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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Merchantson to master - The Sieur De Metz story

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Merchantson to master - The Sieur De Metz story

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
The young man known as De Metz was the son of a wealthy merchant in 11th century normandy, he refused to follow his fathers profession and was made heirless.

In search of a master the young De Metz came to Belitz and offered his services the the local lord who accepted, some years went by and De Metz served his lord as guardsman, rising to be captain of the guard after 14 years loyal servece.

However, De Metz's benefactor, the old lord died, and his son became lord in his stead.

De Metz now swore his alligence to the new lord called Bracken, Bracken was nothing like his father - he was kind and forthcomming, so things were looking up, Master Bracken quickly took notice of the skilled and by now 34 years old De Metz, and gave him his own house and the right to take a wife, De Metz Became known as Sieur De Metz because of this although no title was bestowed onto him.

The story begins as Master Bracken has summoned Sieur De Metz from his home to ask a service of him.

This scenario is in campaign format for obvious reasons.

PS. This is a resubmission, since the rewiewer discovered a bug I had overlooked, sorry about that.
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File Author
Somebody gotta have an oppinion on this scenario?

Please make a comment!
The Conquistador
Map Design4.0
Before I would like to begin, I would like to say that this campaign is pretty well done and is definitely above average.

The playability is pretty good. You would find it both challenging and fun to destroy the Hun base, since the Huns have more resources and you would have to use your wits to beat them.

The balance is very good. Like I said before, the Huns have superior technology and resources and it would be challenging to beat them. However, I found that a bug prevents you to find the guy that you need to find after you defeat the Huns (the fact that he doesn't exist). So, a three will have to do.

As far as I could go, the scenario was very much like a random map. The only attribute that does not match that of a random map is going up to some guy for instructions.

The map design was above average and is definitely better than a random map. However, a mass of 'flower beds' or regular flowers make the map look unrealistic and a bit fantasy like. So, I will hold my 5 until later.

The story was pretty pathetic since you are just some knight who is in service for some lord and you have to beat the Huns. The instructions were also lacking (To Guderian: if you claim that the bug indicated above does not exist, then it's your fault that you didn't give me enough instructions to find the guy). So, a 2 will have to do.

+ Points

- Challenging gameplay
- Nice map design

- Points

- Basically like a random map
- A bug prevents you from playing any further after you defeated the Huns
- The story is poor and there is a lack of instructions

Final Thoughts: A nice scenario to play if you want to practice your random map skills, especially if you hate facing Huns in battle. However, don't forget how to type 'i r winner'!
The Conquistador I did the review, which is better ;-).

BTW, I am Stan. Hi everybody! I will be submitting stuff with this name from now on. However, my reviewin' name is still the same!
The Conquistador Seeing that this campaign has been updated, I shall contact Spiney and tell him to remove my old review and and a new one. :)
Map Design5.0
I liked this one, despite the fact that it was a little short and kinda left room for a sequel. It had a bit of an unfinished feeling, you beat the Huns, and then it's over. That was my problem with the story/instruction. The map design is great. That's the only way I can describe it
really. I like the creativity of this one, and I've never seen the thing with the soundtracks before. That's pretty cool. (In the beginning part of the scn there are 2 pavilions, when you click on the red one you get one soundtrack, and when you click on the other you get another soundtrack.) The balance was okay, and I had to start over a couple times to win because the tarkans that come to attack your village were a problem for me. Overall, I think this is a pretty playable scenario, you just have to make some soldiers quick and also close the open parts of the palisade walls with gates and cover up the stone miners. Then make some stone walls inside the palisade walls.

This is a okay scn. Download it and see for yourself if you like it!
laz123 It's 2 hours of good fun. A most excellent game. Thanks.

[Edited on 09/14/08 @ 04:22 PM]

Jas the Mace1 Good Scn. not top of the line but it has a complete story, adventure and will take a while to complete. Worth a download.

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Map Design4.5
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