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The Amazing Journey (part 1)

Author File Description
BZ Interactive
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This is BZ Interactive's 1st part in a series of scenarios entitled: The Amazing Journey. More work was put into this scenario by us at BZ than any other scenario of ours. The map is good and the triggers and storyline are great. Please read the readme file first. What more?
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Map Design2.0
When i played this scenario i faced the first proble. It was in "Scenario" form... And then you must start it thrue the Editor, you cant see the picture and you will see the map before you even play it. I created a campain of it before i played. This is my review:
Playability:(2) I give the scenario 2 in playablitiy because its lack of map design ( made it boring to ride around), the lack of difficulty ( I just found one challange in the scenario, the last scene witch was pretty hard until i figured out how to do it) and the simple fact the the only thing you really did was riding around to different persons át different locations in the scanrio and i found that pretty boring. Also, few of the villagers on the map worked, i saw the farming landscape pretty boring when all the villagers just stood and looked at the ground.
When i rode the Transport Ship to Fresca, i also found that i could keep it to exlpore when the heroes didnt ride it. Pretty strange.
Balance:(2) As i mentioned above its way to easy for most AOK players. In 80% of your playinh time you will meet about 6 easy-beaten enemies and 20 wolves that die in one hit. The only hard scene are the last one that gave me some challange until i figured it out. Try to add more raiders and maybe some secrets or side missions to make it more fun and challanging.
Creativity:(2) Well, i feel that i have to give a "2" again here, because i found few things, maybe even none, that i havent seen in other scenarios before. I have played about 5 scenarios or so that looked almost exactly like this...
Map Design:(2) Im really sorry to gave my 4th "2", but i feel that i have to. The map was ugly and the most of it was grass 1 whit a small forest here and there and maybe some cliff, a couple of bushes, a ugly lonley mountain or some gold mine. The town-parts where avange, road whit some building on, nothing more. The only good designed part of the scenario was the mountains, i liked the evelation and use of snow, pine trees and cliffs, but it cant raise the score to a "3" becasue a random map looks much better.
Story/Instructions:(4) The way best part of the scenario! It has a good story even its a little strange sometimes (A old woman gives you a army for a trade cart. Where did she get the army from?) but the instructions are pretty good and the Win/Loss scenes are formed like pages from a diary which looks good. I was not sure if i should give the story/inst. 3 or 4, but i gave it 4 becasue i find it fun
Final thoughs: A pretty good scenario, but some bugs and the bad scenario design and balance lower the score. It will become boring to walk all over the map to talk to someone and then walk back, but you have to stand it. Anyway, its a pretty good download for rooks( They may find any challange) that like RPS scenarios. Next time, put some effort in the map design.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
“The Amazing Journey” is a campaign based with two main characters Stephen Walters and Syrus during a time when the French have invaded a country called Caldwell. It had a nice bitmap but didn’t hint at what the campaign had to offer, also I had to change it from a .scx file to a .cpx file but it was worth it.

Playability: I enjoyed playing through this campaign, as the objectives varied. First of all you have to meet Syrus and visit the King, you have to destroy the French castle as a final objective, they’re weren’t many other features to keep me interested though. Travelling through between the towns wasn’t great and they’re were few features that detracted from travelling even when you had fast units. I played this several times to see if I missed anything but I didn’t, this campaign was very fixed.

Balance: This campaigns balance was good, you started with just two units and had to be careful not to get them killed, as you progressed through the campaign you gained more units and didn’t have to be so weary of enemy units. The campaign wasn’t too hard and had some easy points, and one hard point (namely having to destroy the French Castle at the end)

Creativity: This was a fictional scenario, and for a fictional campaign it wasn’t too creative, it kept it realistic in a sense though, and this helped keep it’s score up to a 3. It included a couple of nice things though, upgrading you’re units by buying suits of armour for you’re men. This was good and I didn’t get tired of the units because they changed, not too much but enough to keep you interested.

Map Design: The map when revealed looked good, it was well created but some places seemed a little bland and lacked detail. An example of this being travelling between town’s, maybe rocks flowers and gaia to keep the player interested could be possible improvements. On the whole the map was ok, it missed the “wow” factor of a five but was still well drawn out and time had been taken on it.

Story/Instructions: The story wasn’t superb but it wasn’t boring either I found it somewhere in between. I was able to understand the main story going on and this was good. The instructions were above average the detail it all the sections at the opening screen set the story up nicely and the dialogue in the campaign flowed through, another good thing was very few spelling mistakes. Taking the time to sort through and correct any dialogue mistakes was obviously done for “The Amazing Journey”

Overall: A well made scenario lacking not much to get into the Best of AoK section.Spending more time making the terrain more interesting and including some more conversations in towns would go a long way to higher the campaigns score. I enjoyed this campaign and perhaps the full version will be able to make the Best of AoK section. Well done BZ group!

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Map Design3.0
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