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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » ESHotAC - Fury of the Horde: The Story of Batu Khan

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ESHotAC - Fury of the Horde: The Story of Batu Khan

Author File Description
Peons United
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Fury of the Horde: The Story of Batu Khan

This was my ES Hero of the Ages entry. Description as follows:

This scenario revolves around the Mongol razing of
the Russian city, Kiev. Starting out alone, Batu
explores the icy terrain and recruit new troops to
lead the assault on Kiev. After facing such
obstacles as a fortified city and enemy reinforcements,
Batu arrives at the camp of a fellow
Mongol general. After pushing back a surprise attack
by Russia, the scenario climaxes with a dual
assault on the gates of Kiev: the general leads a
flanking manuever while Batu leads the main offensive.
Once the walls fall, the troops must storm through
another set of defenses and raze Kiev by destroying
their monument.

This scenario is a cross between Fixed Force (FF) and
RPG. It also has minor elements of Build and Destroy

Enjoy, guys! :)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Conquistador
Map Design4.0
When I saw this scenario and the big shinny 4.6 beside its name, I was impressed. So, I decided to give it a try. However, I was extremely disappointed.

The playability is mediocre... it's mostly fixed force fighting. Usually you outnumber the enemy and you need to destroy them. There is very few strategies that you need to use.

The scenario was poorly balanced. At all times in the scenario, it's either too hard or too easy. So, it's really frustrating to trying to get through one of the really "hard" times.

The creativity was poor. As mentioned before, the scenario is a fixed force scenario and involves little creative contents. The only creative part of the story was when you need to get the petard to clear a road for you, but that's been done before many times.

The map design was pretty reasonable. However, the excess trees distorted the image of a "Russian winter", at least in my opinion. So, I will give it a 4 instead of a 5.

The story and instructions were both lacking. I did get the gist of the story which of course is you = Mongols and you need to conquer Russia. The instructions were a tad confusing, as the original instructions text stuck with you throughout the whole game.

+ Points

- Good map design

- Points

- Poor balance
- Not creative enough

Final Thoughts: This scenario is pretty reasonable, and you should try it. Obviously the other reviewer saw something in this scenario that I didn't see, so you may want to judge for yourself.
Map Design4.0
I'm only this again, because last time I feel I may have too-high a review and so I'm going to review it again.

Playability- A good Fixed Force scenario, fun and in some places a good challenge, but the lack variety gives this a 4.

Balance- In Places, it was good hard challenge, but in other places it was far too hard or far too easy, I give it a 3.

Creativity- Nothing New really here. Apart from the petards blowing up the rocks (Which has been done many times before)but is enough IMHO to give a 3.

Map Design- A snow map, which is difficult to work on, with elevations, a bit of eye candy here and there. I give it a 4.

Story/Instructions- No real story, a just bit on history, good instructions, so a 3.

Good Points-
Good Snow map

Bad Points-
Lack of Balance
No Real Creativity
No Real story either.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"Fury of the Horde: The Story of Batu Khan" is a rather simple scenario from the ESHotAC contest.

Playability 2

A fixed force adventure in the snow, its rather dull as most of the gameplay revolves around microing your cavalry archers to avoid taking damage. Your hero becomes exceptionally powerful and levels up as you gain kills, and could probably win the scenario on its own if you are patient.

If your going to make the player take a petard across the map to blow up some rocks, atleast make it a saboteur so he isnt waiting so long for it to walk.

Balance 3

The scenario requires alot of troop micro to avoid taking unnecessary damage, but seems reasonably balanced overall. Your mangudai leader is not a hero, but he does level up so he gets stronger as the game goes on. The enemies are strong enough that you cannot run roughshod over them, but its not an interesting challenge.

Creativity 2

Its well differentiated from a random map and hits the usual notes you expect out of these scenarios that traverse one corner of a map to another corner. Its very simple, makes many basic mistakes like not removing LOS markers when finished with an area, and doesnt have much effort put into it.

Map Design 2

There is no eye candy work or forest detailing, really its little more than random map quality.

Story\Objectives 3

Its a good mix of objectives, hints, scouts with some ingame dialogue progression. Its not much though, and it lacks plausibility with an air of randomness to the entire affair.

Final Thoughts: Its an old scenario that has little to offer.

[Edited on 03/04/17 @ 08:22 PM]

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Map Design3.3
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