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Downloads Home » Campaigns » The Byzantine Empire Under the Rule of Justinian I

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The Byzantine Empire Under the Rule of Justinian I

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File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 11
This is a campaign about the Byzantine Empire under the rule of Justinian I. Most of the campaign you are trying to rebuild the old Roman Empire. You fight the Persians, Vandals, Moors, Visigoths, Sclaveni, Bulgars, and a couple more. The campaign is very close to being 100% historically accurate. This is my first campaign, the maps are modified random maps but they look good. I don't now how to do triggers so if you think you can help me with them contact me at my E-mail address Feel free to comment, as I will try to improve the campaign as I get responses.

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Benjamin Hill Very challenging and entertaining campaign. Maps are very detailed and complete. I recommend this campaign for all who enjoy building complete cities. The scenarios allow you the time to develop various strategies for defeating the enemy (s). One recommendation I have to those who play are to find the gold and stone early. Take your mounted units and explore the map and get rid of the sentry towers and then guard the stone and gold to prevent enemy villagers from taking them. Don't destroy the markets but keep the path clear so your horse carts can trade freely. (An excellent source for extra income since there are so many markets.)

Send some of your villagers there and build towers of your own to guard against enemy military units.

If you have trouble winning, you will probably find a lot of villagers near forests scrambling to rebuild everything you destroy.

Enjoy the's worth the download.
Thomas White First the good points: a great historical period for a campaign and a few decent modified random maps. Now the bad news, this campaign is overlong with tedious and unimagnitive gameplay. The first thing I noticed was the total lack of effort on the introductory screens with little or no information given in the instruction and almost no commentary in the hints or history sections. I've downloaded alot of campaigns for AOE and AOK and poor work on the intro scenes often means a lack of effort on the scenarios, and this campaign confirmed that opinion. The gameplay is tedious with the victory conditions just being "destroy" the enemy. It wouldn't be that bad if the campaign was just a few scenarios in length, but this one has eleven! I'm no expert, but even I found many of these scenarios to be unchallenging. Often the human player is given a sizeable force to start with and that player can just run rampant from the get go. Also for a campaign that brags on being historically accurate, it was disconcerting to find myself equipped with bombard galleons and opposed by bombard towers and hand cannoneers in campaign set in the 6th century. Also why is Sicily not an island? This campaign needs work on the intro screens, maps, gameplay, historical accuracy, and length. For a far superior and fun campaign using the same historical setting, I suggest "General Belisarius" by King Solomon.
File Author
I am just responding to the comment made by Thomas White. Thanks for the ideas about the gunpowder units and having to large of a force to start with, I'll fix that in my improved edition. It is 11 senarios long because at the time I did not now how to do triggers(which I stated in the description), so I couldn't have more then one objective. The comment you made about not having an intro map, I don't now how to do them, if you now how you should send me an e-mail. And last have you ever heard of a map that is zoomed in, that's why Sicily is not an island.
Jr_Capablanca This is my first review, but here we go. This camp consists of 11 scenarios, and many of them are almost exactly the same. It is B&D and 2 FF scenarios.

Playability: Not bad but not god either. To easy.

Balance: This is far to easy. BUt some moments are a bit though. A 2.

Creativity: There is not a single trigger in this camp, which is bad. Historic based. Realy bad

Map design: The best part of this camp. It is modified random maps With some actually quite nicelooking cities.
a 3

Story instructions: Very little. Good spelling and historic story. A 2
Map Design4.0
The Byzantine Empire Under the Rule of Justinian I

This is a B&D/FF Campaign which consists of 11 scenarios. You are Belisarius, a byzantine general and you shall defeat the enemies of the empire.

Good! you allways know what to do next (You do allways just have one objective/scenario). There is also some historical notes for each scenario, even if these are a bit short.

THis campaign has 8 build and destroy scenarios and 3 Fixed Force scenarios. The B&D scenarios are boring. It feels like if you played the same scenario over and over again. Alll you do is build a little town, then buid some cataphracts and then attack the small villages around you. The Fixed Force scenarios are funnier, even if you easy crush the enemy . I will give the playability here a 2,
only because of The FF scenarios.

You start with three villagers and some Cataphracts and your goal is to destroy enemy villages.You do the same thing again and again and after a while you know how the next scenario will look like even if you haven`t played it.That is not very creative. As allways (in this campaign), the FF scenarios looks better. You are fighting in a city, you besiege another city and yoou break a siege. Good! However, there are to few of these scenarios.

Map Design
The best part of this campaign. The maps are random maps. The creator has also put a lot of cities on the map. The cities look actually very well, especially Constantinople. Very Nice! But the countryside doesn`t look as it had been
modified at all, so i will not give this a 5.

This is simply far to easy. You start with approximately 20 Cataphracts and Belisarius, so it is not difficult to repell attacks with archers and spearmen.The FF Scenarios is also too easy.
My suggestions
1. Give the scenarios a better balance. Either you do the byzantines weaker or else you strenghten their enemies.
2. Try to create a biger variation between the scenarios.

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Map Design4.0
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