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Author File Description
AOKasino Team
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Here is AOKasino, a casino scenario, in this scenario, you don't fight, or manage an empire. You just sit down, relax, play games, watch concerts, challenge people and have fun. This is not like the other scenarios you played, this one is unique.

What is inclued in the zip file :

-The casino(bitmap and ais inclued in the cpn file)
-The sounds for the cut-scene
-A credits modpack.
-A readme.txt

The casino features :

-28 different games
-12 areas
-Many challenges from people
-Some quests
-Ability to meet the casino team members and ex-t
-4 musics and a sounded cut-scene
-A credit mod
-A lot of never seen before trigger tricks.

The team :

-Enrique Orduno : Head of AOKasino
-Cshunter2000 : Graphic expert(maker of our logo), maker of the champions duel and of the bar.
-Robthebrave : Trigger expert and maker of the coliseum and of the terrance and phillip concert.
-Shadows166 : Trigger expert, maker of the park and many games.
-Irish Woman : Trigger expert, maker of the maze.
-I'MANAOKFANATIC : Modpack maker.


You must have at least a 64mbs of rams to play the casino(it will crash sometimes), so I suggest you save very often.

Hope you will like it.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Amazing! Masterpiece! A work of art! Magnificent! Astounding! I'm at a lack of descriptions, and if you download this scenario, you'll understand why.

I was wondering what was up with AoKasino, as the last time the buzz was about it was many moons ago. I guessed it was just another gradiose project which was embarked upon but not finished. Boy, was I wrong! This is indeed a grandiose project, and the 5.0 you can see further up the page is no mistake: It's worth it.

As with any great scenario, AoKasino's introductory instructions are numerous, clear and self-explanatory. I entered the Kasino knowing how and what to do, well equipped for my attempt to get 1000 golden pieces.

The AoKasino team has spent months upon months painstakingly balancing every single game in this great project, and it shows. What an ambitious project! A certain ride which was out of order and even said so is worth a mention, though.

I would give AoKasino's creativity 25 out of 5 if I could, but alas, the review system! The wolves race, the wolves combat, the quiz, the guessing game, the slot machine, the jousting game, the scout race, the Aok Punk mini-massacre, the duel area, the "come to papa" game, "Convertable", Western Gunfighting, "Take down the house", "Armada", the hunting game, the maze, the villager race, the farming game, the shepard game, the speed game, the relic, hunt, the roulette, the hidden deer, the town's battle, the hotel place, The Trade Center, a slave palace, a bank, a Box office, the Terrance and Phillip show (profane, but not enough to deduct a point), a Collesium, a Park, the watershow, a Training area, the millionnaire club (where you can linger and watch shows once you've got 1000 gold) and finally, the casino manager house (where you can get your rank and end the game), are so creative each and every one of them simply dazzled me. Too bad some ideas were chewed up more than once, like the slot machine and the speed game, but even so, every game is so unique and wonderfully creative, I couldn't help giving AoKasino a 5 in creativity.

Although Map design was above average, I felt the map wasn't planned ahead and was built piecemeal: bit by bit, game by game. Good planning would mean important places like the Trade Centre would be in the middle of the map and close to everywhere. I was almost going to give AoKasino a 4 in Map Design, but finally decided to give it a 5, as the Parks and other great features in this scenario are well thought-of and decorated. I would give this a 4.5 as a compromise, but couldn't, and the score of MDesign is still 5, but keep in mind it could have been improved.

Perhaps most importantly than the other parameters, AoKasino is a great pile of fun and playability. I assure you, this scenario will provide you hours of fun. It has appeal to the gambler in all of us - In the roulette, will you choose any of the low-risk colors, or will you choose the high-risk green and possibly win big? Which master of the templar will win, the grey or the cyan? Enjoy betting with other gamblers and consent to dares and challenges they will give you in this masterpiece.

