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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 2
Please note: There is a seperate sound pack available for Shadowmind that you can download here.

This is my campaign called Shadowmind, I have worked on these two scns, for quite along time, mostly on the story and map design. Here is some details on what these first two scenarios have to offer.
- Many triggers, Districts has around 280, Trail of truth had around 350.
- New object of time, as you go, time passes, and you must be at certain places before it gets to late.
- A detailed and confusing story, which will involve deeper as more scenarios of the campaign are released. The dark and mysterious mood main feeling in this story of lies, lost memories..and chaotic wizards.
- A small sample of the Aokasino is in one of the scenarios.
- Special appearences by some dragon members, such as EO, Rodrigo and Irish. Also a few SCN Punks, such as The Downward Spirial and Ex-T ( A.K.A DeKont)
- The first released AoK Dragon project.
- Custom sounds that relfect moods from the scns.
- Detailed map.
- Lost emotions wander certain cities..adding to the confuseing plot.
- A small road mod.
- Click talk method, only inhanced so you must be in the area of the object also
to speak with it, adding realism to the scns.
- Fantasy story..with wizards and dragons..

Story: The story at first starts with a man named Templer. Who was found along a dirt road, surrounded by the corspes of children and serfs. He has also lost all memory of who he was, where he is, and where he came from. He heads to a community District name Terrance, to hopefully find information on his past. The story involves from there. But I cannot say anymore, for I will spoil the story. I will say there are many twists, and parts that will leave you confused. But if you go back, and study your surroundings, conclusion ought hit you.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, for I would like to know what people thought of the campaign so far..for there will be more.

AoK Dragons

The story continues in Shadowmind Episode 3: The Rise of Power and ends in Shadowmind Episode 4

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
cavfancier Wonderful map work, and a great story. I like a map that makes you explore everything. Why spend time making a map in the first place, if most of it won't be seen? The sound files are a must for this campaign. Beautiful choices that really enhance the experience. I played the demo of this, and the improvements are fantastic. Unfortunately, I was unable to install the road mod. If you have any advice, let me know, and I'll replay it with the mod. Just as a note, the road2 doesn't really detract much from the scenario, as the basic design and story are so good! Another note to scenario/campaign makers: Music makes a huge difference to gameplay, and really gets the player involved. Hope to see more!
cavfancier A few extra comments I took me less time to finish the second scenario than the first. I was expecting a battle, but the abrupt ending did leave me waiting for the next installments...are they coming??? AoKasino, btw, when will the final version be up?? I've enjoyed all the demos...also, just a nitpicky thing, check the spelling and grammar. It's really the only thing that keeps the scenarios from truly great work. Again, extremely enjoyable stuff! Looking forward to more...great maps!
Robert Knight Well done, man! A terrific story & map design.
Only a few details: there´s a shortcut leading directly to the entrance of the Two Rivers. Did you know that? While looking for gold that "Saleswomen" asked I got there avoiding exploring 20% of the map. I suppose it wasn´t planned.
And get yourself somebody to correct your spelling. I´m not English & sometimes it is hard to me to understand what your characters mean in thei dialogs.
Anyway, great fun!
The Downward Spiral
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Well this campaign sure was a blast, and I can't wait to play the rest of it! This dark and diabolical campaign unleashes action-packed fun. The campaign isn't perfect, and could use a little bit of work here and there, but is definitely a great piece of work.

First, the Playability was average. I'd say the playability was the factor that held this campaign down from being a pure masterpiece. The first scenario was very boring, but second was much better. The scenarios were a bit long, and I couldn't see myself or a player wanting to play it more then once. The first time was great, but the scenarios are a bit long (especially the first one) and they seem to be one-timers.

Second, the Balance of this campaign was magnificent. Everything is timed and calculated just right. This comes to prove that Shadows must have took some time to balance the scenario. For example, in Part one you can barely make it from town to town without perishing. But when you arrive at the town, you are healed and prepare to journey again. By the time you reach the next town, you have barely survived. In the second part, you are hanging from a thread while the wolves attack you. However, you can still barely manage to survive before getting healed. My favorite aspect of the balance was in part two when you had to arrive at Two Hours before 8 o'clock. This was timed perfectly. And the average player would probably arrive just before the clock struck eight.

Third, the Creativity was above average. There were a few examples I could use. For instance, I liked how Shadows implemented conversations between the two major characters as they were walking through a mountain range. I also liked how during a conversation, your screen would be centered on the character talking. That was a creative, original, and unique trick. Most importantly, I loved the teaser for AoKasino. That was a great idea! The black road mod set a great mood as well.

