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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » ESCC Finalist - Anno 782 - Saxonrevolt

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ESCC Finalist - Anno 782 - Saxonrevolt

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
The scenario leads us back to the year 782 A.D.. The Saxons rise again under their Duke Widukind. Frisian troops stand by him with military service to conquer the army of Karl dem Grossen. See the greatest defeat of the Franconians at the battle by the Süntelberg and then march through the Saxon marshland with the picked troops under Karl dem Grossen to crush the revolt of the Saxons. Be witness of the massacre in Verden, when Karl condems the Saxon nobility and lets execute 4500 noblemen. Conduct then Karl by his punitive expedition and find 3 relicts of the church which were stolen from monasteries as warloot during the Saxon plunderings...

You can find details to the game under History/Instructions/Directions

I hope you'll enjoy playing this extensive scenario. It might be wise to save frequently. I like to advise against using cheats, the playing attraction would get lost.

Andi (aMa)
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Map Design5.0
It's quite obvious that the author put a lot of work in this campaign. A well put together
story , with an equally exciting map makes this a most enjoyable game.

PLAYABILITY : Have you ever played a game that you were a little sad when it was over, well
this was one of those times for me. The game had a nice flow ,realistic feel ,and lots of
hard action. Strategy is a must with this one, which i feel adds that extra to the playability.
Along with the introduction ,the story continues on throughout the game, with short cut scenes.
A minor instruction problem robbed a bit from the game

BALANCE : Anybody who feels there pretty good playing aok ,should find the balance of this game
near perfect. One of the things i noticed about games with good balance ,is that your not
continually saving . I don't mean that you are not going to save often in this game,you're
just not going to be doing it every 2 minutes or so. You start out with an army of 50 ,and
as you progress toward your destiny ,you are going to meet up with some serious resistancs,
but good tatics will get you through it with a minimum of casuallities. After you get to verden
you will be able to make upgrases.

CREATIVITY :The creative juices were flowing well when the author was putting this game
together. The creativity is on the suttle side ,giving the game that reality feel. From
the games beginning to its end there are triggers at work ,some fancy some just making the
game function properly. The last quest ,where you have to explore the map and find the 3
stolen relics was a clear indication of a good imagination.

MAP DESIGN : The map is one of those ones that others either learn from or copy from.
It is devided into a mountainous region and a forest/farm type terrain . What i liked also,
was the fact that most of the map was used in game play ,and not filled with water ,trees'
or grass. A large portion was also used for roadways and trails ,, and i don't mean those
endless walking boring ones. Some of them were actually strategic ,and blended in well with
the rest of the map.

STORY/INSTRUCTION : A good storyline adds life to a game, and this game had life . I am not
a big fan of too much story ,as they tend to irritate me with the endless mumbo jumbo
dialogue. The story here was adequate ,and gave the game momentum ,as a good story should.
The instruction was good except for one area .During the game i had to destroy roadblocks
so that i could continue on ,but i was not instructed to do so . This in itself is not a
problem ,however there were other roadblocks that were not blocking my path. Often a player
is a bit apprehensive about going ahead of instructions in fear of setting triggers off
prematurely , and ruining the game. It was only a minor set back ,but adds a bit of doubt
to the game.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as i have .
Morgun5 I gave this game a low rated review because it did not run for me. I can now help people with a similar problem. My review was deleted, but at least my account was not deleted.

Since others apparently could run this scenario - I spent a total of "hours" figuring out why it did not run for me.

In the opening battle - if you get "creamed" you have to try again. If you play the battle well, the game hangs (no trigger to continue). To trigger the next phase of the game; delete your fighters one by one until the trigger is activated. Caution, do not delete skirmishers, these help make the next phase easier. Obviously, lots of people perform "as expected" in the opening battle, and the trigger is activated automatically.
laz123 Excellent game. Thanks.
johnnyjone10 Greetings,
I have copied all the files to the specified locations. How and where do I now access this particular campaign?

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Map Design5.0
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