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Downloads Home » Best Files » Mission:Impossible 2 - out now!

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Mission:Impossible 2 - out now!

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Puzzle
Before the introduction:

if you have already tried my original Mission:Impossible scenario, you should definately download this! It is not an entirely new scenario, in fact most of the map was not change. Instead, all of the bugs have been fixed, and I have included an actual storyline for the game, which makes it look like the movie. There is also a music file and a scenario startup image for more 'multimedia' experience.
If you have thought about reviewing or commenting the original scen: dont. Check this one out and review this instead.

Thanks for downloading! Now for the introduction:


Mission:Impossible v. 1.2 is the revised and edited version of my first good scenario for Age of Kings! It was inspired by the movies Mission:Impossible and Mission:Impossible 2. The storyline is based on the movie, but the scenario itself is not. Instead, it is a sort of Role-Playing puzzle game, where anything can happen and just about anyone can die (although not without a reason). To succeed, you will need ALL your AoK experience and knowledge of special features.

Remember: "this isn't Mission Difficult, it's Mission Impossible. Difficult should be a walk in the park for you...".

Also remember: the Official Strategy Guide can be found @ . It can be very valuable if you are stuck, because you have no other help!

Setting Up:

unzip these files to the ollowing subfolders in your Age of Empires II directory:

MI2.scn -> ...\scenario

MIBKG.bmp -> ...\ (root directory)

MI music.mp3 -> ...\sound\scenario

this readme file -> wherever you like

That's it! Enjoy!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Iron Knight This is the first scenario with only 39 triggers that I've enjoyed…
Playability: 4. I like this scenario really much and I hope it will appear in the Best of Blacksmith. It was really funny!
Balance: 5. It was VERY hard and the first time I played I died only 5 minutes after start (†††††)
Map Design: 4. It was most cliffs and forest, but I liked it even if it was just cliffs & forest.
Creativity: 4. I liked that siege weapons destructs if they touch some cracks.
Story/Instructions: 3. The instructions was okay, but not verrrrrrrrry good.
TOTAL: 4.0: It is a really good scenario. Download this!
Rigoman 2001 I agree totally with IronKnight. This is just a wonderful scenario, and it merits a place in the best of AoK section. I hope that you make more puzzle scenarios like this one... Right now I'm stuck, but I swore to never look at the Player's Guide of the scenario, and I won't.
At the beginning, I got mad with the towers and tried to kill them... Hopeless, as might imagine. But then I started to think... and I got it! It was fun to see the sheep to go unnoticed between the towers. Overall: Plain fun, good to get gray matter to work.
ThisNameWorked2 Well, you're right, it deserves a place in the "Best of AOK" scetion. Reveiw is finished, greatt work, fishh_e
cavfancier This is so much fun...not quite done yet, but the tricks are great. This definitely works the brain. Keep up the good puzzle work!
Map Design3.0
This map is great, worth the download and much more. A "puzzle map" that actually involves THINKING, something that is a rareity on maps these days. These puzzles are not impossible to solve, ut they are extremely difficult. The author has kindly provided a comprehensive "Cheat Sheet" to get you through this mind-boggling assortment.

The playability was perfect. Not a single bug that I could see, and the only small problem with the playability was the fact that your units suddenly died, with no warning given, and in some cases you may have needed them again. However, once you read the walkthrough, you know what to do.

The map was almost perfetly balanced, the puzzles were fiendishly difficult, but very much solvable, and the small amounts of fighting that you engaged in were possible to lose, as well as to win.

A more creative map, I have never seen (With the ossible exception of "Christmas Morning"). The "Agent hunt" theme was well deserved, as this truly was misssion impossible, with many puzzles that were convoluted tangles, until you got that "AHA!" and figured out what to do. a lot of what you had to do involved sheep, a bit repetitive, but not a problem.

The main "Bad" parts of this map came in the map design and stroy/instructions. The map lacked eye candy, and had few trigger effects. Maybe a little beautification to do there? The story and instructions were also lacking... no hints sections because "itwould spoil the fun" That is purely a design descision, though i would have to disagree. A few broad hints might have spiced up the scenario. There was also not much of a story, just you having to find a monk to retrieve a relic, though the author did say that it was stolen from a museum.

