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The Defence of Aquarioum

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
This is the golden age of Rome. It constantly expands it's borders, conquering new lands. Until now, it has not fought a worthy opponent. Until now. Gothic barbarians have destroyed the border cities of Germania, and only one city remains, Aquarium. Ceaser himself has gone to defend the city from the barbarians. It is up to you to defend it and destroy the barbarians...

My first submission, feedback greatly encouraged.
Important Note: You need WildFire Studios Rome at War ModPack to play this scenario.
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File Author
Oh, c'mon people! Some reviews would be nice! It's not that bad!
IrishStag Wow! nice job Simon =D Nice storyline and all, and good use of R@W =]
Mini Knight
Map Design3.0
This was, in my opinion, a very good scenario. It was fun to play, and was good enough that I would want to play it again.

This was a fun scenario to play, and the element of the rome at war modpack made it even better. A few things I marked down for: there was a bug that kept you from ever being able to defeat the Gothic Barbarians. They have a base in the forest surrounded by rocks, and it is impossible to get to or destroy. Otherwise, very good.

This was a very balanced scenario. It wasn't to hard, but it was definetely not easy. In the beggining a barbarian invasion force, just about destroys your entire city. But with good strategy, it was possible to beat it. Very good balance.


This was a very creative scenario. Except there was not much variety to the objectives, but that didn't matter that much. Otherwise, very creative.


The map was mostly very well done. There might of been a little to much forest, and some spots were pretty dull, and it could of used some more eye candy. But otherwise, good.

There were easy to understand instructions in this scenario, and they went along with the plot. There was a small story.

Good points:
balanced very well

Bad points:
to much forest
there's a bug

I definetely recomend that you download this scenario. I liked it very much, and you will to. I hope to see some more great works from this author!=)
Map Design4.0
The Defence of Aquarioum is by no means a bogus scenario. It is the first scenario I have seen using the Rome at War Modpack and when I saw it, it blew me away. Of course, that was the mod-pack, but, have no doubt, this scenario is one to play.

one of the lower points of The Defence of Aquarioum is the balance. At the very beginning you face a massive horde of huskarls, which if you read the hints can be easily contained. Then, for the rest of the scenario you can expect possibly one more attack in the form of a few champions. After that nothing is left but to build up an army and wipe out your enemy. Apart from the enemies stronghold, you are free to walk the map uncontested, and it becomes far too easy.

If this scenario was a normal scenario, the creativity would be rated about a 2 or 3, but I believe that the author has shown a great deal of creativity using and adapting this modpack to suit his scenario and has worked it too it's limit, with great results. It has turned this scenario into an excellent peice of work, creativity wise. It could have benifitted from a bit more though, perhaps improved objectives. A side quest or two could have helped the score, especially with the Celtic monks.

Map Design:
The Map design was fantastic with only two exceptions. The forests were very bland and quite horrible to be frank, with no spacing but just in huge clumps, mainly of oak forest but occasionally mixed with clumps of snow pine which look "ugh" really. The other problem was with the compactness. Everything was far too close together really. There was a semi "hidden/secrety" relic and resource dump, but it was so close to the town that you could see it without even exploring. Other than that, the design was simply fantatic, great use of the mod here, as well as absolutely stunning cities and camps.

What story and insturctions there were, were fine, precise and too the point. The only problem was that there werent much of them. Still, quite clear.

The all important aspect, the playability. My first thought, after playing this scenario was: "This scenario was one that could have really used a better AI script". And it's true, Balance and Playability both hinged on this factor in this scenario. I'll explain why. At the beginning there is a fight between Roman soldiers and the gothic barbarians. Only about a third of the Romans fight because they dont get close enough. (On another note, after the fight concludes the surving roman soldiers are left to walk around the gap in the forest they begin in, which detracts a lot also because every time you walk to the barbarian base you walk past the soldiers seperated by a fence of trees. This problem could be fixed with a simple 'remove object' trigger.) The second problem is that cartography is researched, and with so many allies on such a small map you dont need to do any exploring at all, and you can see almost anything you want. Third: Because you start off with ownership of your base when the intro fight begins, it is easy to trigger the end of the initial huskarl rush without it even starting, effectively screwing yourself when it does start because there is no way to stop it (learnt that the hard way). and Finally (and this is the killer). If you are unlucky enough that the barbarians dont resign when you kill their main town, you will need to attack their villager group, who are inside a forest surrounded almost completely by rock. What this entails is researching and bringing Seige Onagers from your base to the enemies (or trebs if you're even more patient) and cutting down the forest until you reach the villagers and kill them. Then, to my horror, i realised that there was still two skirmishers trapped with the surviving Roman army left to kill. So more forest cutting was done to reach them and kill them. Then I won, and that was definitly a joyous occasion.

Good points:
- Nice design mostly, great towns
- Easy to follow instructions

Bad Points:
- Bit easy
- Gets frustrating near the end

Don't let the playability score influence you too much, if you're willing to just quit as soon as you know you have won, then you will have no problems with this scenario, and you can enjoy everything wih the backdrop of the Rome at War modpack. quite enjoyable for the most.

To the Author:
The two major problems you have are with setting the goths to a normal AI instead of using a semi-immobile one, and there are three skirmishers in the force of barbarians which need to be destroyed at the start wich belong to the other enemy and therefore will survive the battle and require killing to win the scenario.

- Brad
evincer_of_pain I really enjoyed your scenario. It was fun to play and had good graphics with the rome at war mod. The only bad thing was that it was a little too easy.

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