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Rage of the Seljuk Turks

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 6
"Rage of the Seljuk Turks" follows the reign of the first of the two great Turk nations, the Seljuks. From their humble beginnings as nomads in the Arab Empire, to their heroic triumph against a far superior Byzantine army at Manzikert, and finally to their honourable fall to the Mongol Horde during the 13th century AD.

The Turks would have to be my favourite civ in Age of Kings. In writing the campaign, I've tried to make a series of unique scenarios which each present a new challenge, like only acquiring gold through trade and emphasis on diplomacy in some scenarios etc. It was written off minimal research, so it's not a 100% accurate representation of the Seljuks, but I think it is enjoyable, which is of course the main thing.

I'll be honest, the campaign has certainly been playtested, but not overly thoroughly. If you find any errors, or you have any suggestions or comments on the campaign, I'd be more than willing to hear them.

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Cherub Lobby
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
This turned out to be quite a good campaign. The Author put a lot of thought into how to progress the scenarios and delivered a very ES type campaign. I am always a little disappointed however at the rework thy AI messages at the start !

This feels so similar to the sort of Campaign that ES did and included with their game that perhaps Lawrence should ask them for a ! Now although this is praise, I must add that the ES style campaign are not my favourites (Too much of the same thing).

The maps were generally serviceable, with the desert backdrop being an excuse for not “filling” them in. Some of the cities are really quite good with some attention to detail. The story is quite good and the bitmaps relevant (although repetitive) The gameplay did settle into the typical Human vs standard EE AI style battles. I must admit to not being able to win the 4th battle type scenario “Manzikert”. I tried everything but the comp player just seemed way overpowered. Generally the balance was good with allies often helping out against tough opponents. While the author has done a lot right and little wrong and this is probably a scenario most people will enjoy it did leave me a bit dissatisfied. It seemed a bit too long and bit too predictable.
Map Design3.0
Rage of the Seljuk Turks is a predominantly B&D campaign tracing the establishment of Seljuk Turk hegemony in Asia Minor, up to their destruction by the Mongols in 13th century. It was played (mostly) on Moderate difficulty, using HD edition.

Playability: 4
Overall, the campaign is decently fun, without any glaring bugs. My only concern was scenario 5, where one of my allies inexplicably turned enemy, without the usual AI messaging shenanigans that tend to accompany such "tricks" of Standard AI. This traitor went on to become the MVP for the enemy team, since my own AI ally ignored them. Other than this, the missions were pretty easy to follow, and were decently fun.

Balance: 4
Overall, I'd like to praise the AI. on Moderate, my allies (when I had them), contributed; In a siege scenario AI behaved fairly intelligently and was capable of demolishing fortifications, offering a real challenge; some thorough trigger work meant there was no way to exploit the AI via diplomacy options;

But then there's scenario 4, "Battle of Manizikert", which is a fixed force where the player is out-teched and out-manned and required to "use terrain" in order to beat a superior foe. The AI on Standard indeed allows itself to be distracted and attacked piecemeal. The Moderate AI, however, keeps all its units clumped up together as it patrols towards you, making hit and run tactics useless-- especially since the player lacks that staple of steppe armies, the Cavalry Archers. I tried this scenario many times, and I just don't see how it can be beat on Moderate. So I have to dock points for balance here.

Creativity: 3
Campaign was a combination of FF and B&D, with few real surprises. The 3rd scenario that had you go through a maze-like map of Turkish and Byzantine border holdings was kind of creative; so was the last defensive mission; The Battle of Manzikert pales in comparison to the ES scenario; the B&D scens were rather typical, though I liked the mechanic in Scenario 2 to intimidate Byzantium to become your ally.

Map Design: 3
Mad design was very much "function over style". Though I liked the maze-like layout in Scen 3, and all the early scenarios showed some variety, later maps were very bland. The last B&D was pretty much a Random Map Islands 3 v 3 set-up. The last mission had a pretty good-looking fortress, and flat, bland steppe/desert terrain all around. Clearly the weakest point of campaign.

Story/Instructions: 3
Author provided decent history sections and aftermath screens, but there were no maps; same bitmap was used for all 6 scenarios. In-game dialogue was sparse. Nothing really stood out here.

Additional Comments:
A decent second-tier historical campaign, that's slightly above average. Wouldn't be my first recommendation, but there are certainly interesting nuggets in there, coupled with a fairly decent AI. Just turn down the difficulty for that Scenario 4.

[Edited on 07/09/19 @ 09:02 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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