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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » ESHotAC - Ivan Vasilevich's March on Kazan (2nd Version)

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ESHotAC - Ivan Vasilevich's March on Kazan (2nd Version)

Author File Description
Zanzard Lothar
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Ivan Vasilevich's March on Kazan
by Zanzard Lothar

It is the XVI century, and while western Europe lives its age of discovery, in Russia the reality is stll that of bickering lords and the threat of enemies from everywhere. But one man means to change all this. He is Ivan Vasilevich, the Muscovy Tsar. As the sole ruler of Moscow, he intends to unite all of Russia and create a new, powerful empire. But many resent his ambition, and the enemies of the Tsar turn all of their efforts to defeat him.

But a foreign threat might prove to be Ivan's best shot ar assuring his throne. To the east, the proud tartar city of Kazan, seeing the internal struggle between the russian lords, have declared war to Moscow. Little did they know that Ivan would take the initiative, and so the Tsar has set foot with his army to Kazan. If Ivan conquers Kazan, not only will he terminate the threat of the Tartars to Russia, he will also demonstrate his power to everyone, and return to Moscow as a hero to the people and as a undefeatable foe to his opponents.

Take the field as Tsar Ivan, and conquer Kazan. It will be up to you to provide Russia with a possibility of unification.

NOTE: This scenario is presented as a one-scenario campaign. It was submitted to the ES "Heroes of the Ages" contest", though it did not win any awards.

This updated version of the scenario removes its time limit and also fixes some previous bugs.

Above all, have fun!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Ingo van Thiel From all of Zanzard's works, I liked this one best so far. It is a solid B&D with lots of variety, and has very nice snow landscape.

I liked the bonus units you get for upgrades. On a side note, not all the comments and jokes that went along with that bonus system convinced me, so maybe it would be better to have some more neutral messages there.

I was very impressed with the Ai work - the opponents are devious and fight tooth and nail, and they do so without cheats! That was a crass Ai to compete with. Unfortunately, the thing that impressed me most also turned out to be my main problem with this scenario: It should be easier IMHO.

There was no way that I could get even close to fulfilling either victory objective before the wonder timer ran out. Swarms of enemy mangudai, champions and scores of onagers turned army after army to mincemeat. Even my forward castles did not last very long to the never-ending flood of enemies, although I frantically tried to defend them by grinding out more units. I think the numbers of enemy units should be limited by including some unit-type-count-total conditions in the Ai. This goes especially for onagers, because Kazan was swarming with them. Alternatively, maybe the wonder timer could be taken out.

Again, I liked the overall concept the scenario very much. I found the balance too tough, and this also marred the playability for me. But I think those issues are not very hard to fix, and I am looking forward to an updated, easier version.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Overall: 4.1
Having played the first version It seemed a bit too hard but I firmly believe a scenario can be changed by anything in any further updates and in this one it is in my view.
This scenario has a average playability I'd said. It wasn't suberbly addictive but you didn't feel like you wanted to quit to the menu when playing it either. I think a solid 4 is well earned here.
Balance: Well this scenario is more evenly balanced than the first version and gladly so. In the previous version I seemed to die to mass onager fire more than anything and the mangudai and champions finished the rest of my forces. This scenario isn't like that any more. It has a good balance I feel it isn't too hard but it isn't too easy either. Another 4 racked up here.

Creativity: Well It has a very well built Ai script and they'res a nice reward feature (where-as when you research a technology you receive more units) Some of the comments are accurate whereas others are just they're to make you laugh. The creativity of the scenario was good, it had a nice change from normal Build and Destroy scenarios.I think the creavity should be a 5 because of the mix of Build and Destroy and other features.

Map Design: The map looked ok I think the roads looked a bit straight and dirt also. But the actual map looked pretty good to me and most of the map was used in some form or another which the player was involved in. Another 4 here then.
Story/ Instructions

The story to me was a little bland but the Instructions more than made up for it. I didn't notice any spelling mistakes in any of the text, which is a rarity to say the least.I think a 3 here because the story I didn't feel was quite up to scratch. So a 3 belongs here.
A nice scenario with a interesting twist on the normal Build and Destroy and a few interesting features to enhance the gameplay. A worthy download.

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Map Design4.0
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