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Legend of Warriors The Valiant

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
Legend of Warriors The Valiant:

The story which is fictional is centered around the hero Siegfried who came to the Hokuten Empire to participate in a tournament.

The Legend of Warriors The Valiant is an improved version of the original Legend of Warriors.

I have worked on this version so much that it almost feel like a new game.

Here are some of the key facts:

Over 99 triggers vs only 35 in the original.

The game has doubled in length, but trippled if you can find all the secrets.

New areas of the map have been added in this version for a better adventure.

The game has plenty of secrets scenes and dialogue which help understand the story better.

Talk to everyone you meet by clicking on them and hear what they have to say.

What they say often depends on what you do.

Roam the Hokuten Empire in search of adventure.

Good luck and enjoy!

If you have enjoy the original, and wanted more out of it, then look no further this is it.
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Map Design5.0
Playbility - 3: This scenario had potential all the way through, it started off very nice and showed much attention was payed by the author to make it interesting and enjoyable to play to the player. It showed great professionalisim all the way through from the start to then end. One thing though is that the scenario never got really going, it seemed to start and stop when your walking down a path, then a bunch of "bandits" appear then they die and then you walked down the path again then your ambushed by another bunch of bandits e.t.c. This also got a bit repetative after some time although it did stop later. The author showed great knowledge of how to set out a scenario and shows nice work of triggers but nothing realy special. Also the tournament didn't realy seem like a tournament,
as there was only a few swipes of the Siegfried's sword and it was all over, quite dissapointing.

Creativity - 3: This scenario would have got at least a 4 if I hadn't had seen the whole tournament idea in the 1 st scenario of the El Cid AoK Conqerors campaign. The quest's were nothing special and none of them were anything new. The author could have used some better side quests with
some new ideas and goals and maybe some suprises for the player, but sadly, there were no suprises.

Map design - 5: The map for this scenario is simply wonderfull, there was not a part that wasn't used in some way and the shape of the map also was quite awe inspiring. This map is a credit to the author and something that all other scenario designers should learn from. There was however almost 70% of the map that was not used at all in the game, which is shame realy, as it all looked so nice. The map is not quite up to Mark Stoker's or Ingo Van Thiel standard, but sure is close!

Balance - 3: This scenario was easy to win. You basicly had to kill some militia with your far superior hero's. There was some challenge in the game at the start where you had only 1 hero and if you took on some of the side quest's which were still quite easy to complete, nothing that had you in sweat. Also the final part where you entered the tournament and had to kill the hero was quite challenging
if you had some damage after the battles. Overall, average balance.

Story/Instructions - 4: First of all the introductory bitmap was rather brilliant, one of the best I've seen for some time. (although I do not know what it had in connection with the scenario). The history/hints and scenario instructions were very thorough and interesting. The 2 down points were that because the scenario was short, there wasn't much dialogue to see and secondly that there were some grammer and spelling errors, but fairly few and far between.

+ Points:
Great looking map
Great instructions
Wonderful intro BMP

- Points
On the short side
Nothing realy creative
Most of the map is wasted


An above average scenario that's a little short but sweet. DOWNLOAD NOW!
Official Reviewer
File Author
Well, my game got a review, and yes I'm pretty excited about that. I feel the review was really fair, and considering that this game was my first scenario, I'm sure I should be able to produce something even better than this one.
I have been working on a new project for about three weeks where as I only spent one week to do Legend of Warriors, so I hope people will be looking forward to this new game cause it has to be awesome.

The new game is also an RPG, but this time the entire story takes place in feudal Japan it's 100% lighting Samurai action. "The Last Samurai" will be coming soon.
WX_Aerosol Way proud of you man - I didn;t even know that you made this until now! Keep em coming!
aNtIgA Hey... i played the scen for 3 times now... but i do not seem to find a way to get past the "Borders" so i can't go on with the scen! i mean... when i got kitabatake and i'm the new champ then i won! but i don want that! and when u tell the story about that u won and stuff it ses that i have robin hood in my party... i did everything to get him in but he does not even talk to me! and i can't bring minamoto to his kingdom and stuff.... is this going to be continued?? i REALY hope so! cause i loved it(cause i just love RPG's)
and somthing else... i want to make my own scens and maybe camps too but i have NO expierience with triggers and so i can't make ANYTHING lol... if you have ICQ plz ICQ me on #34921440
maybe u can help me.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0

Legend of Warriors The Valiant is an unfinished scenario, a RPG, the story is fiction, you play Siegfried a young warrior from Kron who travels the Hokuten Empire to participate in a tournament.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario has some unconscious humour, you are told to receive hints for scenes you might have missed after completing the scenario. Both scenes the author is referring to don't play due to two not activated triggers. One tells you the story, the other is the scenarios best side quest which involves Robin Hood. After a trigger fix, for information see below, this was very enjoyable with an interesting story. 3+

BALANCE: The scenario was played on moderate as requested, the balance above average, maybe a bit too easy, suitable for a RPG though. It was not a question of loosing, it was subtle, not a question of surviving, the difference is to save a second Samurai for a small dialogue, save a monk, not to heal for minutes in a tower, not to risk the life of a hostage. 4

CREATIVITY: The strong point of the scenario, game play aspects like the side quest, the atmosphere around the joust, different outcomes, balance aspects, the maps lay out, the unique bmp, custom made AI, the story and a good use of triggers once they are activated. 4+

MAP DESIGN: Another strong point, the map is only revealed by a third during game play, still fully designed and of excellent quality, very detailed, realistic touch apart from a few palm trees in oak and pine forests. 5-

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The appealing bitmap will grab your interest, you get clear instructions, valuable hints, a small good story which develops, not told to the end and "Legend of Warriors The Valiant" does not work as a stand up alone scenario with most parts of the map unused, harbouring two players which do not interact with player 1 yet and for the amount of text there were too many spelling errors. 4

OVERALL: A creative, entertaining scenario on a great map.

SUGGESTION: Edit the scenario, switch the starting state for the triggers "Man in trouble" and "Minamotoscene" from 'off' to 'on' and save as Legend of Warriors The Valiant v1.1.

OBSERVATIONS: The trigger failure seems to be a mix-up of files, the .scn file is dated 9/14/00, the 7S_idle ai and per files even older and the scenario was updated 8/02/01, but it looks like a resubmission of the old files. The above is an edit of my original review posted on 2003-11-23.

IN CLOSING: The precursor of the last Samurai, a must have.
laz123 Excellent little game. Thanks.

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Map Design5.0
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