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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Alexander the Great: Quest for Glory

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Alexander the Great: Quest for Glory

Author File Description
Vertigo Extremist
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 6
Near the end of Caesar's rule. One man, rose through the ranks and depression of his civilization, to become one of the most feared rulers in all the known world. Alexander the Great.

However, an unfortunate event occured. An assassin had struck down the King. Thus, the lives of those the King held dear began to crumble. Still in grief, the Queen, sent her only son to complete a simple task.

But, what started out as a task, turns into a Quest that you will never forget. It may even change the way you look and think at the world in which he lives. This Quest may even hold the secret that Alexander has been looking for all his life.

Now, it is up to you as you relive Alexander the Great's greatest quest. Can you defeat such a foe? Will you, in all your courage, be triumphant?

Only playing this campaign will tell.
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Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The "Alexander" campaign has it all: Compelling introductions, dazzling bitmaps, fair maps, balanced units and innovative victory conditions, and above all, despite its' length (eight scenarios), it's fun, which is exactly what every campaign should be. It brings new life into the old story, which is yet another reason why you should download it.

Playability is a great part in this campaign. With the exception of scenario four, which is a short sut-scene, all the scenarios feature edge-of-your-seat gameplay and loads of fun, due to the varied victory conditions. I was particularly impressed with the eigth scenario, the grand finale, where one is required to infiltrate the enemy base and assasinate the enemy, Darius III, once and for all.

Though balance isn't really my cup of tea, I could tell the "Alexander" campaign has lots of it. The author mentions in the intro of the eigth scenario that he spent a long time testing these scenarios, and it shows. Scenarios three and six (a winding maze, if I recall correctly) were special favourites in this field.

At first, I didn't think the "Alex" campaign also has loads of creativity and innovation; but as a further played through the scenarios, it improved in this area. At first it wasn't really anything to write home about, but towards the end it certainly was.

The Story/Instructions is where this campaign really shines. The bitmaps are top-notch and the stories are enjoyable to read, although the occasional spelling or grammar mistake. The history sections always inform the player which parts of the scenario are real, and usually the hints are helpful.

The map design was also an okay point in the "Alexander, a Quest for Glory" campaign. However, I did feel by the fourth scenario that the map design of it and its' predecessor are too similar to the second scenario. It got better afterwards, though: Scenarios seven and eight had particularly good map design, and even in scenario six, a winding maze with all too many trees surrounding it, decorations of all sorts were added, which made clear that the author wanted to avoid a boring-looking map.

I'd like to add another point where this campaign shines: the Installation, which was user-friendly and did the job. I don't know about you, but from now on I'd sure like to distribute my scenarios and campaigns like that.

What is there left to say?... download this campaign, and accompany Alexander the Great, conqueror of Asia, on his quest for revenge and glory!
The Conquistador Watch out for historical errors. Alexander the Great lived about three hundred years before Caesar, other than that, the history is quite accurate.
Ryan another historical error alexander the great wasent killed
by darius he died of drunkeness in babylon
doobis Drunkenness, Ryan? I heard he died of malaria, probably from a mosquito. He was a VERY hard drinker, it is true (he killed one of his best friends in a drunken brawl), but I heard it was malaria... please reply.
a Byzantine Alexander the Great died at 330 B.C by Elonosia near Babylon.Listen to me, i know.
Juanmago In June of 323 A.C. (the 13th to be accurate) Alexander III (The great) dies in Babylonia.
The historians have not been able to find out the cause of the death. Some historians say that it was due to a
poisoned food, others say it was by natural disease (the malaria or the leukemia).
Darius_the_Great Fact: Alexander killed Darius the 3rd not the other way around. and he was a much greater king then DariusIII because Darius was unjustful and selfish unlike the first Darius. Sure Alexander was great but Cyrus the great or Darius the great could have schooled him. and Alexander wasnt feared, he was loved by every land. The was the greatest leader of his time. So Great his name was among Cyrus I and Darius I in a egyptian temple which read "Son's of Raa". I havn't doanloaded yet, but I asure you, I am gonna. Thx
Darius_the_Great The storyline was awesome but the second last level was sorta hard. I had to do the "How do you turn this on cheat".
And your suposed to lose at the last level right? I made a huge army and by chance alexander survived and I destroid Darius. But I tried again and I blew up (lol) It wasn't that acurate but I liked it alot. I based my one Campaign "Darius" on true history. I think you'd like it, just go to search and type Darius (It's a 5 level Campaigne) Thx. I look forward to more of your campaignes
angelknight Stop complaining about how or when Alexander died (yes he died of illness or poison but NOT in battle) don't you understand that Alexander lived in B.C. and NOOOOT in the middle ages anyway it could be a great campaign for age of empires 1!!!!!!!!!
andrey 3000 hello all i am from Romania end y have a question end a problem :

1.I have downloaded the specified campain
2.Where do y poot the file downloaded
3.End when y enter the game where do y go to see if it works where in the game ??????????
4.Tell me please how do y instal the file downloaded.
5. P.S I Love the Age of Empires like i love my mom :)))) It is my favorite game of strategy.
6.Please send to my mail a readme file an example of how wath do y have to Please
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Map Design4.0
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