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A Savior Named William Wallace-DEMO2

Author File Description
Outlaw BG
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy

``A Savior Named William Wallace-DEMO2
BY Benjamin Gresham, aka GoD_Outlaw BG
Personal Project- DEMO

Story -[has be modified]
The story is about William Wallace of Celtic Scoutland, a honered war hero of his realm. But, all the war has got him tired, and down. So they, him and his friends Kushluk and La Hire decide to reside in a area where THEY think there is no war. These fugitives of war-struck nations have landed onTeutonic battleground (unknown to other civiliations) not knowing.
As William, Kushluk, and La Hire rest up. Obvious trouble brews. Kushluk rude mouth gets him thrown in jail for unjust charges. What is with these people? Will you see, there has been revolts all throughout the coutry. King Arthur, the Emperor of the country through war, is currupt with evil, and greed. King Henry is one of his victims, losing to Arthur 13 years ago. Now Henry must now pay an allience fee to feel that his people will be safe. But Arthur continues to hoax and trick Henry into unfair deals, that is wreaking poor boy Henry's kingdom. The Rebels don't buy that crap, so they do what they feel is right in getting exact revenge for what Athur has done to their once beautiful country. Though King Henry is not behind it, King Arthur is punishing him anyway, to relieve anger. King Henry is neckdeep in trouble. As the revolts increase in violence, King Arthur gets inpatient with King Henry's lack of respondence to stop these "Acts of Terror". Will King Henry cornered, the revolts increasing, and King Arthur's anger rising, what will become of this conflict?
The heck with it! William has problems of his own. Ya getting Kushluk the heck out of jail!

Where you Come in...
You come in (in the The Escape SCN) planning to breaking Kushluk out of jail. The issue is horrible, but William and his crew have other issues on their minds, like getting the heck outta there!


``Island Ruchver1.0

Yes, ASNWW-DEMO2 comes with a multiplayer map that can (shoub be) played on the internet with up to 4 people. It is very fun because what you have to do is get to the main island to pick the best spot for YOUR strategy. Let me guess, not too hot about the idea are you? Well, you can take over spots of an abondoned city to help it be like a home away from home type thing, what ever. It is from the moment on when you land on the island, a normal game. Except you can utilize the city, and play capture the momument. Hecka worth playing I would say.

Download Includes:

AVI Video
Sound Files
SCN- The Escape
SCN- ASNWW- Island Rush ver1.0 (multiplayer)
Read Me
Host Duties (for host of ASNWW-Island Rushver1.0
A.I. ER_Immoble Unit
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Outlaw BG
File Author
Come on people, no comments? I need comments on this demo. I an working on the CPN. I need comments and suggestions to improve upon it.
Map Design3.0
I thought that this scenario was pretty fun, so i hope the other people that have downloaded this scenario found it the same.

Playability: This scenario was pretty fun to play, like i said, but it was also very challenging. But for the hard parts, the author included little battle walkthrus

Balance: i found that each side was pretty balanced, because the player had 3 powerful heros, as compaired to the computer player that had a huge army, but only 1 weak hero

Creativity: This scenario is one of the most innovative ones i have seen. I mean, who would put 3 people, that probably never heard of each other, together s friends, and realesed it?

Map Design: The map was small, it didn't even take up half of the map, but thats expected because this is a demo.

Story/Instructions: The Instructions were pretty clear and precise, with a few errors here and there. There was also the beginning of a pretty vauge stpry that i could find.
Lord_Fadawah Working on a review...
Map Design3.0
If there was a category for presentation, A Saviour Named William Wallace would score an automatic 5. It comes with two readme files, a mapshot, a slick intro .avi, and even a bonus ASNWW-related multiplayer scenario (which I will not rate in this review).

William Wallace and his friends, La Hire and Kushluk. They've fled their war-torn nations and are seeking refuge in the Teutonic lands, where there is a rebellion against the king afoot. Some ill-chosen words land Kushluk in prison, and it is your objective to free him.

It took me some restarts to figure out which way to go once I had freed Kushluk from his cell. I destroyed the gate with my three units, only to reach a dead-end. I took the southern passageway, and then quitted to examine triggers in the editor, as I didn't know what I was supposed to do next. I stole the galleon, and sailed south where I was destroyed by three fireships. I reloaded and took the northern route, destroyed the two cannon galleons, and William Wallace and La Hire unloaded from the transport ship, but not Kushluk since the area where he was supposed to appear was blocked by the galleon. I reloaded, kept my galleon off the shallows, and went to talk to the monk. The monk kept on healing my enemies as I was fighting them. He gave me instructions to kill Roland. I killed Roland as told using my galleon, but nothing happened. To the editor again. :( I found out that Roland had to be killed in the area next to the transport ship for the trigger to fire. With that done, the scenario continued as normal.

While the instructions (or lack thereof) were frustrating, ASNWW is a fast-paced and memorable RPG. No time-consuming cutscenes propel the action forward, and you can expect to be on your toes for the entire scenario. Taking a wrong turn often means that a fresh batch of enemies attack you. While the author didn't stint on detail ASNWW is plagued by its fair share of bugs. In the beginning, where a transport ship drops Wallace and La Hire off, there is a third unit on board that the player isn't meant to control -- a woad raider. Sly players can pause the game, select the transport and make it eject the woadie, so they can get an extra unit. There is no real use for the woad raider on the transport ship, and in my opinion it shouldn't have been included. Once you have the monk and try to convert the transport ship, it will continually sail away from you until it is out of range. The only way to prevent this is to physically block the exit to the harbour using you other units while the monk converts. I suggest adding a trigger which prevents the transport from escaping. 4

Balance is weak, the William Wallace, La Hire, and Kushluk heroes vs small groups of unupgraded spearmen, archers, longbowmen and light cavalry. Since your heroes are always regenerating, you can take pit stops between battles to restore health. Even if you don't "cheat" by taking advantage of the woad raider on the transport ship at the beginning, the scenario is still fairly easy. During the scene near the end where you convert the transport ship, you are warned that Imperial Guards are coming to kill you. These Imperial Guards are about two-dozen knights, and it is still possible to defeat them by luring them towards you in small groups and healing your heroes as they fight. While there are some areas that are at least somewhat difficult, an average player should have no problem with this scenario. The author wrote some fairly extensive hint sections for what he deemed "hard" areas of the campaign, but they are all extremely easy. For instance: the siege onager part can be won losing barely any HP. 3

As stated above, the campaign is presented extremely well. An .avi and a soundtrack add to the experience. The idea of a prison escape scenario isn't very common, and there are some nice eye-candy tricks. While the playability itself isn't earth-shattering, it keeps the player engaged extremely well. 4

The map is technically well-designed, but aesthetically it is not pretty. Forest, palm and masses of flowers mixed together in some areas, no eye-candy at all in others. There are large areas of blank grass, and almost no terrain mixing. Some areas areas are reasonably attractive, but the map as a whole looks about as good as a random map. 3

ASNWWD has a good story, but there are huge holes in the plot, and it is difficult to follow. What has Kushluk done to get himself in prison? Is this Arthur or Henry I'm fighting? There is almost no in-game explanation of the story, I had to read the author's description page to get the full picture. As mentioned in playability, the instructions are lacking, it is easy to get lost or wander down the wrong path. Better hints and elaboration upon the story would certainly earn a 5 rating. 3

ASNWWD is a fast-paced scenario that is recommended to less-skilled players.

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Map Design3.0
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