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The Sims

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
In this scenario you are given the chance to live Age of Empires as a citizen of a massive city. You sleep, eat, work, and buy what you need. The scenario includes interaction with the city's people, city entertainment, real city movements, and an occasional joke. I gave up on this scenario at about 90% completion, with no end in site, so dont be surprised to find gaps. The scenario has no story line, you simply live. Feel free to edit for personal use, but do not redistribute edited versions with out the author's permission.

How do i request a rating on this scenario?
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Map Design3.0
O.K I downloaded this because it looked original, and I was thinking: The sims for AOK, well it ain't half a bad idea. However, I already knew it wasn't gonna be much because the creator is completely unkown and the file was small.

Anyway here is my rating:

Due to many bugs, the plauyibilty was low, you could do a lot of stuff, like get jobs, eat in restaurants etc. but some of the stuff just didn't work because the triggers were messed up. someimes the game got pretty confusing and I couldn't do anything because I had about a million dialoges open and I didn't know what to do and I couldn't really fo anything.

The game is very easy, it's not supposed to be hard, you just play, play, play and play until you get bored (it won't take long). The fact that there isn't any difficulty in the game takes the rating down.

This got a 3 because the scenario is creative and original. I haven't seen anything along these lines in my life. Some of the things you could do were very original but the bugs generaly made some impossible.

Map design:
The map design was nothing special, the city was pretty square but some places were quite nice. Not a patch on Nyctophobia, Tamerlane, etc.

Story instructions:
The game doesn't have a storyline, and you don't get any proper instructions in the game, so I can only give the lowest rating her I'm afraid.

On the whole I'd say this scenario had a spark of being good but a lot more work was needed.
Map Design4.0
Heres my review:

Playablility: I had a lot of fun playing scenario. It offers many features. The only empty spot is lack of fighting.

Balance: The game was well-balanced. Not too easy, not too hard. Not much else to say.

Creativity: The author of is obviously very creative. You must eat, sleep, and basically do everything a person must do to survive in a Medieval city.

Map Design: The map is designed very well. There are countless numbers of buildings, trees, water, ect. The units are placed very well, and the map is completely filled.

Story/instructions: It did have some small instruction, but it didn't thorougly explain how to do things, interact with anything, or what your general purpose of being there was.
Map Design5.0
This scn, perhaps inspired by the infamous Maxis game, is a very big scn. Although some of the triggers were messed up, that's only because this is a big scn.
PLAYABILITY: Although a few triggers are messed up, these bugs can be slightly neglegible. The gameplay in general is pretty cool. You basically are a citizen moving around a large city. You must eat and sleep to survive. There's also a trigger where you sleep, a lawsuit trigger, and the promise of going to Hong Kong (sorry, some work is needed before you actually go there). There is also a lot of interaction. I think this section deserves a 5.
BALANCE: This is pretty good; it has small challenges, yet it is also rather easy.
CREATIVITY: Excellent, because you are controlling the everyday life of a bachelor character in the big city. There are other "city" scenarios, but this is probably the best.
MAP DESIGN: Excellent, again. There is a beach resort, a zoo, a police station, and even Hong Kong (more trigger work is needed before you can actually get there, sadly), and much more. The city has a lot of interactive things in it. There's also a military training ground and a war-torn desert. I applaud the map design here. Whoever made this, keep up the good work!
STORY/ INSTRUCTIONS: Not much here, but you don't to know much here, anyway, since almost everything is self-explanatory. As for the story, you don't need one. You're basically controlling a citizen trying to survive in the big city.

Overall, this is a great scn. Some bugs, but these are negligible. Maybe a little more work is needed, but overall this is a must-download.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
-The Sims
-by DoAOK_OpenSource

The Sims gives you control of a character in a large city. The goal is to become as rich and powerful as you can.
Playability: The Sims is a lot of fun to play. You can do lots of fun things that will keep you playing for hours. Unfortunately it does have some minor bugs, probably because it was not finished by the author, so this gets a 4.
My Suggestions: Fix the bugs and finish the scenario.
Balance: Surviving in The Sims isn't incredibly hard, but it's not pathetically easy. Food is pretty cheap, but there are a few challenges such as fighting in the desert. This gets a 4.
My Suggestions: Make more ways to die.
Creativity: The Sims is without a doubt the most creative scenario I've ever played. No one has ever done anything like this with Age of Kings.
My Suggestions: No improvement needed here, I'd give it a 6 if I could.
Map Design: The map was very well done. The city looked like a city, built into blocks, with rich and poor neighborhoods. I can't find any reason not to give this a 5.
My Suggestions: Adding some eye-candy (not too much) wouldn't hurt.
Story/Instructions: The opening instructions were minimal and there was no story. There were quite a few in-game instructions though, so this gets a 3.
My Suggestions: Tell the player what you can do in the city. Background info on your character would be nice too.
In Conclusion: The Sims was a great scenario. If it weren't for the lack of instructions, this would deserve a spot in The Best of AoK.

Good Points:
  • Very creative

  • Fun to play

  • Nicely designed city

Bad Points:
  • No instructions

  • A bit too easy
Map Design5.0
This is a great level, the title caught my attention to download it!! HERE'S MY REVIEW!

Playability: This scenario is very addicting and fun to play; definitly deserves a 5/5!

Balance: I would say the balance is okay, but the scenario is a tad bit too easy, mind if you made it a little harder?

Creativity: Like you said you spent about 6 months making the level, (1/2 Year) Nicely done! It's realistic, you can eat, get a job, and go to Hong Kong!!

Map Design: When I first saw how the map was designed, I was thrilled that it looked like a real town! Awesome design for a scenario; espeically Hong Kong!

Story/Instructions: Sorry, but you did not really put any instruction, besides the E-mail address and how long it took for you to make the scenario. At least you told enough information to get a 2, instead of a 1!

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Map Design4.4
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