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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Siege of New Rome - Constantinople

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The Siege of New Rome - Constantinople

Author File Description
The Emperor
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Scenario Design By Benjamin Carr AKA The Emperor

Replay the famous Siege of Constantinople. Travel as the famed Emperor Constantine XI across the Sea of Mamara, to the port of Tekirdag and the plains of Anatolia to try to raise a relief army for the besieged city. All the while, trying to defend the city from the repeated attacks of the Ottoman Empire.

This scenario supports all difficulty levels and I recommend playing on the Hard setting for a good challenge.


- Nine sound files
- Geographically accurate map
- Supports all difficulty levels
- Game style is a combination of role-playing, fixed-force, and build-and-destroy.
- Advanced AI Scripts
- Historically Accurate Game play

Note: However, the outcome is historically inaccurate and some other features, e.g. the quests.


This scenario contains a 3.8 MB Music Pack that you can access from the readme in the downlaod. I most definitely recommend downloading it. It adds great atmosphere to the scenario.


Scenario Designer: Benjamin Carr

Special thanks to Shaytana, whose clever ideas from “The Fall of Constantinople” make up part of this scenario and to Jack Anderson, whose opinions and ideas helped me a enormously. Also to Mark Stoker for letting me use some of his sounds, and for giving me useful ideas. Thank you to Gothmog for creating the excellent Gothmog II AI files. Also to any others who I have forgotten to mention
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The Conquistador
Map Design5.0
The author claims that this scenario is deserving of compared to some of the best ever, like the works of Ingo or Mark Stoker. In my opionion, the author must've lied.

The entire scenario is unplayable slug-fest. The lag is so bad that the game-timer is twice as slow as a regular clock. I couldn't play ten minute of it without trying to get out. Also, the objective of the scenario is to either kill the Sultan Mehmed or kill 800 enemy. Unfortunately, both are close to impossible to do. For these two reasons, the playablity of this scenario deserves the lowest possible mark it can get.

The balance was okay, the Turkish units storms your city and wreck havoc. However, your double walls protects you and their isn't any real reason to go out and fight.

The creativity was okay, since the scenario is a typical "defend the wonder" type of game and you are told to do other stuff as well. But nothing exceptional here.

The map design is very good. The map looks good both on the main screen and on the mini-map. But the five is just a five, not 5.999999999 or 10/5 or some exageration of that sort.

The story and the instrcutions are both very good. You are notified of what you are supposed to do and the story itself is very interesting. It's about the siege of Constantinople, with one little twist, the Byzantines may succeed in defending their city and therefore change history.

+ Points

-Good map
-Good story
-Good instructions

- points

-VERY, VERY laggy
-Quite boring
-Not very creative

Final thoughts: A good scenario to download if you have a fast computer. If not, avoid this scenario like a plague!
Cataphract_40 Hey man! Great campaign! I'll be looking forward to the full version!
genlady Great game, thanks.
Map Design5.0
Although this scenario was extremely hard, it was very good, and the only way to win is to read and do the hints and do the best we can in Sieges scenarios, like fighting units with other counter-units and using the hills for our advantage...

I 've played this scenario in all the difficulty levels and it was just marvelous! In all the levels the AI is f*****g crazy (:P) but, as I said if you read he hints you have nothing to be afraid.

The creativity was excellent. I have to say that you are a guy with very much fantasy, because you invented a whole new story about the Siege of Constantinople. You invented the city of Tekirdag, and the story about the stolen relic and many other things. Moreover in the start of the scenario, the player can read the story about the situation in Constantinople from the diary of the last Emperor of the Roman Empire.

Map Design:
It is just a wonderful map with 100% accuracy (except the city of Tekirdag). Also the city of Constantinople is designed with a very good way!

As I said we are seeing the situation of the Constantinople, at the time of the siege, from the eyes of the Emperor Constantine Palaeologus, this detail makes the scenario a very good one, with a lot of quality. Moreover the hints were really lifesavers, because they can make the difference between life and death. Also the instructions were clear and simply and the scouts were very good to define our location.

Additional Comments:
I think that this scenario is really good, with a lot of interesting things (and legends) about the Siege of Constantinople. Moreover I have to say that your game inspired me to make a new scenario about the Siege of Constantinople (I know that there are too many scenarios around here about this :P ). I think that this scenario is worthy a download and very useful for someone who wants to learn to survive in siege type games!

P.S.: I wanted to ask if there is someone who have the full game of the Return of the Roman Empire...

~ dikaios

[Edited on 07/12/12 @ 01:00 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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