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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
This is my first complete scenario submission. It's kind of unique (I hope). By talking to villagers and exploring the map, you have to figure out who killed the king of Somyul. There are 7 total suspects, in a huge map w/~320 triggers. Give it a try, then tell me what you think!
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AridNeptune This scenario was very fun to play, with an elaborate storyline and many plot twists. Download NOW!
cavfancier Very good work for a first scenario! I played 'Detective's Apprentice' first, and then this one. It's a nice new genre for AoK. One suggestion, I think the scenario needs more objective changes. It is a large map, and there is a lot of wandering (investigation) to do. Perhaps a few more mini-objectives to get clues would be fun. It's a long time to play without a single objective change. I liked the "notebook" format in Detective's Apprentice a lot. It's great for this style of game. The map looked great! Good job!
Xavi This is a very funny scenario. You have to search for clues to discover who is the killer of your king. I suggest you to save after decide who is the killer and acuse him, and then try to acuse others just to see the seven different endings of the scenario.
I will give 4'5/5. Download it!!
Tylori Dragon Enjoyable scenario, but it could have used some more testing. There are still some bugs in it you need to work out. If you upload a version with these bugs gone and some more eye-candy maybe, you would have a great scenario! :)
File Author
Well, I did upload a slightly new version yesterday w/ a bitmap and a few fixes, not sure the bugs you're talking about tho, hope I got 'em all.
Red Monk
Map Design4.0
Whodunit? Is an excellent scenario, creative, attractive and enjoyable! This is by far the best scenario I've reviewed to date and in my opinion deserves to be listed among the best.

Playability: It was really interesting to ride around asking everyone for information and getting led this way and that, you can't help but suspect everyone at one time or another. Everyone seems to have something to gain from the murder of the King.

Balance: To be honest I had a hard time figuring out who did it but perhaps I'm just not much of an investigator. Nevertheless, you are well matched when you have to fight, and have to do some thinking in order to survive.

Creativity: I've never seen a murder mystery scenario before and thought it was a very creative use of AoK.

Map Design: The map looked good but could have been better. The forests were a bit 'blocky' and there wasn't enough terrain variation. However the layout, especially of the towns made up for anything lacking.

Story/Instructions: The story was interesting and the instructions were good for the most part. Just a few little problems, like what some of the units say isn't ALWAYS repeated, as indicated in the hints and unfortunately these often go by too fast to read (for us slow readers!) even at medium speed.

Final Comments: An all around great scenario well worth the download.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
“Whodunit?” is a RPG, a puzzle, a detective story. Your friend King Nafai of Somyul got murdered by an assassin, but who is to blame? Your hero is Constable Richemont; guide him on his quest to find the responsible person. A task which is politically delicate, demands diplomacy and to spice the situation, your wife is one of the seven suspects.

PLAYABILITY: After ten minutes of game, the player is asked to indicate the suspect. I did like told, which ended the game after defeating the murderer. This really spoiled the fun. The author mentions in the instructions: “You can just guess if you want, but it will be more fun if you try to figure it out based on the clues.” If you give an option to the player he will take it. This is considered as a short cut to the end, like the famous missing wall peace. Quote from the Reviewing Tutorial: “If a player can complete an objective in a way that the author obviously did not intend to be possible (i.e. there's a hole in a wall that allows the player to skip half the scenario), that's a playability problem.” Even if it was intended in this case, it affected playability in a negative way. What is the whole puzzle about if you know the outcome? I restarted gathering clues, which was enjoyable. Finally I found out that every suspect has motives and there are plenty of circumstantial evidences to convict all of them, which is confusing. The clue after the spice was delivered did not work for me though. The lady says: “Here, this will show our thanks” and nothing happens! It was probably the missing information which would have made me a great detective. 3

BALANCE: The scenario is not balanced. Whenever you accuse somebody, your investigator is under heavy attack. You get five reloads, warfare and entertainment, because none of the accusations of an innocent man is winnable. This is original AoK, your hero is not self healing and not immune against monks. You have to save game before you provoke the neighbours of your realm. The final fight is too easy and the puzzle has no real challenge as it works like a trial and error instead of an investigation. 3

CREATIVITY: One of the scenario’s strong points. The idea to present a murder case is not new for AoK, but still creative and there are only few scenarios like this. The scenario has some mentionable aspects, you can talk to various animals to gather information, see a dog fight and a talking sheep misses his/her herder. The side quest with the elephant was not creative and did not add to the game play. 4

MAP DESIGN: The map is custom made, above average and has enough elevations. The towns are pleasant and better than the landscape. The terrain mix was mediocre, two many areas are just grass 1 and most of the forest done with a big brush, exception to areas where the author mixes pines with palm trees, which is odd. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Another good point of the scenario. A good in game developing story, well told and it keeps you interested to follow the history of the realms and relations between the suspects with the victim. Your objective is clear, you get enough helpful hints and I liked especially that all suspects are characterized and explained. It isn’t always easy to follow the story; the in game text passes too fast and not all none-hero units, like the huskarl and the longbow man, repeat themselves. There are also too many spelling errors. 4

OVERALL: A good detective story with potential, which needs an edit.

SUGGESTIONS: If you wanted to add some warfare, some dangerous side quests to get clues would have suited your scenario better. At least the murderer could have been a suspect you meet only towards the end.

IN Closing: Entertaining and worth to download.

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Map Design4.0
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