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900 Seconds

Author File Description
Angel Tyrael
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
By Angel Tyrael (AKA The Downward Spiral)


King Theodoric's scouts have discovered that an immense Viking horde is preparing to attack his kingdom. Therefore, a colossal defense must be constructed. However, time is of the essence. In only moments from the scenario's launch, the Vikings begin the attack. You must hold out for 15 insane minutes... 900 seconds.

I promise you that these 900 seconds will be the most intense 15 minutes you'll ever experienced in an AOK scenario.

  • 1 action-packed scenario
  • 2 custom music tracks
  • 1 AI file
  • 1 pointless (but funny) AVI file to eat up space on your computer. ;-)
  • Custom sound effects

    Concluding Notes:

    I hope you enjoy these scenario. Be sure to submit player comments or email me feedback at here.

    Two more things: I'd like to thank Angel Rasher for uploading this scenario to the Blacksmith despite its large size. Also, to all complainers, keep in mind I didn't include much eye candy in the scenario because it would lag incredibly if I did. ;-)

    Thats all. Now what are you waiting for? Go play it and tell me what ya' think! :-D
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design5.0
    Synopsis -- 4.8 -- It was overall a great scenario. It provided me with much more than the "900 Seconds" prosmised in the title. Indeed, in order for the 900 seconds to begin, you must build a number of castles, and you might want to build up your forces.

    Playability -- 5 -- The playability was simply amazing. It was hard and fast just as was promised. At the end the game does crash but by that point you know that you have won and so I didn't count off for it.

    Balance -- 4 -- The balance was very good. However, it depends on a player mind set and having a constant stream of troops coming out to do battle. I found that since it used an imobile AI and task object triggers, as long as you kept your troops out of the way you were fine.

    Creativity -- 5 -- To the best of my knowledge, nothing of this nature has been done before. The closest thing to it that I have ever played are SCN Punk's Ultimate Punk Masacre Platinum and AoK Punk Massacre Platinum. The action was fast and furious and really great fun.

    Map Design -- 5 -- The map design was very elegant. I have seen a number of better map designs but for what it was it was very good. The major restriction on map design was in that thousands of troops were duking it out on the four battle fields and too many eye candies would crash the game. That said, the eye candy was very good and barely noticed in the heat of battle.

    Story/Instructions -- 5 -- There were no spelling erorrs that I detected and there was a story, if a reletively thin one. That being said, it was suficient and in such an objective cataglory, nothing more need be said.

    To The Designer -- TDS, I've known you ever since you started leading AoK Punk, and this is a great map in the best traditions of great campaigns such as the Nexus. The only thing you could change is write a custom AI and maybe make the ending kill all trigger spread out so the game doesn't crash. Other than that, keep up the good work.

    To The Player -- This is a must download for any one who loves edge-of-your-seat action. Once this baby gets roling it does not stop. The only thing you can do is pull back your forces if you want to have an easy win.

    Conclusion -- TDS has made another masterpiece. The soundtrack is great and the gameplay is fun. It will be a harry fifteen minutes. If you want to have a diferent kind of chalenge, try not building any units untill your fourth castle is built. The action is frantic and imersive. Have fun!
    Magnum Zero
    Map Design5.0

    Great fun to play! The only down side was that the enemy really didn't get past my defenses. Also, the castles were hard to place in the locations, which costed me stone. But overall, the charge of the vikings was fierce and relentless. 4+


    I found the enemy had the upper hand on me (That's what this scenario is for, no?). But, very rarely did they stop hacking at my houses to destroy my base. So, that balanced out the extreme disadvantage on the player's part. 5-


    I found this map extremely creative. Four sides colliding into a player is a very unique idea (IMO). 5+


    Not the most beautiful map, but, I didn't notice any flaws in the design or any twig out of place. I give it a 5.


    The instructions could be improved where it says to construct the castles; I had a little trouble with that as I didn't know I had to position it directly on the flag. Other than that it was good. 4

    My final thoughts---

    Overall this was fun, not super, but fun. I would recomend it to experienced players, not nOObs.
    Official Reviewer
    Map Design3.0
    900 Seconds is a short scenario by Angel Tyrael which focuses on the player having to resist a siege from Viking raiders for 900 seconds, which adds up to 15 minutes.

    Playability: 4
    While the scenario is very short, it is enjoyable and is a good way of killing 20-30 minutes of time if you're bored. The scenario is a simple defend the spot scenario where Viking raiders attack you from all four corners of your city and you must withhold them off for fifteen minutes. The scenario is enjoyable and has a good balance, starting off easy and getting harder as you go along. Unfortunately the downside of the scenario comes near the end, when the scenario crashes just as the timer runs out. I presume this is a fault in the triggers which activates the final cutscene or something. It's not the biggest crash in the world as you already know you've won, but it does mean you don't fully figure out what happens next.

    Balance: 4
    The Balance of the scenario was quite good. It's not too easy but it's also not too challenging. The scenario is a defend the spot scenario so the enemy come at you in various waves, with each one becoming harder and harder. The first four waves only attack you from one corner each, but then the enemy starts attacking for multiple corners of the city, with more and more men. You need to use intense micromanagement of your soldiers and make sure you keep building them in between waves. The final waves get tough but I think that more advanced players might still find this scenario quite easy.

    Creativity: 3
    While the scenario doesn't show any new or really creative aspects for us today, we must remember that this scenario was released in 2001, only a year or two after AOK was released. Back then this may have been one of the first ever defend the spot style scenarios, and maybe the first to include a time limit. However, I personally don't see much creativity in the scenario itself. Nothing stood out to me in the scenario that made me go 'WOW!' The map design was average if that, and the story was close to non-existent. While the scenario is enjoyable it doesn't stand out to me as a creative scenario.

    Map Design: 3
    The map design of the scenario is pretty average. The map consists of a square city in the middle surrounded by cliffs and water, except for four walkways which lead to the four corners of the map, and four enemy bases. Everything is very square and unrealistic. The map sort of reminded me of a multiplayer blood map, which usually consist of square bases surrounded by water. However, it is clear that the design has put in some attempt at trying to make the map look beautiful as there is evidence of terrain mixing and slight use of elevation. There is also some eye candy around the outside of the city. Overall alot more time and effort is needed to be spent on the map design to make it look beautiful and realistic.

    Story/Instructions: 3
    The story is close to non-existent. What little story there is in the scenario tells the tale of King Theodric finding out that Vikings will raid the city in precisely 900 seconds. From there the story disappears. The Vikings suddenly appear after you've quickly built 4 castles and then, when the timer runs out and you've held off the Vikings, the game crashes and you never get to finish the end of the story. The story is pretty lame and unoriginal, and not much of it makes sense. How on earth did King Theodric know that the Vikings would stop their attack in precisely 900 seconds, a bit odd don't you think. A bit of backstory can go a long way. The instructions aren't much better. There are some helpful hints and what little instructions there are tell you enough, but the objective if simple enough to understand without any of this anyway.

    Additional Comments:
    Overall while this short scenario is enjoyable and a good way to kill some time, it still needs alot of work, particularly in terms of the map design and story. I always believe a scenario is pretty worthless without a good story. While the scenario is enjoyable it doesn't stand out to me as a great scenario. But I would recommend downloading it if your looking for a short scenario to kill half an hour.

    Good Work

    [Edited on 03/15/15 @ 09:45 AM]

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    Map Design4.3
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    Size:5.47 MB