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Agincourt 1415

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
On the occasion of the 586th anniversary of the battle of Agincourt, October 25, 1415, the ENOTH Design Team presents: 'Agincourt 1415' (a single, FF).

Not an easy task, especially after the superb built-in 'Agincourt' in the 'Battles of the Conquerors' AoK TC campaign. Here we are trying to concentrate on the battle itself, on its tactical aspect, to show that for the English it was equally easy to win or to loose it, depending on what actions did they and their adversaries take. The major problem was to create an AI making French do what they actually did in 1415 - standard AI or Immobile Units are too smart to repeat their mistakes, they just come, see and win. The answer was our special Agincourt AI - it does nothing but leads soldiers into battle wherever an enemy is sighted, regardless of all strategic considerations. Another problem was to make fields of mud, not just visual, but affecting enemy movements. This was done by triggers.
Modern views on the battle and its historical importance are contradictory. Some say, it's all Shakespeare's fault that we still remember the name of Agincourt. The English had no choice but to win it. They were professional soldiers, they had good commanders, their king was with them, they had fought many battles before, etc. French commanders were incompetent, their army - just an ironclad mob, they were scared of the English, accustomed to loose every time they fought them.
On the other hand, the English were worn out by forced marches, hungry, many of them ill, king Henry wasn't really so sure of his victory, otherwise he wouldn't have sued for a truce on the eve of the battle. The numerical superiority of the French, the strength of their armored infantry and knights also did count.
There may be some truth in most of these statements, but the incompetence of the French commanders has been exaggerated. They were not stupid at all, their initial plan to starve the English into surrender or reduce their numbers with artillery fire was quite good. The fault was with the whole military system of the French. It was feudal, which means that no supreme commander had any real control over his 'subordinates' - great nobles full of their own strategic ideas, chivalry code, etc. The only thing they feared was not the English, but to be left behind, not to be among the first to clash with the enemy. As soon as one of them, forgetting his commander's orders, rode forward to attack the English, all discipline was gone, and the rest followed.
Another important factor was the presence of Marshal Jean Bouciquaut among the French. This man was doomed to loose all the battles he took part in. We cannot say now, if he was really a good or a bad general, for he was an extremely unlucky general. Henry has made a grave mistake taking him prisoner instead of sending him back to king Charles - that would have meant the total collapse of France and a quick end of the war.
This scenario contains some minor deviations from historical accuracy. Not all the French nobles mentioned have been killed in the battle - some, like Bouciquaut, were captured. Some personages in the English army come straight from Shakespeare's 'Henry V'.

Take command of the French in Agincourt 1415 (Play for France)
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Maximus Aurelius hmm i hope this is as good as Prince of Persia and ya still havn't
answer me, My question once again is.....
Question= Can ya make a camapaign that takes place in eygpt or
greece or rome that would be cool.

maybe ya havn;t had time or someone else made pop 1 and 2,
o well plz answer me im downloading this map right now.
Blaxx Hey you guys are probably the busiest team out there :). Great work! Do you have a web site?
Southern_Slav This campgain is great. But in ai-s you allways use evaulations(none of them works) and number of attack groups doesn´t works also. I think that you should use (sn group-form-distance 0.5) 0.5 should cause the French attack to look unorganized.
serve at 240 PLAYABILITY: The Gameplay is good
BALANCE: The English army is inferior because history
MAP DESIGN: Excellent
STORY: Historically perfect

[Edited on 10/04/09 @ 07:21 PM]

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