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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The time before Attila

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The time before Attila

Author File Description
Danish Viking
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
A very fun scenario about the time before Attila came to power. The Huns were nothing more than raiders before Attila came and thats what i tried to relive in this map. 46 triggers were used and there is plenty of eye-candy for all of us.

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The Conquistador
Map Design5.0
Although not a masterpiece, this is a fun scenario. Some places to brush up upon might be the triggers and the balance.

The playability is well done, as there isn't much thinking involved and you just go out and kick some butt. You will meet many enemies and many opportunities to display your strength.

The balance was pretty bad. Even me, a careless gamer (one who never saves), had no trouble getting through the game. All the 'enemies' I encountered were very weak. Even the strongest resistance force, where you were supposed to 'run away', is extremely easy to beat because the the enemy doesn't have murder holes and your tarkans can just destroy them and kill the 3 spearmen and two skirmishers. You can pretty much get threw the scenario with both eyes closed. Of course, that's not recommended.

There was no creativity, it's a simple FF scenario with some extremely simple concepts and triggers like finding a bunch of Gaia soldiers and displaying messages. This area is definitely poor.

The map design surprised me since it was definitely the work of a master. It was beautiful to behold, since it was very realistic and just the right amount of eye-candy.

There was no story and very little instructions. So, I will be fair and give the mark that I think it deserves.

+ Points

- Very good map design.
- Very fun to play

- Points

- Too easy
- Too simple in concept
- No story whatsoever

Final Thoughts: The scenario definitely has a lot of potential, a little more work and it would score much higher!
Map Design5.0
The playability on this scenario was good but there where some bad points, such as there was not very much to do some of the time because most of the scenario you raid villigers *Evil smile* which can get boring.
Some of the huts or houses that you needed to attack where far away from each other. I think this scenario earned its points near the end where you attacked multiple villiges and raiding anything can be seriously fun (Be warned if you dont like raiding dont download this scenario!)

This is where points got nocked off! This scenario was very easy mostly because there where about 10 enemy units and 2 towers that could kill you.The Reviewing Tutorial states that a scenario "should not be able to be completed without the player losing a few times", and i completed this first time.

The creativity in this map was not it's strong point because
i did not see much new. The reason this map got a 3 in creativity is because this idea is not used much, it is a diffrent style from the second scenario of the Atilla the hun campaign and i found it creative.

-Map design:
The time before Attila got a 5 because this scenario's terrain was very well done and detailed. I almost gave it 4 because in some places it looked just plain weird (flower beds right next to snow, for instance). I went into this scenario thinking the terrain would be quickly done and look messy but when i first saw the map i knew this was good terrain!

-Story / Instructions:
I didnt really know what to give as a score here so i went with 3. The hints were something like: Explore! Explore and explore! The scenario's instructions where not bad but there was only one plain and clear one: Destroy the Goths, Byzantines and Bulgarians(in a diffrent order). The history was great it explained alot and had alot of writing and must have took a long time (to read) to write.

This scenario is small and fun but you can get bored, it is easy and has great map design. In the author's next scenario he should add more of a task and maybe get into more of a story during the game.

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Map Design5.0
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