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Return of Attila

Author File Description
A0 Hellfire 0A
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
This is my first scenario. I fooled around with the builders, but I never built one. This has about 12 hours in it, and I actually have not playtested a full game. I didn't feel like spending 2 hours winning it... but everything was tested as it was implemented into the scenario. Again, this is my first, it's probably not all that good compared to other people's, but please tell me how I did. And what I need to fix.
Actual description:
Kushluk was Attila's commander in chief, who has taken over The Huns now that Attila is dead. Since Italy is in ruins, Kushluk plans to take Gaul, to the north of Italy, and Spain, to the south of Gaul. But Gaul is first, and the first objective in Gaul is the city of Flacrois. Heavily defended by the Franks, you must destroy certain buildings inside the city to run the Franks out. More details in the game. Again, please let me know what you think.
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Map Design4.0
Well, I don't want to be cruel, but this scenario was pretty bad.

Hmm. I really didn't enjoy this scenario much, it was to easy and I really thought there should have been more work put into this. Seeing as there wasn't really much fun and exciting stuff.

This was WAY too easy! You start with a Furios the Monkey Boy? All I had to do was take Furios around with a few monks and soldiers to win the scenario! There was never a time when I had a problem.

Well, this part was... interesting. The idea of Kushluk (spelt in the scenario 'Kushlek', I have seen many spellings of his name in books, so this didn't really matter, still the hero's name is in the game...) leading the Huns around and killing some stuff. Was certainly new. However, there was some other stuff, like the idea of having a Furios the Monkey Boy on your side, and having the Celts kill themselves when you complete a certain part of the scenario.
Then again, it didn't really go beyond the walls and I had seen most of this stuff done.

-Map Design-
This was the best part of the scenario. The author really took time in building the Mongol ruins and the massive city of Falcrois. There was some nice eye candy and a trick I have not seen before. There was a few things about it that kept it from being a five though. A large portion of the map was pointless, about a sixth of Falcrois was farms, and finally, there wasn't a whole lot of space on the map for maneuverability as most of it was covered in forest.

Yeah, this part was pretty straight forward. Basically it said: Kill these buildings in Falcrois to win. No 'extra' quests or specialities, and not much of a story line, either. There was no opening image and the story line was... not really anything, except for; the Huns have to destro the city of Falcrois so they could continue their invasion of Gual, and then Spain.
There was no indication that this wasn't historical, but being a reader of history knew that it was not.

-Overall View-
Good Stuff:
-A map that was fairly well done.
Bad Stuff:
-A poor story line.
-Too easy.
-Not a scenario that was exciting or fun (unless you're a Furios the Monkey Boy fanatic).

So this isn't a scenario I reccomend downloading.

-To the scenario designer:
-Improve your storylines and you should probably make this harder.
-Try using custom AI scripts or ones from the blacksmith in order to make Falcrois a tougher opponent.
-Try adding some extra stuff so that your scenario appeals to the player. A good scenario makes a player want to play it again.

Good luck with your future scenarios.

Ultima Knight

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Map Design4.0
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