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Revenge Against the Xolas

Author File Description
Zanzard Lothar
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 6
This Role-Playing Campaign takes place at the mithycal world of Dipthar, a world forged by sorcery and spellcasting, in the best ways of Fantasy RPG scenarios.

As it is true to any setting, any hero must have an antihero. In "Revenge Against the Xolas", the player is invited to do something different than other campaigns: here, the player plays the role of the villain, not the hero.

The story focuses on three men that fled from the CIty in the Lake, the capital of the Empire of Menoa. This empire was on the verge of world domination due to the fact that it claimed ownership of a magical artifact called "The Palace of Yellow Windows". While Menoa possessed this artifact, every citizen of this nation could completely mind control any being who was not a citizen of the nation of Menoa and were from the World of Dipthar.

But then came the Selentines. The Selentines were not people born in Dipthar, they were refugees from the panet Earth, who came from another empire called "Roman Empire". Being from outside of Dipthar, the Selentines were immune to the effects of the mind control, and thus they were able to destroy the palace of Yellow Windows. But a greater disaster would soon follow.

The Xolas were a race of purple humanoids who developed a advanced civilization. They were the first people to be mind-controlled by the Empire of Menoa. After the Selentines set them free by destroying the palace of Yellow Windows, the Xolas called for their most important spiritual leader, the High Priest of Golcanar. This man was the greatest priest of the god Golcanar, a deity pf the Xolas, and he mustered a army composed of vengeful Xolas and assaulted the City in the Lake, the seat of Power of the empire of Menoa. The empire was crushed by this assault, and lied in shambles. But three men from Menoa were able to escape the onslaught.

They were Adol, Jast and Tiber. These three evil men decided to join forces into a common goal. First, they would rescue a woman named Jain, who was the girlfriend of Adol. She was arrested by the Xolas shortly before the attack on the city in the lake. After they saved her, they vowed to avenge the destruction of the empire that they fought so hard to maintain by killing the person who was responsible for the destruction of the City in The Lake: The High Priest of Golcanar.

In the campaign, the player takes the role of the three evil men from Menoa, in their mad quest to slay the High Priest of Golcanar. A complete storyline is presented in a Rich Text Format file that accompanies the zip file of this campaign. The Rich Text format file can be opened in almost every text editor, like for example wordpad, and should be viewed before playing the campaign. To unzip this campaign, just download the file and unzip it in the directory where AOK is installed. The files will all go to their roper places. The RTF file will be placed in the directory where AOK is installed.

This campaign has been made by Zanzard Lothar. The author would like to send a special thanks to the following people who helped in the creation of this campaign, either directly or indirectly (these are their nicknames, in no particular order):

The Rasher
Ingo Van Thiel
Irish Woman
Demolition Ship Captain
Dæmoniu Sacru
Greg "Deathshrimp" Street
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
I have just finished playing Zanzard Lothar's cmapaign, Revenge Against the Xolas. It is an innovative, well-thought-out piece of work. You are playing from the perspective of three people from the nation of Menoa which has just been conquered. The basic objective of the first part of the scenario is to kill the high priest of Golcanar, one of the people who helped to conquer Menoa.

The playability of this scenario is it's biggest problem. The campaign is looooooong. It goes on quite a bit, and non of your units are cavalry, so it takes a long time to finish. Also, you will do a lot of backtracking. The actual scenario itself had no bugs, which was nice. Also, once you get to the high priest, you consistently get told that he got away somehow. This would be OK normally, but I wish that it wouldn't happen after you spent 2 odd hours trying to find him.

The campaign is very well balanced. You fight a reasonable amount, and you are well balanced agains your foe. The only problem I could find with this 9and it's really a matter of opinion) was that you always fought militia. This was probably due to balance issues, as the main characters are all normal units.

The scenario was creative. I saw some new eye-candy, the story was original, and the many twists added flavour (like the ability to garrison in TCs and talk to the people inside). The concept of time was used a bit in one scenario, and worked well; you had to waste time in a TC before you could go through a gate which only opened at noon.

The map design was OK, but it got kind of repetitive after a while, and there was not very eye-candy. The cities were well done, but they were also very similar to each other. The terrain was OK, but more variety would have been nice. I think that some of them showed random map origins.

The Story/Instructions were another high point. The story was twisting, one of your main characters turns into a -------. (I won't tell what it is, it might hamper the story). The end bit was well done, and the instructions for each level were abundant.

All in all, great work.

Tips for the Author:

i would reccomend that you take a look at some of the eye-candy sites. Try

Also, maybe a bit more eye-candy with water? It would add a nice look, as well as providing needed terrain variety.

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Map Design3.0
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