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The Lancaster Chronicles

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is the first scenario I have made. I plan on putting this with others(which are in the making right now) to make a campaign. This is sort of a demo. For you cheaters out there, I upgraded a tactic used by Ingo in The King's Best Men scenario to make you a little unhappy/upset for using marco polo. There is also an anti cheat thingy against torpedoing(that isn't a word, is it?) the enemies. If you look at this map through the scenario editor, the reason I have forest only where you can see ( without cheating) is to reduce lag on lower-end computers such as mine.

Using forest to cover empty terrain that the player cannot see is going against one of the Ten Commandments of Scenario Design on Fissh_e's AOK Site.

This scenario is about a member of the royal family of the so-called Chavez empire (I based the King and Queen on my sister and brother in law). You start on a road, and you must get the Imperial city, Anastasia. Along the way, you will meet an old friend, a ruined city, and will constantly be harassed by thieves. I purposely made this scenario to be quick. All you do is go along the road, fight off thieves, and meet up with Michael Wellington. Then you continue on the road to the Gates of the Empire and finish the scenario. Lady Melissa is the main character. She starts out with her two brothers and their friends, Patrick the Brave(a Viking warrior converted to Christianity) , Sir Patrick of Langland and his Brother Trenton Langland of Calais(the official titles), Mario(a Spaniard mercenary who became close to Patrick the Brave, and was announced a guardian of the Empire), and sir Jonathan Hartford(First in Command of the Imperial Army. The two brothers are Sir Matthew Lancaster(second in command of the Imperial Army, youngest of the Lancasters), and Robert Lancaster(A veteran knight who served in The War of Tears, oldest Lancaster).

All of the heroes MUST survive, as they will all play a huge role in the story. Any feedback would be appreciated. I know, I did not put any information on instructions, hints, or history. I am going to submit the next version tonight(with the instructions and all included). Also, with the avalanche scene, I need help. My trigger to destroy the walls is not working, if someone can edit the avalanche trigs so the walls break when the rocks fall down, I would really appreciate that person explaining. I will mention all of the people who I got my ideas from in the final scenario of the campagin, but I can try my best here, too.

Ingo van Thiel--The King's Best Men(player using map cheats)
Cincinnatus(I don't know the author)Liberator of Rome--Player Defeated trigger
New Units and Waterfalls 2 author--avalanche walls
Battle of Bouvines Author--thief ambush
Author of ShadowMind series--abandoned city
All my friends, my sisters, my brother, and brother-in-law for allowing me to use their names in my scenario.(my oldest sister will be a stable girl in the second scenario, not featured here)

Thanks, please send emails to
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"The Lancaster Chronicles" is a scenario based around the main character of Jonathan Hartford as he and other characters accompany Lady Melissa to a city called Anastacia.

Playability: The playability of this scenario, lacked. In game you only fought raiders who jumped out of the forest. You travelled a long distance to reach objectives and between fights there was very little to do. To improve the playability add more objectives, perhaps optional ones to diversify from the main objective at times.

Balance: Balance wise, this scenario was very easy. All the characters are strong heroes with additional attacks and hitpoints and your characters are never really in threat of dying to the raiders. To improve th e balance lower the hitpoints and attacks of the player controllable characters.

Creativity: Creativly speaking, this was the scenarios best feature. There was a burnt village, a landslide and the idea of bandits jumping out of the forest when you least expect it, or that was the intention. The creativity was mediocre, but this was enough to surpass all other categories of this scenario.

Map Design: The map design of this scenario was a little bland. Almost all of the trees were clumped together using the larger palettes, all the trees were oak forest on the main paths and the roads were all clean roads, which seemed a little odd considering all the bandits and the burnt down village.

Story/Instructions: Due to there being no introduction screen, even after zipping the scenario into a .cpx file, there seemed to be a severe lack of story. You had to travel to King Auder's city named Anastacia, the reasons given for doing this were not given, which would be one of the key improvements in this scenario if the author was to make an update. In game instruction wise the game faired a little better, but there were still not much dialogue.

Overall: Something to be avoided until further improvements have been made.I'm sure the author can create a stronger design this and I recommend to him to take more care with his work before submitting it.

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Map Design3.0
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