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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » ESHotAC - The Siege of Belgrade

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ESHotAC - The Siege of Belgrade

Author File Description
Mark Stoker
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
This scenario was an entry in Ensemble Studios' "Heroes of the Ages Contest".


The fall of Constantinople to the Turkish Ottomans in 1453 sent shock waves throughout Europe. With the Byzantine Empire destroyed, only the Kingdom of Hungary stands between the Ottomans and the rest of Christian Europe. For Hungary to fall, the Ottomans will first have to take the city of Belgrade. Once Belgrade is under Turkish control, they will have no difficulty capturing the Hungarian capital of Buda. If that were to happen, the Ottomans would be free to overrun the rest of Europe.

You are John Hunyadi, a dominant General in the Hungarian army. After hearing of the Turkish plans to seize Belgrade, King Ladislas Posthumus of Hungary fled Buda for the safety of Vienna, leaving you in command of the army. Your orders are to defend Belgrade from the Ottomans at all costs.

For more of the author's work click Here and Here
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Tonto_Simfish Okay, I'm downloading this immediately!! I LOVE the scenarios from Mark Stoker, especially Tamerlane! So why isn't anyone downloading this scenario? Or perhaps it's just because it was just released.
Antichrist Stoker!Stoker!Stoker! GIVE ME STOKER!!!!!
BBD2K1 AHEM!!! I personally agree with antichrist! thank you.
Official Reviewer
Dum dee dum *downloading presently * ,bides time... *wohoo so quick to download :D* Wonders whether it could be as good as Tamerlane Scenario was.*wonders*
Antichrist This one should be in "Best of AoK"! All hail Mark Stoker, king of scenarios!
Redish Mage It should be in Best of Aok it is going to be in there. Might as well start celebrating now. What a great scenerio. MARK STOKER IS THE ONE.
King Barbarossa When Ensemble Studios announced the "Heroes of the Ages" contest, I almost knew Mark Stoker was going to make something on the Ottomans. I have to say I am very pleased to see a scenario dedicated to John Hunyadi and his defense of Belgrade against the Ottoman Turks, and that it is so nicely done.

The Siege of Belgrade is a Build & Destroy, but it is wonderfully crafted and is interesting. You don't just fight, but you have to manage your forces on several levels. I like how you are John Hunyadi, and you have to travel through dangerous countryside in order to reach Belgrade. Ottoman forces try to stop you in your tracks, but you plow right through them, determined to reach your destination. Capturing the Ottoman Naval Base is also fun because all the bridges are destroyed and you get to kick some Ottoman butt.

Once you reach Belgrade, you are left with the task of fortifying and defending the city, which is not easy task. Legions of Ottoman soldiers lay siege to the walls, they are merciless. Fending off the attackers is a never ending task, but you must destroy the camps to save Belgrade. The action is intense, because you do not know when the next time you will get attacked. You wait in suspense, anticipating the Turkish Bombard Cannons.

While the scenario beautifully made, some things could have been improved. I found Belgrade hard to manage, due to the fact that the buildings were close together, and that there was little space to put my army. The city was nice looking, however. I also felt that you could have backed down on the Ottoman players. I mean 3 Ottoman players? That is a lot. I know it was necessary, but that is a lot. You included the city of Derna, but maybe one or two other cities would have been nice, and added to the map. Although I am an expert player, I found myself losing to the Ottoman army time after time. While it was difficult, it is possible to win, due to several conditions. A relic or two in Belgrade would have been a real lifesaver at times. I like how you incorporated religion into the scenario, with John of Capistrano and rescuing the relic carts. Most scenario designers forget to emphasize religion and trade during the Middle Ages in their scenarios.

Overall, the scenario was a real jewel. The map was beautiful for a European map, without the use of snow. Belgrade looked real nice, even though it could have been bigger. And all the little elements that were included in this Build & Destroy made it real fun to play. The action is intense, but if you are a novice, I suggest you play at "Standard" difficulty to get the full feel of the scenario. It was good to have the scenario in campaign format to play, and also in scenario format to study. This scenario is a worthy successor to Ottoman Onslaught. I have to say, Good job, Mark Stoker
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Overall 4.3
The Siege of Belgrade attracteddme to it simply by the name of the author. I thought this should be good right from the start.
So far I've played this scenario 8 times i think this is pretty addictive I'm a ok player so i played on moderate.The game story is addictive and wants you to keep playing it all the way to the end.It deserves a solid 5 here.

In this game the first few times I played it my heros I tended to play agressively with and as a effect I lost them several times. The balance in this scenario for me was spot on you have to watch you're heros health from time to time but not so much as it's a constant distraction.I found if you looked after you're units the easier the scenario would be later on.

Most of the game creativity wise was the same as before they're weren't many new tricks here but it was solid all round and the ideas kept you interested.

Map Design:

The map was well made and looked great like all Mark stoker map's these days. I enjoyed playing through the landscape and it looked realistic enough. They're wasn't eye candies anywere but I found this actually made it better and made it look more realistic as opposed to constant eye candy. I feel a scenario can get a 5 without use of eyecandy and in this case I think it deserves a 5. As you play through the map you use almost the entire map by the end of the game,which was impressive considering the size of the map.


The story was well layed out from the beginning and the Instructions and History sections were well documented and explained. In game however some instructions just flew by. When i was faced with defeating the enemy camps Suddenly i just noticed i had new units from the top west, but I can't remember receiving any instructions about it. This scenario has good overall instructions but on the odd occasion when the battlefield's hectic you can lose track of things.
Overall, I thought this scenario was a good one and enjoyable. I think the bad things in this scenario which can often be overlooked are too many trade carts after having 3 at the start and then a relic cart seeing 3 more towards the end of the scenario didn't make me want to do the optional object particuarly but I had to as i had ran out of gold.
This scenario's AI files are very cleverly made I personally found when i attacked one enemy camp i just realised the enemy was attacking me and i was unprepared! And suddenly the village i wasnt meant to protect got destroyed. The ai files were good here.
On a final note I would like to say this scenario is a worthy download and a nice one to add to the collection , as well as the fact it is in .scx format as well so you can study Mark's Map in detail.
ADaykin Good Scenario, I liked how you balanced everything out so nicely. I especially liked all the options you had , and the ai you used, which I ended up using for one of my own scenarios
Maximus Aurelius lol u guys crack me up with all ya messeages lol very funny
well they convince me to download this.............done.
lol geez king barb u wrote a long messeage some peeps might get
tired of reading that long messeage but some peeps like to. ok im
done typing..

since they already told ya how great this is i don't think i need
to tell ya.
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Map Design5.0
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