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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Year of the Three Kings - 1066 AD

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The Year of the Three Kings - 1066 AD

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix

Our story begins in the Year of Our Lord 1089. King William, whom history has already dubbed "the Conqueror", is some two years in the grave and in his place reigns his son, William Rufus. It is time for an old English warrior to come home.

Once a powerful Thegn, Huscarl and trusted war leader to Harold Godwinson, Lord Edgar has now taken the cloth. Under his new identity as Brother Thomas, Edgar returns to his old home in Wessex to find it in ruins. This comes as little surprise; life under the Norman yoke was harsh for the vanquished English nobility and particularly for those known to have been close friends to the slain King Harold.

Yet it is amongst the ruins that Edgar encounters an old acquaintance; a peasant archer who once served in the fyrd levy. Having lived almost as a hermit for many years, the archer does not recognise Edgar at first and then, believing him killed in 1066, takes him to be a ghost. However, after finally accepting Edgar as a mortal being, the archer then beseeches Edgar to recount his part in the tale of Harold Godwinson.

Reluctantly, Edgar agrees and after apologising for his inadequacies as a storyteller, the mists of time are rolled back and Edgar is once more a huscarl in Harold's army...

Scenario Description

- The Year of the Three Kings charts the events which led up to and followed the Norman Conquest of 1066 as seen through the eyes of one of King Harold's loyal huscarls.

- You play Edgar for much of the game and bear witness to the death of King Edward "the Confessor", the rise and fall of King Harold Godwinson and the eventual crowning on Christmas Day 1066 of King William I.
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Zanzard Lothar
Map Design4.0
Wow! This is one of the best scenarios i have played thus far for AOK! Even though this is justo one scenario, it feels more like a whole campaign. I had lots of fun with this scenario, however i am giving a score of 4 instead of 5 because of several minor bugs that, althought they have very little effect in the gameplay, they could have been eliminated if the scenario was playtested a bit. The scenario was also laggy, but that is probably because my PC is rather old. Map design is not very special, it is better than a random map, but naught that deserves a 5. Balance was the poorest part of the scenario, the quests all may seem challenging, but after a while it is easy to realize that they are not very hard. The enemy does not come after you, it just sits waiting. The battle at the bridge could be a big point of the scenario, but massed arbalests make the whole thing very easy.

These are the bad things (though none of them is excessively bad). Now the good part: This scenario has some of the most creative ideas i have ever seen! The way the story is told, the final quest, the handling of techonolgies and specially cartography are new and very welcome ideas to AOK scenarios. The story is perhaps the best i have ever found for a AOK scenario, being a powerful rival to campaigns such as "The king's best men". The author is truly to be congratulated in these two aspects.

Overall, i would recommend this scenario for just about anyone. It is fast and not very hard. If you are looking for a challenge, though, you might also want to take a look at this scenario anyway just for the excellent storyline. I would like to encourage the author to make a new version of this scenario and try to improve the challenge it offers and fix the bugs, or make a Expansion version of the scenario.
First Knight Wow! I must say this scenario just about blew my mind! The story is the most original I´ve read so far in an AoK scenario and there are some triggers that are clever and that I have never seen before. The scenario has its down sides, for example most of the map could be touched up a bit more and some objectives are confusing. But it more than pays off in its originality and storyline. I recommend everyone to download this! 8.0-10
DavidCap I enjoyed this Scenario and would recommend it to others. It was well thought out and has a great storyline. Took me awhile to figuire out how to fix the bridge and some of the messages you get come and go so quick you miss them but still overall a good scenario!
Hactar This is absolutely amazing. The design is neat and the triggers are really well done. There is one bug though. At the battle of Hastings, if the King and Edgar retreat, I am defeated. If they die, my computer crashes. From the way units keep appearing, and William the Conquerer cannot die, it seems that the battle is meant to be unwinable, and turns into a test of just how long one can survive. Which was, actually, really enjoyable to play.

(Also, extra points for making me finally appreciate Huscarls, but as units and in their historical context.)
laz123 Yeah, I was kinda dissapointed. There's no way you can save the 2 heroes, then it switches to being a monk and nothing happens. It turned from being a very good game into a nothingness. Good try.

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Map Design4.0
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