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Where we have Arrived

Author File Description
Angel Shadows
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
(NOTE:The Sounds for the scenario are located here:
This scenario is based on an idea I did in Shadowmind. Using people I know and work with in a scenario to say thank you.
So, after doing Shadowmind...a tribute to dragon I then left AokD Dragon. Joined SCN Punk and created the Swallowed Realm Series. Soon after I was reminded that I should do something like Shadowmind for SCN Punk. And here it is..

STORY:At a time, the SCN Punk Empire was the larger nation in the world. It had conquered the smaller province of Dragon Province. For quit some time, they actually owned this land..and peace was held
But, after sometime the smaller Dragon Province sent a letter of indapendence. And delcared war on the SCN PUNK Empire. This was later known as the Dragon Revolution.
Many years of war became of the land, but the Dragons eventually won this terrible war. And became the Dragon Empire.
Since the war had torn up both sides..both heavely taxed their people. On the SCN Punk Empire side..a small group pf rebelous peasents, who disliked these heavey taxes..created a branch called the resistance. is the time when both nations once again are at war. The SCN PUNK Empire wants the Dragon Empire back...but th Dragons want to be their own. War is now..and you are in this war.

Lag Reduction: A process of numerous triggers used to actually delete lands marks on the side you aren't playing on. Reducing lag.

Massive Battles: Take part in small and larger battles accross the land of the SCN Punk and Dragon Empires.

Familar People:See the very scenario designers you know in this story of war.

Talk at your own speeds chats/And regular timed chats

Detailed Terrain: Numerous hours and hours were placed into the design of the map.

Numerous Side Info: Explore the world to find interesting people and exploding water.

NOTE: If you are in "SCN PUNK, AoKD DRAGON, TSUNAMI STUDIOS, WOAD CREATION, OR LIGHTHOUSE CREATIONS and were NOT in this scenario. DO NOT BE OFFENDED. I eiter forgot..or did not get the nesscary info from you.

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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
“Where we have arrived” is a fairly entertaining scenario where Shadows continues to show that he is a top designer.

The storyline is fictional, and it is based on design teams such as SCN Punk team, AOK Dragon, Tsunami Studios, Lighthouse Creations and others. I think Shadows did a brilliant job in creating an intriguing story. The instruction could have been made a little longer, and we can also find a few grammar mistakes and typos. In the end, in this category “Where we have arrived”
is really at the borderline between a 4 and 5, but I believe that a 5.0 is the better choice.

In terms of playability I have to say that Shadows did a good job on making this scenario exciting and captivating; however, certain triggers mistakes are causing major problems to this game. This scenario provides two different adventures to the players to choose from, but one of the two adventures has many bugs. The most important bug is the fact that you can’t complete EX T quest. The objective is to destroy the enemy fleet in order to progress further into the story, but this trigger
doesn’t function. Even if you annihilate the enemy the condition is not satisfied. I went through the triggers and this is what went wrong.
Trigger –s9-6 says player 3 own fewer war boats quantity 1, but in another part of the map player 3 has more galleys, which means we have a problem. To gamers downloading this, I suggest you either change the quantity to 13 or perhaps delete the war galleys existing on the right side of the map. The second important trigger problem is that player 4 has the “Standard AL” which creates confusion. At one point you have to talk to certain characters in order to continue but it may be hard to find them or other things might happen. The easy way to fix this is to give the “Swallowed Realm AL” and you will be set. Now, on the good side we have a lot of extras and this really adds to the replay value and boost the playability to at least a 3.0.

The balance in this scenario is fairly hard to grade because this is mostly a cinematic RPS. There aren’t any challenges along the way to spice up this scenario. The major battle scenes were very balanced, and it is obvious that Shadows tested this area well.

Shadows continues to press innovation in RPS games since he is always pushing new and old concepts further. Shadows also implemented the “lag reduction” where he deletes lands marks on the side you aren't playing on. This new feature is both good and bad. Of course lag won’t be an issue but it comes at a price. The lag reduction takes about 4 minutes to complete, so this may turn off some gamers. He is also very creative in building a fantasy world that draws the players into this fictional adventure. I have to say that creativity is definitely a very strong point about Shadows. If we look back on all of his previous masterpiece such as “Shadowmind series” and the “Swallowed Realm” series, we can see that he has never stopped pushing RPG/RPS to new limits.

The map design is phenomenal and it is clear that a lot time and efforts were invested. The map never got boring, and there was a lot of attention to details. The cities are well designed and look very realistic, and the countryside is just as beautiful.

In the end, I say people should give this scenario a try, and don’t forget to change the trigger I mention and change the computer AL and you will be just fine.

Have fun.

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Map Design5.0
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