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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Rudolf and The Quest for The Holy Grail v1.03

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Rudolf and The Quest for The Holy Grail v1.03

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
This scenario didn't really happen. It's just something I invented.
You are Rudolf and you have to find the holy grail.
In your quest, you will have to
- Compete in a race
- Fight in a tournament
- Infiltrate in a cannibal village
- and much much more...

It is my first scenario, so it doesnt have any special effects, but I think it's good.
This scenario contains almost 300 triggers.

- I fixed the bug with the gate the wouldnt open.
IMPORTANT: In this part of the game, when you fight the last enemy
(and with that I mean the enemy himself, not his units) you might loose. If this
happens, just try again and again untill you win. Normally, you will win in about
50% of the times.

- In the mounted part, I couldn't find a bug. After you killed your first enemy,
be sure to click on the monk, and wait till he has healed you. It might take
a while before he starts healing you. Then, click on the cavalier (referee) and
the next enemy should come.

Visit my site at
e-mail me at
ICQ me at 47499389
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Tornolf I personally liked it, as far as I got before I encountered a bug(or two). I noticed that on the 3 seperate missions(the mounted race, infiltrate the cannible villiage, and the gaunlet thing with four units) taht the mounted one, when you get to the part where oyu fight, after I killed the first guy, I couldn't find out how to advance to fight to the next guy. The other bug was in the gaunlet thing, on the second round (with the skirmisher, arbalest, and two other units (can't remeber what they are)), when the arbalest is supposed to come, their gate never unlocks to let him out, I would appreciate these fixed since I love the scenario so far...

Tornolf of the Warriors of Aakkua
cavfancier I like this scenario so far. Great story, and a lot of fun. I found the same bugs, and if you fix them, I'll definitely download it again.
File Author
Ok, I will try to fix those bugs as soon as possible.
vladimir COOOOOOL.
File Author
Ok, I got another message that there is a bug in the horse section. Maby it's because you play it in the expansion (the conquerors) and the scenario is made for The Age Of Kings. Anyway, there might be another reason, which is a problem with the triggers. I will look at it and fix it ASAP.
Map Design4.0
Wow! This is a really great map!

From the first minute of introduction, I thought this map was going o be quite tacky. After having completed the first training mission, I really didn't think this RPG were going ANYWHERE. How ever, after having decided to give it one more chance I set out to play for at least ten minutes more...which became twenty more...which became 30 more and so on.

The basic story: King Arthur and God needs you to take over the former "castle champion" or something's role, and after having been promoted to this you set out on a mission to find the holy grail. There are 5 training missions, two of which is very basic, and three special missions that really makes a difference.

For example, in one of the three important missions you must gain the title of the Mighty Knight. In order to do this you must get yourself some extra help along the way and buy a better horse. In order to BUY the better horse you must fix gold and so on...finally you sign up for the Mighty Knight race, and if you win this you will go into a sort of a gladiator-arena where you face 4 other knights...defeat all of them and you have become the new "Might Knight". It's really fun!

Another charming thing is the hall of fame, in which each of your previous characters are stored, so you can take a look at how you have advanced from a simple villager up to perhaps a knight.

Another thing is the nice dialogs which mostly have correct grammar, except for maybe an excessive use of the words "guy" and "guys" :D

anyways, I really likd this map and will surely play it over and over again.


Yup, it's a nice idea with training missions (which you get teleported to) and then a bigger quest. These "checkpoints" in the campaign makes you want to complete "one more" and then, what the heck one more...and so on :)

Balance: Since it's not always just to go in and kill everyone on the map, the balance is pretty hard to set. It's probably good, since there are always a special way to complete each task, it's not always just to go in and kill the house.

Creativity: a creative idea with good effort. Especially like that some characters can be met again. I sure thought those two man-at-arms were cool! :D

map design: perhaps this is where the map lacks most. Although it's not bad (the archer mission is actually quite good, and so is the might knight race) it could have been a lot better on some points. A weak four.

story/instructions: it's a bit of a weak story, with strange ideas and a few unclearnesses, but the instructions really weigh this up. The story doesn't play such an important role, and the instructions are VERY detailed and precise. A good 5.
File Author
Ok, I told you I was gonna fix it and I din't do it. I just don't have much time right now. Maby I wont fix it. There is one solution to fix it yourself anyway. At the dock, you have to kill all of the 3 guard, or the mounted part wont work. I now it seems weird, but it' just a stupid trigger problem.
Mookleman (that's my alia I can't get started. When I unzip into the Scenarios folder, I can't find it when I go to the Custom Scenarios menu. How do I play?
Shining_Wamp For some reason (I dont know if this has happened to anyone else before), when I reach the tournament, two guys dont fight. Am I doing something wrong or is this speoed to happen? Still a great scenario so far!!!
Mookleman This is a great scenario. But it ends too quickly! You should write a sequel. Also, I think I found a bug. First I did the tournament, then the archery one, and when I was doing the archery one, it was saying stuff like "You're the new Mighty Knight, Rudolf!" Then when I went to the race, it show the scout cavalry person that you control, and suddenly, it transprorted me to that place with lots of castles in the top corner, and I was there as the Frankish Paladin. Then, I had to go into that big city, and then I won. Was that supposed to happen?


P.S. I'm the same person as Mookleman(that's my alias), it's just that I was telling people reading it that it was my alias, not my real name.
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