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The Runes Legend - demo

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
Hell, it's been a long while since I posted a file in the Blacksmith. In the meantime, my design skills have polished a lot. Judge by yourself! This is the demo of my upcoming Campaign. The Story will be very good, and in this scenario you will perceive the first twists and the "feeling" it's gonna have, which combines RPG, and a little bit of Fixed Force in field battles.

The Story

534 d.c.
The War of the Runes was fought between the Human Alliance and the Demon Empire. The great leader of the Demons was Hepheastz, a Human Mage. His great powers came from the powerful Rune Stone, the most powerful artifact ever. To the end of the War, the Humans destroyed the Rune Stone, eliminating Hepheastz' powers. Short after, Hepheastz was executed. However, he left behind a dark prophecy of revenge...

789 d.c.
Siegfried was raised in a Small Country, Lirica. He wanted to be an Adventurer and become a Hero, and this, helped by the fact that his father was a Warrior, built up his swordsmanship career. Now he has the age to leave home. La Hire, another Warrior that he met some months ago, and who became its best friend quickly, accompanies him. They are going to venture through the lands of the powerful Jenizar Country. It is here that this whole adventure will start… with the prophecy about to realize itself…

To end, I'd like to thank The Downward Spiral, from which I got the background soundtrack (from his excellent campaign "The Nexus").
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Randy Hmm, since I already sent my ideas via email to you, I'll just put in a good comment now (I liked this'd make a great start for a good campaign). So, this scenario is sort of short, but pretty fun! And the soundtrack is good!
Map Design3.0
I really liked this scenario. There was a couple problems though. In the begginning, there was a trigger that kept you from moving your people because it kept changing them to your player color, so it deselected them every couple seconds. I had to go to the Scenario Editor to make the triggers non-looping. I think that was the problem, that the triggers were looping. The writer needs to look into that. Other than that, I really like it. I really liked the story. Once, El Cid died, and when it said that he deflated, that was interesting. I was thinking, "Who was he?" I loaded my saved game, and I continued. I like how he switches sides, that gives a good element to the story, like the main characters are betrayed. I'm really looking forward to when the full campaign comes out.

Map Design3.0

Well, it seems Rigoman just wants to entertain us and at the same time give a good show which will make us love him. I couldn't say that the playability was as supreme as Ingo van Thiel's "TKBM" or SCN Punk team's "AOK punk demo", but it wasn't bad either. The storyline made it a bit complicated on knowing where you was supposed to go and to do, the main objective was getting to a mountain, and El Cid gave foggy directions all of the time but with the plot twisting and turning from one moment to the other you wasn't really sure if you we're playing the good guys, the bad guys or both. The re-playability isn't that good, but this scenario will however work fine in a campaign, so as an opening scenario that will puzzle you it was very good. Being such a sort scenario, it's hard to set any precise score so a strong 3 will have to do.


This was a good piece. I had to save and load up a few times because I either didn't let my heroes rest and gain strength or I simply prioritized wrong when attacking an enemy group. Perhaps it wasn't though, but it wasn't just one of those walk in the park eithers...with enough saving you should be able to advance through the scenario quite quickly.


Well, there wasn't really anything creative that struck me, but creating a big, big mountain made up of cliffs was something I haven't seen least not which such a clear instruction that "this is a mountain."

Map design:

This had both it's bad sides and good sides. The use of eye-candy, terrains and forests mixed together made it hard to specify what type of country this was suppose to picture, but I guess it's one of those "fantasy-countries" wich contains everything from snowy mountains to dense forests to dried-out deserts. The use of elevation was good except for the mountain where it wasn't any real use of it.


Well....well....nah...I don't really know. The story was pretty big, with much to read in the scenario instructions and history, but it was hrad to get any real grip of the story concerning the two heroes La Hire and Siegfried.
It had it's few spelling-errors, and the dialogues wasn't very charismatic, nor in fashion of the time. "Cops?"
On the other hand the directions and objectives got better along the way.

Final Verdict:

If you're not a total newbie but still no veteran to RPG's and FF's this is a map that could fit you, especially if you're into complicated stories and plot twists. IF you got too much time and don't know what to do with it, this suites as a time-killer. The scenario had both upsides and downsides...

-effort on the background story
-well balanced map

-some strange map designs
-confusing plot
-bad dialouge

Cheers / Martyn
Mookleman Hey, this is the Mookleman. I just found out something. I made a mistake in my review. The thing about the trigger is incorrect. I found out that if I had been more patient, I would have gotten to move anyway, because those triggers were just there so you wouldn't move your units all around and have them in the wrong place when something is happening or would happen provided you were in the right place. So I'm sorry, please ignore that part of my review.

File Author
Good... But I don't know why my Map Design gets 3 from everybody???! So much efforts... But wait for the second part of the scenario! There will be a great puzzle and an ass kicking end boss: the Turtle Rock!
Map Design5.0
Playability -- 4 -- TRL had very good playability. The only problem was right at the end of the game a huge force of elephants started kicking your rear.

Balance -- 4 -- The balance was in most places very good. The only bad spot was at the end as I mentioned above.

Creativity -- 4 -- The creativity was pretty good. There were very few trigger tricks and that type of stuff. The saving grace of the creativity was that there was some creativity and what there was worked.

Map Design -- 5 -- The map design was, symply put, amazing. It was clear that the designer put a lot of time and effort into this. The map design was so spectacular that it really helped with the overall gaming experience.

Story / Instructions -- 5 -- There was a decently creavtive story. The instructions were clear and gramatically corect.

To the designer: -- Great scenario. I think that some inventive triggers would have helped as would a smaller map. A new (medium) map wouldn't hurt either.

Final thoughts -- You really should play this scenario if you like RPS/FF. I look forward to a revised version being released in the full version.
Mookleman Yup, I love the soundtrack too. Where'd you get that piece?
Richard Walls This is such a cool scenario!!!! You gotta tell me when your done with the whole thing!!
Wikked_Wolf hmmm, the title reminds me of runescape...

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