I can't finish this review, however, without pointing out a couple of disappointments I encountered before and whilst playing AoKasino:
Download and Installation. Although the file size says it is around a megabyte and a half, it is actually four megabytes and a half, because in order to install the modpack, downloading a certain program named "AoK Mod Pack Studio" is required - a program around 3 megs in weight.
The Mod Pack. I don't recall it being used anywhere! I'd be much obliged if someone told me where it was used, as I probably missed it.
Cuss words. I'm not a big advocate of profanity, so I found the Terrance and Phillip show kinda bad.
Lag and crashes. The readme of this scenario said AoKasino can and will crash at times, as well as provide a generous amount of lag. Therefore I decided to defragment my hard drive and get rid of some programs I don't use, (something I've been planning to do for weeks) before playing this scenario. Hence, I didn't encounter any problems whatsoever; well, maybe a sprinkle of lag here and there. I reccomend you optimize your HD for this one too; it sure is worth it.

A Great scenario, that's right, with a capital 'G'. If you don't mind the above mentioned disadvantages, you're being foolish for not downloading a great work of art you will absolutely adore.

See you at the Kasino!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Its very fun but it gets really confusing at times.I found that as time progressed I figured out how each one works.

Balance: 5
This game was very enjoyable and fun.

Creativity: 5
This is a very unique and very creative idea. There for it gets a 5 here.

Map Design: 5
A very interesting and creative layout. The layout truly made it very interesting

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions were always very clear and understandable.

Additional Comments: This is a must download for all. I really hope there is a sequel to this amazing map/challenge.

[Edited on 07/13/05 @ 08:36 AM]

Map Design4.0

This is one hell of a download, well worth it.

To me, it feels more like a full pc game that you would buy in a shop - it adds a whole new aspect to AoK.

However, im afraid that it also carries some negative points about some pc games and that is the excitment curve. When you open the scenario for the first time, you literally gasp at the amount of effort that has gone into it. Then, however, i found that the whole game became a bit too predictable, especially as i played it more and more.

Another point is that it does have a few bugs, but to be honest these are only small and should put anybody off downloading it.


PLAYABILITY - 4 because although this game is thoroughly entertaining within the first 1/2hour, after that it begins become ever so slightly boring (sorry). However, i would still reccomend it to anybody who is bored of war and strategy and jsut wants to relax for a bit.

BALANCE - 4 because the game is easy to play, although the targets required to be achieved are high which is good because the game is hard but doesn't mean you need to be skilled to enjoy it!

CREATIVITY - 5 because his is an extremely good idea and I have nothing else to comment on - it is simply fantastic!

MAP DESIGN - (tricky one, this but...) 4 because although this isn't a blank map, it isn't a map designed to affect large aspects of the game greatly except for the palisade walls used everywhere. The walls do make a HUGE difference to the terrain but not a great deal of effort has gone into it. For that reason it gets a 4.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS - 4 because the game is more or less clear, although on some of the casino sections the instructions are either not clear enough of give too much information too quickly. Nevertheless, the the majority of the game was fine and therefore this is more like a 4 on the edge of a 5.


By all means, download this file and expect a lot of fantastic effort but don't expect to be playing this game for more than a week.

Jakash :D
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
AOKasino isn't your average AOK scenario. it is a whole new idea. An Age of Empires Casino

Playability: 5
I can into the Casino ready to gamble all my money. I wanted to play until I had my target of 1000 gold or lost everything. I loved this very creative and enjoyable map. All of the games were very fun and kept me playing for hours.

Balance: 5
The game was challenging yet fun. It made you think a little at some parts. Some games like the Missing pieces game (where you had to find the right gold mine) were almost impossible to win, some like the racing game were easy but most games just needed pure luck.

Creativity: 5
This is one of the most creative scenarios in the AOKH Blacksmith. It isn't a normal AOK map, it is a Casino. You can gamble all your money away. It also comes with an MPS (which unfortunately is only for Age of Kings not The Conquerors) which gives it even more creativity points. If I could this would be a 10/5!

Map Design: 5
The Casino looked very good. It was well thought out. The games were evenly spaced out and the parks look especially good.

Story/Instructions: 5
The Instructions were always clear. I knew what to do at all points. The story was enjoyable. A night at the AOKasino!

Additional Comments:
A Must download.

Come and have fun at the AOKasino (no real money required)

Edited for typos

[Edited on 02/03/11 @ 02:39 PM]

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Map Design4.8
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