of the scenario was very interesting. One concept I liked in Rivers of Blood was that you recruited an army, but you didn't manage an entire city. Therefore, the scenario obviously concentrated on attacking, not defending. That was a good idea. However, it got to the point you had to build a Town Center, villagers, Market, ect. in order to gain the resources to recruit the army you need to complete the scenario.

The Map Design was definitely a strong point in the scenario. I loved the mountains, forest paths, and cities. However I didn't like the open areas of grass. Those areas were never explored, though. And this also prevented lag. Therefore, I didn't mark the scenario down for this little misfortune.

The Story/Instructions were nothing special. It was a historical scenario if I'm not mistaken. However, the instructions themselves could have been clarified a bit. I didn't really know what to do a certain parts. Therefore, I just recruited an army and engaged myself into battle with the nearest enemy. However, that was pretty much all you were supposed to do. For example, when you arrive at the castles in your main city, they just tell you to kill the three enemy castles. Perhaps explaining why, or provide a few tips. It also would have been nice to see a hero unit in this scenario. That could have added a little bit of feel and emotion to the plot itself.

In conclusion, this scenario you definitely should download if you are in for some action-packed fun. Sure, it could use some work. However, it is worth a shot. Rivers of Blood sure does fit its name!
mikester This sure snds like my kinda thing..lots of blood and death...but i wanna i need a fast computer to play it...i have a slow crappy one and need to know before i download it
Jas the Mace1 GREAT Map!!! Nice looking terrain...a few objectives...Then a wonderfully bloody smash...You've got to play this one...

[Edited on 02/22/06 @ 08:55 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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