Aside from the bad points (of which there were few) it was a very enjoayble and refreshing scenario. I look forward to any of the author's future creations.
hsala The game is good, not great as other people say.
It has a strategy guide but there are other ways to win the game.

With only one Villager I made a big Impire of infantry, cavalry, siege weapons and more villagers so with all that cain of soldiers the game was more easy.

I suggest to fissh_e to review what the first villager can do because as for now, he can do EVERYTHING.

I will say that the game is 3.8 of rating.
File Author
My NEW website is OPEN! Visitors please check it out at

You can find the Official Strategy Guide for Mission:Impossible 2 at the Scenarios section on the site.

So please!
Check out the site and recommend it to others!

Bye now....
fissh_e, author of Mission:Impossible 2
ElfTheHunter This scenario has been nominated for an Orion Award for Most Challenging Scenario. Congratulations!

***2nd Orion Awards***
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
You need original AoK for this scenario and it is recommend, but not necessary, to disenable the 2a patch.

The scenario was inspired by and its storyline based on the movies Mission Impossible I and II. You are Ethan Hunt, sent back to the middle ages to retrieve a stolen artefact and your instructions dissolute in five seconds.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario provides a lot of fun and hard thinking, the game grabs you and I went to sleep at five am, after a perfect experience. The satisfaction was even better when I downloaded the walkthrough the next day at because I found a way in the first puzzle to finish with HP 40/40, using another strategy than the author. Also the trick, for which you might disenable the patch 2a, is only necessary the first time the author suggested, the other two times a different solution each time is possible. I am mentioning this to encourage the player to find solutions himself instead of sticking to the walkthrough which would spoil the challenge. Unfortunately I also realized that my final victory was an unintended outcome. Until the discovery of two rams the puzzle was well planned and play tested. Units that could give you too much advantage for the following puzzles died or were destroyed. I will not reveal how I did it, not to spoil the game. I will only disclose that before I approached the castle, I had control of three villagers, two rams, a hunting wolf and a sheep. I did not create something with the castle as it was not needed and even if I wanted, I had a lack of one resource to do it. Apart from the unintended outcome there was no bug, all triggers run smoothly. 4+
- Take the rams away from the player after the towers and the wall are destroyed and for the above missing resource a hint should be given when passing the area.

BALANCE: The scenario is well balanced, I had reloads and sometimes you really have the impression that the mission is impossible to solve and deserves its title well. The moment you find out that you do not play a unit representing Ethan Hunt, but that the quest is set up like a relay-race, solutions come easier. You can find out everything with AoK knowledge and to use the walkthrough on fish_e site is only recommended when you are completely stuck. It is difficult yes, but not impossible. 5+

CREATIVITY: Highly creative, from the idea to each and every puzzle. Siege weapons get destructed, units suddenly die, humorous or simple reasons given, but there is always a new helper appearing and I never saw an amusement park like shooting stand in AoK. Sheep were a little overused for my feeling and one serves for the unintended outcome. 5-

MAP DESIGN: The map was above average, technically well done, no long walks, every new puzzle started where the last one ended. The map simply serves perfectly the game play of the puzzle, but would need some more Gaia for my taste. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The storyline is based on the movies Mission Impossible I and II, the scenario is not. It is a role playing puzzle set in the middle ages and your objective is to retrieve a stolen artefact. You do not need hints on your instruction screen as “it would spoil the fun”. Actually you get one in game hint when needed, better would have been two. The hints in the walkthrough are perfect, well explained, including screenshots and you can access them by a link on the author’s description page or in the read me to the official strategy guide for mission impossible. To round the good impression, the scenario comes with a bitmap. 5-

OVERALL: Mission Impossible is a must have for everyone who loves the game of Age of Kings.

FINAL OBSERVATION: This scenario is a puzzle and it is in the intention of the author that there will be no warfare. If you are looking for combat do not play and review please.

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