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The Norman Conquest of England v2.0 TC

Author File Description
Cherub Loco/SCN Punk
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
Your cousin, King Edward the Confessor of England has died. This leaves his throne
unclaimed. Seven years ago, you rescued him in a shipwreck off the Norman coast. As
thanks, he himself promised you, the Duke of Normandy, the right to his throne. It seems
that he has forgotten his ties with you; because on his deathbed, he appointed his
Anglo-Saxon son Harold as the new English king.

The Normans have allies on their side, however. Your Viking counterpart, King Harald
Hardraade, has agreed to support your claim. Unfortunately, the Vikings landed at
Yorkshire two weeks ago and were defeated by Harold's forces at the Battle of Stamford
Bridge, during which Hardraade and Harold's brother, Tostig, were killed. Therefore it is
your duty to invade England and claim the throne for the Normans! Harold is your lord,
but not for long. The Anglo-Saxon pig cannot be trusted!

+-New features in Version 2.0 TC-+

*-The campaign can now be played with Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion.

*-The map design has been improved.

*-There are new victory conditions and new endings.

*-New trigger and map design features from the Expansion Pack are used.

*-Bugs and balance issues have been fixed.

*-An introductory cutscene scenario depicting the Battle of Stamford Bridge is now included.

*-Includes the Eastern European Castle Mod Pack by Nein Nunb to inhance the design of the campaign further.

*-A brand new custom soundtrack. (Can be downloaded from: SCN


*-If you have any questions or comments about the campaign, you can reach me at my email ( or on ICQ. (#93205235)
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The Downward Spiral
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
When I first started playing this campaign, I thought it was going to be one of those boring build and destroy campaigns. It was a good thing that I was bored today, because when I continued playing the campaign I realized it was nothing like one of those dragging build and destroy campaigns. In actuality, it is a very unique and pretty fun campaign!

The campaign's playability was above average. I loved the march of William's army and the grand storm of England. I also liked how you had to hold out in the Viking city. The only thing I didn't like about the scene where you had to hold out is that there was no competition really. It was pretty easy to hold out for 10 minutes. The first mission was very fun throughout the entire scenario. However, the second mission got a bit boring. But for those of you build and destroy lovers, the second mission of this campaign will give you a little challenge.

The Norman Conquest of England's Balance was perfect. Both of the scenario's weren't too hard, but definitely weren't too easy either. The scenario's progress in difficulty. The first scenario is more on the easy side while the second scenario drastically grows in difficulty.

This campaign's Creativity was great! I liked how a huge army marched into your possession at the middle of the first scenario. I also liked how the enemies would talk and bargain with you in the first mission. Most of all, I liked how in the first mission you didn't build anything. You just held out in a beautifully designed town with a small regiment.

The one thing in this campaign that impressed me the most was the scenario's Map Design. I loved the map design. It reminded me of Chiang Ning's William, Warrior of the Sun's map design. I can't really tell you how to improve on the map design. Perhaps have more elevation changes, Gaia's mountain units, and different types of water (like Episode II). Other then that, it deserved a 5 point rating in this criteria.

I noticed that the AOKWizards Team based this campaign's Story/Instructions on a true story of history. I think that you guys portrayed history in a very professional and clearly understandable fashion.

In conclusion, this is a great campaign. My main complaint is that it was only 2 scenarios long. However, it is worth the download and definitely worth playing!
dragons89 Great campaign. Lots of triggers and very good sounds. I would rate this a 5.0
pabsthooligan While it's obvious that a lot of work went into the campaign, I think it's been overrated.
My reason as such:

I hate cut-scene scenarios. They're boring, a waste of time, a waste of effort, and usually add nothing to the story. In addition, the sounds looped in the first scenario were impossible to stop and grew very irritating.

The second scenario had a beautiful map and some good ideas, but was incredibly restictive. For instance, the player has villagers to collect resources, but few choices on how to spend them.

Also, there is no flexibility in assigning them tasks- they can hardly build anything, and each group is stuck collecting only one resource. Use a looping trigger to tribute resources, for god's sake.