Fourth, the Map Design was great. However, there were a few things that disappointed me in the map design. For example, in the first scenario "blocky" shapes of gold and stone mines were eternally placed across the surface. And in both scenarios, sometimes the landscaper would use the delete feature on cliffs. This would leave cliffs with an "unrealistic" edge that I found quite annoying. Other then that, the map design was good.

Fifth, the Story/Instructions was outstanding! But pay attention to the review aspect's title... "Story/Instructions". I found the instructions quite poor. For example, there were several spelling errors. I recall once a male villager saying, "If only I had more money, I would ask he to marry me." I sure hope this is a spelling error, not a grammar error ;-) Also, a few objectives were missing in part two, while there were no objectives in part one. However, the story of Shadowmind was so intense, shocking, and deep a shiver was even sent down the back of my spine after playing the end of part two. Therefore, despite the spelling errors and lack of clear mission objectives, I pulled the Story/Instructions score up to a five. (It's strange I like the story so much due to the fact it is based on killing a guy named TDS ;-))

In conclusion, this campaign is definitely worth the download. The two custom music pieces of wonderful, and the entire campaign itself is a blast to play. If you don't download this campaign you're a fool! Do yourself a favor, and download the campaign as well as the music pack now!
Red_Shift Just one problem, I can't find episode 2!!!!!!
Official Reviewer
This is pretty good campaign overall, and it's actually very entertaining.

However, I think the only thing I didn't like too much is the map design in the first part because it was a bit too linear.

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Shadowmind is an excellent campaign, which features episode 1 and 2. I must say that giving an overall score to this campaign is very difficult because there is a significant difference between the first and the second episode. TDS has done a brilliant review of Shadowmind, but somehow I felt like sharing and elaborating my thoughts on this classic.

The playability is perhaps the hardest area when it comes to giving the overall score. The first episode playability was average and it wasn’t very fun to play. However, the first episode playability gets a boost right at the end of the campaign where the dark plot begins to emerge. The first campaign also feature a huge map, so it gets boring at times because of the enormous distance which must traveled. In short, I will advice everyone to be patient because it will get better. Now, the second episode playability was excellent and it felt like it was from a different game. Honestly the difference in playability from episode 1 and 2 will come as a shock.

The Balance of this campaign was a dream coming true. Shadow has definitely playtested this campaign to death so that the player will be on the limit when playing this game. For instance, travelling through the game is possible, but it forces the player to be really cautious because if you move too fast too soon you will die. I think this campaign is worth downloading just to study the meaning of “balance” in RPG/RPS games.

In terms of creativity this game doesn’t disappoint and it’s definitely above average. Trigger wise everything is well executed and done with style. Shadows was also very creative in the way he forces the player to be cautious such as the second episode. As an illustration, you must make critical decisions during your trip to the capital, which makes the difference between life and death. Moreover, the second episode also features a time limit which add some pressure, and I tell you that the adrenaline will start pumping when you know that time has almost run out.

The map design of the first campaign was above average, but it was a bit boring and didn’t feel real. I feel the map was too blocky, but on the other hand the second episode had a brilliant map design. As for playability the difference between the map of the first and second episode will definitely surprise the player. I think it’s a shame that the first episode didn’t have better map design because this would have really helped immerse the player further into the game.

The storyline is without a doubt one of the best that you will find here at AoK Heaven. The story is intriguing and you will be begging for more. In fact, I bet people will remember the story for a long time because it was done so well. Now, we have a little problem in terms of instructions for the first episode. The first episode had very little information and it was easy to get lost or wonder what to do next. The problem here is that vital information were sometime displayed too fast and were not part of the objective, so the player has to pay a lot of attention to the game dialogue. Overall the story/instruction deserves a 5.0 because if we look at the great picture this is a masterpiece.

In the end, this campaign is a must download for everyone because this is only the beginning of hours after hours of fun. The Shadowmind saga stretch over 4 fabulous episodes, so I can only advice you to be ready and get some pop corn because you are in for a treat.
biduC Red_Shift, I think I know what Episode2 is. It's "The trail of truth".
Vixron The first scenario was a little boring at first, but toward the end things really started to get exciting. As for the second scenario, I couldn't believe it how good it was.

Well done Shadow. Keep it up
DiGiT This was an absolutely great campaign! You must have spent a LONG TIME designing this (wow! lookee all the triggers). The only reason I gave balance and story a 4 was because 1) sometimes the talk-to-unit triggers wouldn't work and I'd have to restart and 2) the grammar/spelling was a little off ;-) but I'd recommend this to ANYONE who likes RPG style maps.
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Map Design4.0
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