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Detective's Apprentice

Author File Description
The Pyromaniac
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
Firstly could everyone forget the first submission I made of this scenario. I don't know what happened but I apologize anyway.

Well in this scenario the aim is simple. Whodunit?
You play a detectives apprentice that loses his job. He has a wild idea to go to the capital to set up his own detective agency. On the way there the plot thickens. When you get to the capital you have a murder to solve.


Detailed map design.
Mix of styles, some RPG, some fixed force, something’s new!
No other scenario like it.
Actual murder for you to solve.
Weather e.g. rain.
Makes you think.
Lots of people to talk to.
Lots of plot twists and red herrings
Clues displayed on your objectives.
Numerous endings.
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The Pyromaniac
File Author
Yeah this one works I just d/l it and it works.
cat This scenario is a very thrilling experience, but you have to like Mysteries. I would recommend that Everyone D/L yhis NOW! Forget the buggy version and D/L this one because Pyro did put lots of Eye Candy, A Great Map Design, plus much more in this scenario for Everyone to like it. I loved playtesting it and You will too. So what are you waiting on, DownLoad NOW!!!

AOK Dragon Tester &
Publicist :-)
cavfancier Hey...I finally got a chance to play the bug-free version of this scenario and I loved it! Great story, a really good-looking map, and a nice mix of gameplay. I especially liked the different look to each city/village. If you downloaded the first version, unfortunately you know the ending, but if you didn't, download this one right away. It is a lot of fun. Pyro, if you make a sequel, my only suggestion would be to involve more of the map in the story. I like to look at a full map, just for curiosity, if nothing else. Good work, and I look forward to any of your new scenarios in this style!
TheNightBlade (my review is kinda like the one the blacksmith would do with the Playability,Balance,etc)

WOW! This was a GREAT scenario! A DEFFINITE download..I have to say this is one of the best scenario's i have played in a while and is one im gonna play for a while to.I can DEFFINTLY see that Pyromaniac worked hard and long on this and it payed off.

Playability- 5: When i first started playing this scenario i was so anxious to solve the crime.I must admit i died the first time threw to a longswordsman and i diddnt save the game before either but i still had fun going threw what i had already about 15 minutes ago.This scenario is so great i will be playing this for a very very long time.

Creativity- 5: VERY original.I really think he should make more or even made a whole campaign on this idea.The idea was very very good and i hope many others pick up on this because i really like this type of scenario.

Balance- 5: The balance of the scenario was also very very good.It wasent easy and it wasent hard.It made you think and explore.If you got enough clue it all seems to fit together but if you skiped alot of clues and diddnt talk to much people then you better start thinking a bit harder and go back and get those much needed clues!

Map Design- 5: BEUTIFUL map.Lots of eye candy.He must of spent ALOT of time doing all the trees,cliffs,mountains,etc.I liked how the cities were put too,the map design really brought this scenario to life.

Story/Instructions- 5: The story is diffrent from most other scenario's because its not about attacking or ruling an empire its focuses on a dective so the story is diffrent from all others.The instructions were very well written,I never really got confused or lost and that page on the objectives was very very good,just like a real detective.

A 5.0 PERFECT score and he deserved it.This scenario is a MUST..MUST it is one of a kind and everyone should try it!
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
I've always liked a good mystery. I really have. As a kid, I loved the Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew book series. The thrill of finding out the pieces that add up to a complete puzzle is a really great feeling, and this scenario, "The Detective's Apprentice" most definately encompasses this thrill, and then some.

The story/instructions of this great Whodunit explain what happened and why the hero is dismissed from his job as a detective's apprentice in the beginning of the scenario. The hints are self-explanatory and memorable. The bitmap was a good job. Overall it was above average but didn't dazzle me, so I thought a 4 would be appropriate.

The map design was a great spot in this scenario. The "Map Copy" function, as well as elevation changes, cliffs and most importantly, lost units, are utilized in a sensible and beautiful way. Notable in this area was a burning town I really liked watching, horrid as it may sound. :)

The campaign was balanced properly, there are several ways to solve certain problems and there are numerous occasions where it is possible to lose the scenario. Confronting some guerrila warriors left me on my last hitpoint, and the final assault on the mafia headquarters was also winnable, but barely.

Creative victory conditions and objectives were used, most impressive was the jotting down of the hero's notes and impressions in the Objectives window, simulation of rainfall and a wee little cut-scene that reminded me of a certain scenario I once designed... ;)

However, it was playability that was the most thrilling part of this mystery. Both those who enjoy a great plot (RPG, if you insist) and those who like a good battle will definately enjoy "The Detective's Apprentice".

I definately reccomend downloading this scenario, it's a gem. :)
Tonto_jlmk It's great, really great. You can play it twice or more and you could get different reuslts. Overall, it's perfect.
Falcon Well... well... well...
Yeah... it is a good scenario but a very much a limited one.
You must do everything it asks you to do. That sucks. If you are interested in some strange place you might suck it up. Sorry, but that does`nt make it that interesting if the storyline gets fooled. I went to some burning village and it seemed that I have already been in the yellow village. Author should make some changes in it...
TNK Wow, what a great scenario! Download this one immediatly!
Demolition Ship Captain This was GREAT! :)

there was 1 bug though

at the end, when we have to click on the guy who did it, no matter who i picked (then click the pavlion) it always said yes it was john the thief... =\
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
"The Detective's Apprentice" was the AoKH Pick of the Week on March 28, 2001.
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Map Design4.0
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