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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Adventures of Captain Skehan v1.02

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The Adventures of Captain Skehan v1.02

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
The Adventures of Captain Skehan v 1.02

Hmm, I cant remember what I worte before the update. Blah Blah Funny and entertianing RPG style game is cool. Enjoy. More Infor here:

SBI: SKehan page

Ta Da!

(Donload it, it's fun)

have a screenshot aswell:

Ta Da
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
When I first read the opening instructions I started to get exicted about this scenario, but sadly I was dissapointed.

This Campaign Is about a group of Pirates led by Captain Skehan who search for Buried Treasure.

Playability - This Campaign took me 1 hour to complete and only 1 minute was I fighting the rest of the hour I was walking around looking the buried Treasure or just walking. Yawn!

Balance - The only Time you got to fight, it was easy, you get 3 long swordsman and your enemy gets 4 militia, Not hard a bit.

Creativity - This Campaign was quiet Creative, Stepping stones was very creative and I have not seen in before, also some old tricks like rummaging for ideas gave this scenario a 4.

Map Design - It looked preety realistic with some good eye candy, with the old favorite, flowers, but the map looked a bit ugly in parts some parts were dominated by forest and grass, not brilliant map design, but good enough for a 4.

Story / Instructions - The Story was bit well odd, it made little sence, but it was supposed to make little scene, there was very confusing instructions, I had to use Marco\Polo and a campaign Extractor (This Scenario was in Campaign Format) to win this scenario.

The only thing that gives it a 2 is the good humour and the intro bitmap

+ Points
Good Creativity
Good map design
Good Humour

- Points
Poor Instructions
Confusing story
Poor Gameplay
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The Adventures of Captain Skehan # Shipwrecks, Girls and Buried Treasure is a RPG. You play Skehan, who got frozen in an icebox and buried on a deserted island where he was found by Tom Hanks in 1998 during the filming of the movie castaway. He was then sent to South Australia to a High School where he became a teacher of the designer of this scenario. This is an episode of Skehans' life before the above events in 1519 A.D. when he served on the SS. Tort where he got demoted to eights mate, among other reasons for strange shaving habits. After a collision and a storm the massive crew of swashbuckling pirates, lawyers, sailors and Muppets was reduced to four men.

PLAYABILITY: "Captains log: Stardate sept 4th 1519 A D. We've gone for weeks without food, water, medical supplies and pokemon cards. Our only hope is to die quickly from the leperosy like conditions of scurvy." Here you start into a very enjoyable scenario, with a lot of humour, a nice story around a buried treasure and a sailor who one day will become a teacher. Unfortunately there was a major bug which did not let you continue the scenario from a saved game; the map is divided by a river which can only be crossed by stepping stones. 2

BALANCE: We have to take the author's intent and goals into account to rate the balance of this scenario. The scenarios goal is to simply entertain with humour, pirate clichés and a comic story about a school teacher who seems to deserve a comparison with a pirate. Challenging fights for survival are not intended, but still the only fight at the village followed by the boar hunting could have been better balanced at least. There is an elevation to use for player 1 at the village entrance and all you have to do is to kill four militias with three swordsmen. 4-

CREATIVITY: The scenario is highly creativity with many game play enhancing triggers; searching shipwrecks; the typical treasure hunt from one side of the garden/island to the other, still well known when we played pirates ourselves and a good humour for history, story and in game dialogues. The finish was intriguing and I never saw stepping stones before the release of this scenario, which didn't work though. 4

MAP DESIGN: Elevations; different water depths; some terrain mix, but too much grass 1; realistic lack of eye candy, but needs some more Gaia; certainly better than random, but not more. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The best part of the scenario. Funny history section; good, entertaining story which made no sense in the end, which was hilarious and acceptable as intended. Good dialogues and bitmap; clear objectives and hints, also in game, so that you always know what to do, as a path leading outside of a village is easy to follow in search of further objectives. 5

OVERALL: Best of AoK after a small fix.

OBSERVATION: There is a saved game bug concerning the walk able water. The game is coded to allow players to walk wherever a building has been destroyed, but a saved game saves only information about present units and buildings, it does not save past building destruction. In general I do not deduct points for saved game bugs as long they are not playability issues, but in this case there is a solution to the problem and the game becomes unplayable from any saved game.

SUGGESTIONS: The stepping stones/walk able water can be fixed by placing shallow water under the initial bridges. The shallows make your units walk over the water; the bridges are only placed and removed so that you don't see the shallows. Make the fight more challenging and your map design needs more terrain mix, blending and Gaia and change the instructions for the stepping stones on your home page. Feel free to contact me after an update here:,30105,0,60 and I edit my review.

IN CLOSING: If you can reach Palm Springs without the need of a saved game, I recommend this scenario.

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Map Design4.0
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Size:1.37 MB