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The discovery of Amerika

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Acces 203
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 8
In this campaign you play as Erik the red who accidentely discovers Amerika and gets in trouble with the indians and their gods

/\\<<e$ 203

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Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
The discovery of Amerika is an early campaign from the old days of the smithy with a whopping 4000 downloads. Its a fairly lengthy one with 8 maps. Its an extraordinary campaign and my review doesnt begin to do it full justice, believe me.

Playability 1

First scenario: The initial scenario tasked you with clearing out the natives while restricting you to the dark age, meaning you needed to knock down their town centers with only militia. In order to succeed i had to encircle the AI bases, starve them of wood, wait for their villagers to trickle out to gather wood to replenish their farms, and finally kill off the depleted TCs. The scenario win conditions didnt even work properly as i got a random trigger win before finishing them.

Second scenario: The player received a random trigger win after finding some gaia units long before even approaching

Third scenario: This is the most broken and incomprehensible scenario that i can ever recall experiencing. I actually jumped up from my chair and began laughing hysterically after seeing the result.

Fourth scenario: This scenario is mathematically impossible to win. Heres why: You must navigate a cliff maze which wraps the map half a dozen times, while taking tower fire, with only erik the red, a monk, and useless militia. You must penetrate the fortress of the big bad, which means breaking through a fortified wall with only those units. You must then defeat the enemy hero who was many elite cataphracts and monks. Here is the kicker:you have to do all this before a 200 year wonder victory is won by the enemy.

Fifth scenario: Your starting forces easily and quickly win. Also, the diplomacy settings are set wrong.

Sixth scenario: Its just a random map 1v1 when both sides are given a big army to start. The AI is crippled due to its pop cap as only the human knows to delete trash units.

Seventh scenario: Its broken. The player gets about 10-20 trashy units, like camels, crossbowmen, and the like. These must contend with bombard towers(with ballistics!), monks, paladins, heavy scorpions, and trash units of their own to help out. Better hurry, because again you have a wonder countdown.

Eighth scenario:Its a entirely blank map with about 10 units. You win if you destroy a Gods Own Sling, which according to the dialogue is literally god himself, apparently. I won in 0:51

Balance 1

Even when the player isnt receiving random trigger wins, the enemy situations cannot put up a resistance. Even when there is a obstacle, it swings entirely the other way into game breaking imbalance. Have you ever been tasked with destroying fully garrisoned TCs with only militia? That kind of mission is typical of the entire campaign.

Creativity 2

The author seemed to put alot of thought into varying things up, placing different obstacles and taking erik the red and the player on a geographic journey. If you only read the objectives and hints at first you might expect an average FF\B&D campaign. It just doesnt work because of the lack of any actual scenario designing. The story jumps from america, to ireland, japan, and who knows where else.

Map Design 1

The maps are random map generations with only the tiniest modification such as adding a single path or the like. The custom maps are blank worlds without a spec of anything besides cliffs. This blank map+unmodified random map combo merits a 1.

Story\Objectives 1

The campaign attempts to tell a story of the journey of erik the red but fails to correlate that story with what is happening in the game. The story category may not be tightly linked to map design, playability, etc but in this case the limitations of those departments spill over here, for the story may as well have been not present. The objectives and hints had little bearing on the game. All victory messages were "COWABUNGA" The first scenario seems to have a reasonable objectives and hints page, but it drops off rapidly after that. By the end of the campaign its just blank messages.

Final thoughts: Dont download it. With nearly 4000 downloads already, maybe you already have.

[Edited on 02/12/17 @ 01:54 PM]

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Map Design1.0
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