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Atlantican - Chapter 1

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 3
This is the first chapter (Three scenerios) in the Atlantican campain for Age of Kings. If you have the original first scenario, please replace it with this one. It is a BIG update. If you are interested in helping contribute water scenarios please email me.
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Zanzard Lothar So far, I've played three campaigns available at AOKH, and I feel I must comment on them as I would want other people to do with camapigns i make. Well, I've played "peasant revolt", "William Wallace", and "Atlantican - Chapter 1", the one his comment is about.<p> So far it is the best campaign I've downloaded form AOKH. And, unfortuatnely, its not that big a deal...<p> Scenario 1 is the best working one. The bjectives are clear and the scenario is good by itself. Not a real challenge though. Scenario 2 has good map design, but the instructions aren't showing what are my objectives, so the scenario is spoiled. Scenaro 3 should be very good, but the first quest, to bring 20 sheep to the king, is not working, I brought the 20 sheep and nothing happened.<p> Anyway, if the author fixes the errors of the campaign, it could be very good and be reviewed with something between 3 and 4.
ClimbLow1 I am the author of this. The key to the third scenario trigger is to let the 20 sheep change color.
Insane Fireball
Map Design3.0
This campaign is a pretty good campaign, but it is spoiled by a lack of effort. For example, scenario 1 is like a random map with units added and terrain changed. Also, there is a hole in the wall where you can get in past the enemy's gates.

Scenario 2 is better with the touch of
the ice terrain, and the storyline is nice for the whole campaign. But the instructions are a little short with no bitmap.

Scenario three has a bug in it that you have to give 20 sheep to the king, but it doesn't work, even with the author's tip.

Overall, this is a good scenario, but could be made better if the auther fixed the bug and made the terrain better.
James Hoegl
Map Design2.0
This was not one of the best campaigns I have played. In fact I dreaded playing it.

The first map is a good design, your goal is to destroy the church. However there are huge bugs, the first bug is the fact that you can hang back with your first goal and build up your units. Also you can block off the bridge, the only land based connection.
Also, you do not even have to have any pesants work to get any resources, not that they didnt put a ton of deer, sheep, trees, gold, and stone on the island.
Another flaw was that you could attack the church from sea. I built up siege ships and just destroyed it.

On the plus side the map was a very good design and the story was very original. I liked the idea, however the map lacked in triggers, AI and other such things.

The second map looked, basicly like a random water map that the map maker put ice onto. The resources are pluntyful, even though you start out with 0 resources and have to franticaly build up from there.
I was almost able to build a nice defense when all of a sudden the computer told me all the relics were taken and I had 300 years to.... well you know the rest.

I decided to stop playing this escruciatingly painful campain when that happened.

If you want to have fun and waste some time, go ahead and download it. Also, if you want to find out what not to do in a map, check this campaign out as well, otherwise its not worth your time.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0

The campaign consists of three scenarios; the first two are B&D while the third is a mix of RPS and FF. The events start in 300 A.D. and the story is about the Atlantican civilisation colonising islands.

PLAYABILITY: Overall a good campaign and worth playing, with some playability issues though. The first scenario provides some entertainment and challenge; you'll have heavy sea and land battles, if played like intended. It has many options, due to some loopholes. You can just wall yourself in and concentrate on the navy, destroy your main objective from the sea or worse, send your villagers and mine the enemy's island with canon towers and castles (you got 30'000 of each resource), before sending your messenger, victory will be yours in some minutes. On hard Player 2' initial army gathers around a relic in the beginning, being above pop limit no monk is trained and no attacks launched except naval. On moderate enough gather around the relic to keep player 2 above pop limit after the first attacks are fend of. No gathering on standard, but not much challenge either. I liked the second best, also because you start with no resources and the ice terrain was very special. I mention the last scenario because of the sheep quest; you have to move your own units away from the gate to make them change ownership. The rest is unplayable, for the next quest your objective closes whenever you take the relic in the centre, the following triggers don't get activated; your last objective to defeat is ally to all other players while you and your allies are enemy to the Pacifican Clan. 2

BALANCE: The first scenarios are challenging and well balanced. The third is unbalanced, the two players called enemy are no challenge and the Pacifican Clan virtually doesn't exist as an opponent due to false diplomacy settings. 3

CREATIVITY: The ice terrain, map copied from the Djenghis Khan campaign of ES, is probably used for the first time in the blacksmith and has interesting aspects as war ships attacking trebuchets and infantry against canon boats. ;) 3

MAP DESIGN: The maps are of random map quality, adding ice terrain. 3+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: A small story, which does not link the third scenario, the first scenario has a clear objective; while it is confusing in the second, you are told to keep Atlantica save from invaders, but the victory conditions are set to relic victory. In the editor the objectives develop in game in the third, but the triggers don't work. 3

OVERALL: The campaign provides two challenging B&D.

OBSERVATIONS: The above is an edit of my review posted 2002-01-17.

SUGGESTIONS: 1. Place land behind the cathedral, that player 1 can not sail around the island; give a monk to the enemy; have diplomacy changed, if any unit, also villagers cross the bridge. 2. Mention the relics in the objectives and make up a story about them. 3. Fix the trigger for the relics, have the Pacifican Clan be enemy to player 1 and his allies and work on the balance.

IN CLOSING: Atlantican-Chapter 1 is a download worth playing.

[Edited on 03/21/05 @ 12:11 PM]

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