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The Mongolian Wildman

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This game is made by HK_Genghiskhan.

You are the Mongolian Wildman. Its your 15 years old birthday, and your father want to see how brave you are... follow his instructions and prove that you are brave...

Later, after many years,(if u dont die) you will unite Mongolia and you will be a Khan, Genghis Khan... Very Cool RPG, download it.
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File Author
why no one summits a comment? :( :( :(

[Edited on 06/17/06 @ 09:25 PM]

Ultima Knight
Map Design4.0
This scenario was actually pretty good. Aside from a few things...
I think it deserves the 3.2 rating, my reasons are below.
I also did not enjoy some of the language used.

This scenario was okay, except it was very slow at the start, but then it picked up and was a very challenging scenario... except it slowed down at the end. This scenario could've been a lot better in this category, with a little work. I also found a few little quests nearly impossible. For example, at the start, you have to get 100 gold so you may buy a gem stone of strength, but in order to get 100 gold, you have to kill the Iron Boar, but there is no indication of where the Iron Boar is, or that you have to kill the boar in order to gather 100 gold! These were repeated problems, so I give this a 2.

What can I say about this? There were quite a few points where I was baffled by the opposition. Especially having to destroy the Unggirad city. So many things happened in this scenario that made it tough. Some parts (especially near the end) were really, really easy. I thought this deserved a four though, because there wer quite a few hard points that really make you wonder if you're going to win or not.

WOW! This part really blew me away. I don't know how some of the stuff in this scenario was done. There were times when I thought the scenario was over when suddenly I find myself under the role of another character and then back again. Having characters hidden around the map, and having the signals from villagers asking for help, well a five. This part was excellent.

-Map Design-
This was very, very well done. Perhaps a bit to many flowers, but overall this was done really well. I thought the cities and the direct areas you were in were incredible.
So why a four? Well, like I said, direct areas you're to be in. The rest of the map was just dirt. A large portion of it was done well, but towards the end, all there was, was elevationless desert with no eye candy or even mixing.
Then again, the first pat was done so well, and because it took up most of the map, a four.

There wasn't really a story, except that you were Temuchin trying to restore your clan.
The story starts about a third of the way into the scenario. There was no bitmap in the opening and there were an incredible amount of grammatical mistakes, as well as a quite a few spelling errors. As for the instructions... they were not clear, or precise, at points I was left to find ways to complete the scenario myself. I only beat the gem stone part because I got angry and decided to kill a boar. There were very little, and not very helpful, hints. All I can say is one.

-Overall View-
Well, the scenario designer did very well with some of their scenario, but need to improve on others. I thought that some parts were done very well, and others, not so well.
The scenario designer could've had more of a story and clearer instructions, as well as making the scenario much more entertaining by playtesting it, or having other people playtest it first.

Good Points
-VERY creative
-Good map design
-Pretty good balance

Bad Points
-Poor playability, I did not want to play the scenario when I finished it, though I did feel like I accoplished something. most of it was too easy.
-Poor instructions and little or no story

-My Thoughts-
With a little more work and effort, this one could've been great. Download this if you want. There are some things in the scenario that are pretty cool. So, your choice.

Ultima Knight
QUILz_mcleader Very nice scenario, good work.
fatguy When i tried to play this scenario it said could not open file standstill.per. Then i found out i don't have a file called standstill.per. Could someone send it to me??
Che This scenario has great potential,but the creators poor use of the triggers and overestimation of the players ability are the major setbacks.
SolarBlast2004 I just found an RPG scenario, and it was great! I thought I was playing a different game, way to go!!


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Map Design4.0
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