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Author File Description
Enrique Orduno
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Winterland is a Christmas winter scenario. In Winterland, you can walk around, do some winter activities like Skiing, watching Ice Skaters, walking in Santa's rally where you can find famous characters such as The Grinch, Rudolf the rednose reindeer, Santa himself and more...

If you're a fan of action and killing don't download this scenario. Since, there is no violence in it.

You can download the music pack at :

The scenario was made by King400 and Enrique Orduno. Read the readme file before playing and read the instructions screen. The scenario is in campaign format.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Conquistador
Map Design3.0
First of all, I have admired Enrique Orduno's work "AOKasino" very much and this scenario wasn't a disappointment.

The playability was great, since you walk around and there are lots of stuff happening but many crucial '5' elements were missing (stuff like side-quests, mini-victories, etc.) so a 4 will have to do.

The balance was okay, since this wasn't meant to be a 'normal' type of game and shouldn't be judged based on those parameters being without fighting.

The scenario was soooo creative. It wasn't really a surprise, considering that the creator of "AOKasino" made this and of course "AOKasino" is the most creative of all time. The scenario basically focuses on Santa's workshop and his land where you talk to elves and see people skate on ice (that's right, skate, not walk. Can't figure out how he did that...). It was so incredible that a 5 is a must here.

The map design was only mediocore, since there was no eye-candy and the whole map was a just a winter wasteland. I did not see any improvements in this piece of work in comparison to AOKasino in map design and since I disliked the map design in AOKasino, I dislike this as well. So a mediocore but acceptable 3 is given here.

The story and the instructions were great. You can talk to almost everybody and since there is no main objective there is no concept of 'lack of instructions' and it was all good. The story was obviously based on Santa and his elves, but I won't give any spoilers ;-).

+ Points

- Great story
- VERY creative
- Really Fun to play

- Points

- Poor map design

Final Thoughts: I think that Enrique has come a long way as a scenario designer and a lot of effort has been put into this scenario. You should defintely download it and consider this as a Christmas present from HG!

[Edited on 04/01/09 @ 07:25 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Winterland is a short Christmas themed scenario where the layer is given the opportunity to explore Santa's hometown of Winterland. Similarly to a Showcase scenario the idea of this scenario is to explore the map and appreciate its design. However, this scenario adds a little bit more with small mini-games and activities that you can get involved with.

Playability: 4
Winterland is an entertaining scenario that allows you to explore a snowy landscape and take part in various winter activities. Beyond walking around the town and its surrounding area to admire it's design you can also take part in activities such as ice skating and skiing as well as mini-games such as searching for Santa's Workshop. There are plenty of characters to talk to and they provide some entertaining dialogue. The town is full of elves (villagers), reindeer and holiday-makers who come to ski down the hills. You can even find Santa himself as well as everyone's favourite Scrooge - The Grinch. The scenario is fully playable and I found no bus in it. However, whilst there are some entertaining and creative aspects, much more could have been done and I just spent most of the time walking around. This would have been fine if there was more to look at.

Balance: 5
The scenario was never intended to involve any single fighting, therefore in compliance to the review guidelines the balance score is automatically given a 5.

Creativity: 4
Winterland is a very old scenario, released 19 years ago in 2000. That's the same year The Conquerors was released. Back then many of the creative trigger tricks that we know of today were not known, and many of the design tools that we have now didn't exist. Despite all of that this scenario showcases some creative tricks that some newer players today still may not know of. The main trick that is showcased here is the ice sliding trick. First showcased in 1999 by Yogurt in his Christmas Morning cinematic, it shows units walking across ice without moving their legs, giving the impression that they are sliding. This is used to great extent in Winterland on both the ice skating rink and the ski slopes. Other creative aspects that I liked include the eye-candy chairlift and the quirky dialogue that sometimes appears when chatting with the elves.

Map Design: 3
Unfortunately this is where the scenario starts to show some weaknesses. The main idea of this scenario is to wander around and admire the beauty of Winterland. However, I found that the map design was not really that pretty at all. It's a completely snow covered map and utilises the use of all of the different winter terrains; snow, ice, snow pine, snow grass and snow road, but there isn't really any clear effort to mix them together very well, or with any other terrains. There are large blocks of plain snow and the roads are all very straight and just snowy road. The town itself is very square and not very busy at all. The gaps between the houses are huge and makes the town look very unrealistic. There is some nice piece of eye-candy lying around and elevation is also used effectively. It would just have been nice to see more varied terrain and a more realistic looking town.

Story/Instructions: 3
Again, this is another weaker element to the scenario. The story is close to non-existent, you are an Eagle Warrior who has arrived in Winterland to explore the place. There's no explanation as to who your are and why you're there. A guide is there but all he does is tell you to do whatever you want. From there the story disappears. All there is is some random dialogue with some of the locals. In terms of instructions there also aren't any. Nothing to explain any of the areas you can visit or what to do, and nothing to explain if there is a way to finish the scenario without just quitting at the end.

Additional Comments:
Overall this is an entertaining Christmas themed scenario but isn't really anything special. A good way to showcase some winter design tricks like ice skating but thats about it.


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Map Design3.0
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