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The Curse

Author File Description
The Downward Spiral
File Details
Version: Age of Kings
Style: Fixed Force
One year ago, an uprising took place in England's royal province of Victoria. The Victoria Province has remained in its ruined state ever since. No man has ever had the courage to enter the smoking wasteland. As a year passed from the uprising, King Edward rose to power. King Edward wished to reclaim Victoria due to the fact the province is flooded with lush gold. Little did the royal army know what they were yet to encounter...
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Xavi First of all, it´s a GOOD scenario, but I think that 5 it´s an excessive puntuation.
OK, I agree with park305(the reviewer) that the final of the scenario is original, but it´s only one thing original.There are lots of better campaigns and scenarios, in my opinion, that are more original and interesting than this one.
I will give it 4 .
PuzzleMan Fun scenario well worth playing. Excellent map and interesting story twist at finish. Mid game play a little slow and tedious; sucker units to string them out on their approach, blow them away with cannoneers, go find a monk and heal - too many times. It's probably my fault to some extent. It wasn't necessary for me to run into all those opposition guys, I just like to explore every nook and cranny of the map (so I ran into them all) rather than making a bee line for the stated objective.

5.0 seems a bit high for this scenario. Every category is well above average, but nothing made me go (Wow!) which is what a 5 rating should be.
Shadows I was one of the testers for this very well done scenario, and I think it deserves the 5.0 it recieved. The mapwork was excellant, TDS has improved his designing skill to another level. The story was great..of course.., he always seems to write interesting stories. Everything IMHO was perfect, expect Balance, maybee it is just me, but I found it a tad hard at times.
Wonderful scenario TDS.
Jerusalem Finally, after weeks of this scenario lying on my hard drive unplayed, I played "The Curse" and found it highly enjoyable. I thought it was truly fun. It had dramatic appeal to people like me, and I wasn't truly bored at any time whilst playing this scenario.

I would review it again, but I don't have many things to add. I just wish TDS would put a little joke or two... once you figure out what the curse is, anyone with a healthy sense of humour can see the endless possiblities one can do with it. A cut scene showing one who has been a victim to the curse would be good comic relief. It's a shame the curse wasn't removed in the end... perhaps in the sequel?

Another addition... there was a little bug. I met a lumberjack and told him to fix a broken bridge, without even seeing the broken bridge in the first place. Perhaps the curse is starting to affect me? lol. On a more serious note, this is a very minor bug, and at the end of the day there's no such thing as a bugless scenario.

Finally, I must remark this is a very good piece of work. The map design was truly skillful, the balance was just right (won battles, but barely), creativity was used well, and it was a FUN game.

Dear player, go reconquer Victoria in this scenario, I urge you!
ArtOfBlack Wow, man... you really are the best. I really like this scenario!!!
Angel Park
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
I must say I usually don't like to review scenarios from popular scenario makers but I'm happy I did this one.

Starting with your small army made of 4 hand cannoners, 2 paladins, and of course the hero you have been made to go to a cursed province filled with gold in order to take it back for your king. Along the way are some puzzles, enemies, allies, and more. In the end you have a massive army (although not needed) to take over the main city where the rebel leader is. But you would think once the rebel leader is dead the scenario is over but there is a good twist. The Downward Spiral added something that really made this scenairo go in to the Best of Aok but I won't tell you since it ruins the fun or you might just think its nothing really.

There were some little bugs I encountered but just remember to try to speak with about everyone, read the hints, and keep your hero around when talking and you won't have to encounter the same problems I had.



Like maybe some scenarios at first you have the same thing with the small army going through the country side killing guys, but it changed to bigger fights and more fun. The talking with the characters made it feel more like you were actually talking to them sort of.

At first with some micromanagement its easy to kill your enemies but as the game goes on its gets harder but not so much that you cannot win.

I had trouble on this deciding on how to score this, it deserved I was sure at least a 4 but really it also seemed like some others I played but overall I think it should be high and the last thing was very fun and good.

Design & Story-
Map design was good with all your little gaia things, cliffs, elevations, and etc. although it didn't have much/at all any eye candy the map really did give a feel as if it was real. If a map designer thinks one eye candy will give you a 5 you're wrong and The Downward Spiral has been able to use everything ES gave to make excellent map design.

The story though was excellent although the ending part could of been more the story went through the scenario also so it was okay.

Overall I have to say it was an excellent scenario different from many of the RPG kinds with a mix of alot of things and for a person who only plays scenarios to beta test or review this has been a great one from all the bad *no offense :) to all others*
Tonto_jlmk Great twist at the end man. Everyone if you enjoy an RPG scenario with a twist you must download this now!
Map Design5.0
Wow, there sure was a classic! However, I believe it was overrated just a tad. Sure it was fun, it was well balanced, the map design was splendid, and the story was deep... but something was missing. It just wasn't very original. It was basically one of those boring RPGs, but this time with a twist... a delightful twist at that. It is quite unexplainable, therefore, I order you to download and play this wonderful scenario immediately! Though I may sound a bit harsh on the author, the Downward Spiral, don't mistake me. "The Curse" is without a doubt an incredible scenario!
The Conquistador I must say that 4.8 is a much more suitable score for this scenario than a perfect. Sorry TDS.
ThePhoenix While this is a very nice scenario, it is not outstanding. I think that the 4.6 it got is quite appropriate.

The Map Design, in my opinion, is outstanding. It is also well balanced.

However, what makes it stand out is that it is FUN to play! No complications, just simple fighting. Very nicely done.

The ending does have an excellent twist....however, the story does not seem to make much sense.

On the whole, I definitley recommend this scenario. Have fun!
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Map Design5.0
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