While I like challenging scenarios, I couldn't find a way to win this one. My population limit meant I couldn't build more galleys- which meant my one and only transport (couldn't build any more of those) wouldn't last very long. Since sending over ten men at a time was certain death, I just gave up.

I'd like to give this a positive review, but I just can't. It was too hard, too limiting, and too boring.
Cherub Loco Pabsthooligan:

I understand why you would have your dislikes about this campaign. But I think it may be because you didn't give it a chance. When playing scenarios, keep an open mind.

In my opinion, my campaign is on the easy side in terms of difficulty. It's not the best campaign out there, but I truly think it is not overrated.
ErnestOConnell Brilliant and challenging. The intro with the Battle of Stamford Bridge is excellent, as are the maps which have a very medieval feel to them. I downloaded the music for this too, and it exudes Medieval-ness. The storyline is very accurate from an historical perspective, and I like that too - I prefer playing campaigns which bear a fair resemblance to historical events.

The first scenario isn't too hard but the second can be extremely difficult at times. In Scenario 2, I would advise people to have a lot of patience because your going to need it. Prepare to build up huge armies, then have them systematically destroyed, and still only have one of the objectives partly acheived, before having to repeat the cycle again. This lasted me ages, and I like a challenging campaign. The changing objectives are very imaginative, and there are plenty of triggers to keep things interesting. If I was to find fault with this campaign, then there would just be one - only 2 scenarios. Pity. But great anyway. I rate this 4.8.
Marquise de Carambole I really enjoyed this campaign. Generally I prefer historical ones, so this one suited me perfectly.
I liked the cut-scene scenario a lot as well as the map design.
The balance was very good - sometimes I had just a few units left but they were just enough for me to win.
One interesting way to win the first "normal" scenario (where you have to destroy the castle or capture the relics): I took one of my soldiers and loaded him on a transport ship and unloaded him near Hastings (the yellow town). Then I attacked a nearby building until the Saxon army came from the other side. They tried to catch me but I loaded the soldier back onto the ship. So they remained there and the other side was completely open for my two monks on another ship. So I won without any losses. This method is also good because if you are attacked later all your forces are at the home base (I won't say by whom for players who are still to play).
serikofwaters ___ With all the respect to the author, I would never rate this campaign with any high score, as it was done by someone already.
The campaign is very slow advancing feature. You start to play in the second scenario, after the first one which is the intro.
___ The second scenario is really not excitement. I would say that this version of William Conqueror's deeds and accomplishments is not much different from the original "AOK-TC" version.
Well, it was said also that Harold met his death as a warrior, but in this scenario you can slay him as a pig, since he is presented by the "King piece", and this piece does not do much to fight [as we know it only escapes and hides]. So, the scenarion cannot pretend to be of any historical truth.
___ In the third scenario you have really no resistance from Celts, - was that so in the real history?
According to the author description it was not so. Thus, there is some contradiction of the #3 scenario to what the author said by himself about the Celt's subjugation.

the_loco_snake It's been a long time since I've visited this site, as I quit designing maps for Age of Kings about 2 years ago. Anyway, to respond to your comments:

-First of all, you must not have noticed the release date of this campaign. This was the first Norman Conquest of England campaign released for Age of Kings. It was released almost 3 full months before the version that was included with The Conquerors expansion. That said, it's obvious that my version is a lot better, not to sound arrogant, but it's true, otherwise this campaign wouldn't have the score that it has.
-I did an extensive amount of research on the subject while making this campaign, and I can tell you that it is about 90% historically accurate, while the version in The Conquerors is largely inaccurate.

Please do your research before trying to claim that this campaign is overrated, because you are honestly the first person ever who has said that, and over 9500 people have played this campaign.

laz123 Excellent games. Thanks.
2nd game isn't too clear. It's kill king OR get 2 relics. When you get relics it would be better to say what to do next.
rex84 Excellent work! Too bad you are using William against the Saxons... I don't like William the Bastard. Long live King Harold!
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Map Design5.0
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