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Passage To Arms

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Strategy
You take charge of the Samurai Kitabatake and his companion Agoshi who have travelled across the glode to England to seek the knowledge of gunpowder......take them through this land so strange to them, a land beset by internal strife as Lords battle Lords, woad painted savages come from the lands of the north and Viking raiders plunder the coast, lead our heros throught this land fighting in tournements, laying siege to castles, exploring villages, towns and cities in ther quest for the black powder that could change the military fortunes of their homeland.............

including ........

over 300 triggers
a sprawling land with towns and cities
many enemies to battle
castles to storm
friends to meet
enemies to make
Loyalty and betrayal the quest to restore the power of your lands in Japan !
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
-Passage to Arms
-by england casual

Passage to Arms is an RPG where you control two samurai who have come to England to try to learn the secret of gunpowder from the king.
Playability: This scenario was really interesting and fun to play. It had a lot of varied objectives and not an unreasonable amount of wandering around the map which is a problem with a lot of RPGs. There were a couple minor bugs though, and one major one (when I gave the axe to the wood cutter he tributed me 0 wood) that forced me to cheat.
My Suggestions: Fix that bug. Other than that, this category is fine.
Balance: This scenario was really well balanced. The duel against the knight was a real challenge, I had to try it several times. There were many places where you could die if not careful.
My Suggestions: Adding bandits along the roads would not only make it more interesting but make it more challenging too.
Creativity: The basic idea was a normal RPG, but it had a lot of creative elements such as finding items along the road to trade with citizens and buying things like magic shoes.
My Suggestions: I like the item trading, more of it would be nice.
Map Design: The cities and towns were laid out very nicely, but the terrain was mostly grass 1, dirt 1, road, and forest with very little mixing. Still better than a random map though.
My Suggestions: Mix terrain, some grass 2 and 3 and dirt 2 and 3 help the grass 1 look a lot more realistic and nicer.
Story/Instructions: Passage to Arms has a good story which was built on to within the scenario. The instructions were clear and I always knew what to do, except when I wasn't supposed to.
My Suggestions: There weren't very many hints, some hints helping with things like the joust would help.
In Conclusion: I'd never heard of Passage to Arms before I downloaded it. It's a really good RPG and should be more well known than it is.

Good Points:
  • Good story

  • Nicely designed towns

  • Well balanced

  • Many creative elements

Bad Points:
  • Not a lot of terrain mixing

  • One major bug

  • A couple of minor bugs
Che Fix the crash that happens when you start,until then,nobody download this.
laz123 I'm not being funny, but Lord Howard is called something esle, then he says garrison the troops in the castle but they were all killed by the Vikings. Why didn't you warn to not get them killed. Silly.
The Nouv
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Really cool, fun game. Not too hard, but not too easy either. A couple of bugs ine the game, but apart from that, its all good!)

Balance: 4
(Good mixture fighting and exploration quests, of varying difficulty.)

Creativity: 4
(Original premise. It's a classic RPG scenario for AoE2, of which there are many. This is one of the better ones.)

Map Design: 5
(Really nice! Some places are quite beautiful! Very very good map.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Original and fun story that gets you involved. Instructions are clear)

Additional Comments:
Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
"Passage to Arms" is a sequel of sorts to "Ronin", which came some months earlier. I was expecting to find something better than the first but was surprised to find the quality fell off significantly in multiple ways.

Playability 2

Another dull and slowpaced RPG with alot of walking and not a great deal else. Your japanese samurai heroes are quite weak as they miss out on the attack speed bonus of the civilization, which makes you feel feeble and inept. The only good thing about your heroes is having big HP, which just means you will be going back and fourth from fights to monks to progress.

The tournament was bugged out at the start, giving you a win before you had even killed the enemy, and also if he was about to kill you, although i can hardly see how to win this battle without cheesing it as the enemy units are fantastically well upgraded while yours are not. There were also random AI resignations present.

Balance 2

It was way to difficult, being forced to use hit\run\heal with the heroes and cheating in the tournaments. I fought the champion with my samurai on high ground, and even brought in my companion to help and could barely kill him. Many enemies on the map including most bandits can just whomp your heroes.

Creativity 2

Similar to the authors first scenario, virtually everyone on the map has dialogue, and infact this time around they even engage in conversations with our heroes, so the author must have spent a mind boggling amount of time typing all this stuff up. There is a decent variety of RPG stuff going on, but it was always unremarkable in its implementation to say the least. The authors entire effort seems to have been spent in writing dialogue.

Map Design 1

Its here that the scenario truly falls flat on its face. Gone are any vestiges of attempts at making a nice map, and to replace that are vast forests consisting of blocks of solid terrain with some routes carved into them. There isnt any terrain mixing and no detailing. The villages that had given a decent impression previously are nowhere to be seen.

It falls short of a random map in aesthetic appeal, while rivaling blank maps in, err, blankness. I award it the minimum score here for being outstandingly poor.

Story\Objectives 3

The hints and objectives as such are fairly minimalistic, but the great amount of dialogue and story is plenty to earn a 3. The volume of the ingame dialogue increased, but i was less impressed with its contents.

Final Thoughts: There isnt much of interest in "Passage to Arms"

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Map Design3.3
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