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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
You are Eric the Red who got captured. When NSYNC comes to punish you with their bad singing, something goes horribly wrong. Now Mary Deeny (a.k.a. the Devil) is loose and you are the only one who can save everyone!
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Joe Smith
Map Design2.0
Well, I downloaded this because I hate NSYNC, but they
don't seem as bad after this. This is one of those scenerios
that look like it was thrown together in less than a day's

Playability: 1 : Well, I gave it a one because it was pretty
confusing. You start off in a dungeon, and after a series of
fast paced dialogues and confusing messages you come to the
conclusion to walk out of a large series of walls. You get
about 3/4 of the way out and the walls and gates all blow
up and some more confusing messages including "NSYNC: BYE
BYE BYE, Now you're gonna die." Where you never even see
an NSYNC named unit. The messages wouldn't be confusing if
there weren't 15 units on the screen at a time... Then you
take your Erik the Red hero and follow the cliffs to a
spot where a priest is and turnsinto your possesion with
a chat of "Mr. Joe: My name is Joe:)I will help you kill stuff."
Okay... Then while you follow the cliff out of no where you
get a Paladin, no message or anything to indicate where or why he appeared. I got to a turn in the cliff where a bunch of Furious the Monkey Boy's attacked and killed all of my guys... I would have noticed the change of diplomicy and would have changed it if the side of the screen wasn't slewn with messages.

Balance: 1 : Which leads to the next part, balance, which there wasn't much of. What can a hero, priest, and paladin do against five or six Furious'? It doesn't help that they switched diplomacy to enemy while yours was left at ally. I replayed and of course I couldn't get them past far enough to survive.

Creativity: 2 : Well I sure didn't see anything like this
before. It could have been a good scenerio with a little
more instruction and a smoother game play. Otherwise taking
a fixed force to a small place in the woods and get a few
villagers and a monestery with a huge supply of gold around
and the goal to kill off the rest of the players was the
main plot of the story.

Map Design: 2 : The top quarter of the map was all that was used and there was nothing blocking the pass of units off into that empty space. The cliffs had a spot where it was deleted and the cliff ended with a straight line. Also, the most scenery around was skeletons around. The large supply of gold was pretty unrealalistic and everything was plain grass.

Story/Instructions: 1 : The story was hard to follow because
you couldn't tell who you were talking to or, for a matter of fact, who you were at first. Your color was green. ;\ Units appeared and disappeared without reasons or messages making a very confusing story. Accually, I think NSYNC's name only appeared once in the entire game.

To fix the game up would be major renovation. Having someone else play test could have helped a lot, and a more involved story line would help a lot. The map would have been okay if the gap would have been blocked off and some eye candy added in. Playability would be increased if you had to destroy something other than Furious Monkey Boys and maybe a click-talk trigger. With a little deeper plot and some playtesting it could be a entertaining scenerio.

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Map Design2.0
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