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Oh My Goth!

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Fixed Force
Oh My Goth!
From Shang Bang Inventions

Join the great general Belisarius in his mission to eradicate the Ostrogoths from the lands of Italy. Use a force of Cataphracts, calvary, holy men and Roman legionnaires in your quest to kill the Goth King, King Warummicht.

Hope you enjoy!

- Brad
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Map Design5.0
Let me start this review off with a praise :-) "Oh My Goth" is one of those scenarios which deserves to be in the Best of AoKH. Oh My Goth is about a Commander 'Belisaurus' on a mission to destroy some cities, and finally kill the king after destroying his fortress. Although this sort of thing has been done on numerous occasions in AoK, We never get bored of the format;-).

Playibility of this scenario was above average. The scenario was great! The author Baggy_Brad has spent a lot of his time thinking like a player, and making 'Oh My Goth' fun to play. However, There were a couple of things which brought the score down to a 4. Some of the gameplay was childish..For example, The name "Very Holy Man" doesn't exactly move around with a scenario of this credibility. Also, Walking around with an army and some slow monks in a big forest, looking for the city to destroy isn't exactly fun to do for any one (unless there was some good background music).

Let's move on to the Balance. Balance in this scenario was, "Neither here, Nor there". In short, It was average. In the forest, I was warned about bandits..So, I moved slowly looking for them. Turns out, there were only 5-6 bandits (men-at-arms, skirmshers) in the dark age attacking an army of 30. Doesn't sound realistic to me. The enemy in this scenairo was either too powerful or too weak. The bandits and the starting melee soldiers were very weak for an army with 4 monks (I didn't lose 1 soldier), However the big cities had numerous soldiers requiring intense battle tactics...and some cheats for ;). This scenario can not be mastered by a rookie in Age of Kings.

Map Design in this scenario was great. From the starting to the end, The map around my army was beautiful to look at. Oh My Goth barely missed the 4 mark because of things explained later..There were lots of eye-candy, everything was believable, and also looked realistic. However, Baggy_Brad, I advise you not to use so many trees, It was very hard to move 30 units fast through the forest area. 'nuff said.

Ah..Creativity. In my opinion, The creativity of any scenario heavily affects everything else. In this scenario, I proved myself right. Creativity was the strongest point in this scenario! There were lots of tricks..To name a few :- Stepping stones, a bonfire, training monks. He also renamed a lot of units pertaining to the Roman Era..Like - Klondike (sp?), Catapaults, Legionnaires, Centurion..many. If not for everything else, You should download Oh My Goth just to see how creative it is.

Now for the finale, Story/Instructions. This scenario had it all, A bmp at the start, History, Hints, Objectives, Scouts..without many spelling mistakes. But, There were some problems. The Hints in this scenario were somewhat misleading/confusing. They could have been organised a LOT better. In the Hints, It was mentioned not to raze on city, whereas raid the other one. But since both of them are so alike..I tried to raze one, and ended up killing myself. Now if I was given instructions in the game not to attack this one..It would have been appreciated. There was another bug. The Hints said, "The craftsman in Italy are supposed to be excellent". Well, Okay. But I didn't exactly see any use for it. All in all..This catagory totally deserves it's 3.

Conclusion : Not exactly a masterpiece...Has a lot of potencial, could have been improved..but is worth the download time. Good luck Baggy Brad! I'll be looking forward to another scenario from "Shang Bang Creations". ~_~
Map Design5.0
Oh My God! :) Oh My goth is a great scenario! It's a very nice level, very playable and very cool. Here's why:

I can garuntee you will love this scenario. It's about the Byzantine army led by general belisarius and you have to go through italy to kill a goth king called King Warrumict. You do this with the help of the Romans and you get to use Legionares and Holy men. The map looks very good. The only bad bit was having to wander through the forest which can be annoying if you're trying to move all your forces at once. a 4.

The Balance was very well done. I finished with about 5 troops left. There is some annoying resistance when you're in the country side but the citys are the hardest. the author has made it so that you really need to use the monks (holy men) in the game. There is a whole secret island where you can train holy men and Imams from villagers. Some places are too easy like the bandits in the forest but all in all it's balanced well. A 4.

Killing a king is not the newest idea but It has been done very well and in a diferent way. Instead of just having to fight you have to use diplomacy as well. There are lots of neat map tricks like Stepping Stones on a river, a camp fire, ponies! The Homey Pavillion was hillarious when you find it. Having the Holy men too was a great trick and there was lots of funny German Names which you can find. Some are obvious but I only know some of the because I speak german.
A 5.

[b]Map Design[/b]
The Map design is truly awesome. The whole map looks like it has been painted and it is very realistic. There is eye-candy everywhere and there is a river that winds through to a lake and a waterfall and it's all very, very nice. The cities to are great, they look amazing. This is some of the best map design I have seen. If you dont like playing i think you should download this just to see the design. It's great. A 5 defintly

A starting Image, great hints and instructions, a great story. Scouts and Instructions. I never was confused with what to do with this scenario. If you get lost because there are signs along the road for you to click on to give you directions. Nothing is missing, so A 5.

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Map Design5.0
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