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Mayans Destruction 2

Author File Description
Falcon Campaign Creations
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy

Mayans Destruction 2 Return of the Dead

Return of the Dead is sequel to my first B&D released. Well, this is my second B%D. You cannot compare MD1 and MD2 at all. They are so different. Mayans Destruction had two great aspects: its AI, and Balance. In Return of the Dead, AI is far better, and balance is great. And now, there is fantastic map design, great bitmap, interesting triggers and other specials.
Download this and you won`t regret! This is a B&D in it`s best form.


Story is fiction. In the MD1, Aztecs tried to put an end to the power of Mayans, in the New World. The story was very simple, and so was the hole scenario. This one is far more complicated. Now, three years later, Mayans have taken over most of the europe (It is very nicely described in the History). They have made their center a conquered France. Many people died, and every prisoner, caught in Europe, were sent there. Now, some Spanish, sent a message to the Aztecs in the New World. Aztecs responded quickly, by sending out a special group, commanded by The Great Aztec. Now it`s your turn to change the history of the World.

Some kind of Statistics.

Scenario has two AI files, a well known, well used, Immobile Units (Very many of us has used it), and a very smart, powerful Ai (MaDe2RD) made just for that scenario. This really bumps unpredictability into the scenario. The game has about 70 triggers (20 of them go into the starting scene). it is quite much for an B&D. Map is Giant, very detailed. And it has it`s surprise points. Introduction (History, story etc.) is very detailed. And what is the most important.


By the way, the game is made hardest (I mean it) but winneable. It is a game that you can play for hours, without getting tired. many testers have said that.

So if you are good, or not so good in Build&Destroy, download it, and you don`t regret!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
new guy I played this on a moderate difficulty and the first thing I noticed was poor grammer did you have a 5th grader write this up? But thats minor since I sometimes have bad spelling. In the game, I easily found the 2 vills but they got killed by a pack of wolves so I restart and tried again. Start up was easy for there is enough berries and deer and fish so I dont need to farm. Tons of stone only prob was wolves so ya had to clear area first. There was a good amount of gold and If I needed more, trade and/or I use my Seige Onager to knock more hidden gold.
Yall praised your Ai too much, It was not that hot. The enemy attacked once with ships in late castle or was it early Imp Im not sure. I lost my docks and ships because I was unprepared so fair warning to others make navy early. Too bad for me, they never attacked again till I attacked and by then I had 5 transports full of seige rams and champs with fire ships up to the point of pop limit. I got 2 barracks 2 castles and 2 town centers before my men died. Out of nowhere a big counter of naval ships that took out all original ships. I enjoyed being on the defence but I managed to sneak another wave of rams in 10 minutes and it was over.
As a B&D I give this a 4/5
Boy I wrote a lot!
Falcon Thank you everybody.

AI was not praised too much. My first part of the scenario had worse AI, but it was nicely praised by the reviewer. And for my English, I am still learning and I am not from England.

And please, everybody, play the Hardest level!!!
CactusZack The first thing I did was correct your bad grammar. Very poor! Then I played it on Hardest, and won in no time. I went and found them and tore them new a-holes. It took less than two hours. Sorry, not hard, but good creativity and ingenuity!
Falcon Thanks!

Hey, CactusZack, I know about my grammar. I ain`t from England (or any other country, with basic language as english), I am from Easters-Europe, Estonia. And I`ve learned English for 6-7 years. By the way, it`s 5 (or A in USA) on my report.
For it`s hardness: It is hard, but people like CactusZack, who probably is a very good player, it may seem easy. Anyway thanks to everyone who has played it, or will be playing it soon.

DEATH_TEMPLAR I think your scenario is cool. I also thought it was very easy. but then again I have been playing the game since a week it got out in my country. I bet you could make a really hard one if you tried. good job anyway!
Falcon Ofcourse I could make a scenario that`s really hard, but what`s the point? This scenario is hard (in hardest level) so that you may play it for (about) 3 hours. Usually people forget to change the difficulty level. DO IT. If you are good PLAY IT ON HARDEST!

AOK-Hawke Hey people!

I recommend highly downloading this B&D, fantastic work by FCC. Difficulty levels really represents `em. Download it right now. Anyway, will there be Mayans Destruction 3?
laz123 You must do something about your wolf fixation.

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