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Ananzi the Merchant

Author File Description
Mr Tradecart
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Strategy
You are Ananzi, a Bothan. For your entire life you have been a slave to the mighty forces of Buchachas. You see your people suffer, and die in the turmoil of never-ending work. You hear the whips of the overseer's crack on the backs of Bothan's everynight in your dreams...
Now, you have disguised yourself as a merchant, taking a load of resources to the Buchachas city. Instead, you are on a different quest, a quest to rid your people of Buchacha's, a quest to the mystical lands of Enchantia...
Please play and review, this is my first scenario that i have submitted (i submitted the "Battle of Jericho", but it didn't work). I will enjoy your compliments and criticisms(?).
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Da Warriah
Map Design5.0
PLAYABILITY - This map is very fun, and even though there was a minor difficulty, it turned out it was all my fault. The triggers are worked perfectly, and overall, the map was very fun to play.

BALANCE - This map is more of an RPG game, so everything has to be balanced perfectly to work. The designer did that very well, and also made it very fun. What's a game if it isn't fun?

CREATIVITY - Definitely a five, no questions asked. With everything from a giant waterfall to elves to slaves and masters to elephant crossings, this is one of the most creative maps I've ever seen.

MAP DESIGN - Lots of eyecandy in this map...very well done. The forests are well laid out and lots of cool scenery that just adds to the environment of the map. Definitely very cool.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS - The storyline was very well laid out, but several instructions given to you later in the game could have been changed to show up in the Instructions menu. The instructions given were very well done though, and i don't think it deserved any lower.

Overall, it was a great map and I really enjoyed it.
Map Design4.0
For a first scenario I must say this is excellent. The ends were not well trimmed, but I still enjoyed playing this alot. It really gave me the feeling of being a peasant in a mystical land.

Playability & Balance
I don't think I've ever had this much fun playing a scenario. Despite enjoying this scenario thoroughly, the creator assumed that the player would take his route, and if you don't certain triggers will not be activated. This is a major draw back. An example of this is that you can avoid certain red gates, that you have no reason to go to anyway, and red will remain your ally the entire game, while he should be your enemy. Could have used alot more cleaning up of the trigger flow. The scenario was also extremly difficult, but that's what made it fun.

Creativity & Map Design
There have been other scenarios like this, however there was some interesting eye candy that caught my attention and with out it this scenario would have been rather lame. Map design was decent, but not great. There are several fields of grass that could have used more work.

Story / Instructions
A major complaint I have is that the context goes by WAY TO FAST! Your objectives are not recoreded, so if you miss somthing that is said, you are lost. In addition to this there was a general lack of instructions.

I would definatly recommend this to other players, though it is hard to play, and you can cheat by avoiding some triggers, it has some excellent ideas. Thumbs up to the author, keep making scenarios!
Byzantine Warrior
Map Design2.0
First off let me say that this is a scenario that is a very good first try for a new comer to AOK. It seems like he took some time to plan things out and make the scenario. But I did not give it a 4.8 like Dah_Warrior.

Playability = 3
The playability was mediocore, hence the 3. It was fun to play, although sometimes parts could be tedious such as the elephant crossing. It comes up so fast that the first time you are unaware and you travel past the guard, resulting in disater. Another point that was bad was that the text plays too fast on "Normal Speed". I found myself having to read in the chat section to see what was just said a couple times. I also noticed some triggers fired when they weren't, but not often.

Balance = 2
I gave balance a 2 because I felt that some people with not enough experiance may have some trouble with it. It will take a few tries to beat if you have some experiance. Unfortunatly, this will somewhat bring down the fun factor.

Creativity = 5
This was a VERY creative idea, and it has several parts which are pretty original. Even the whole idea of being an "undercover slave" is pretty cool. This is the best part of this scenario. =)

Map Design = 2
The map design was poor for the most part. The terrain was very plain and the forests looked unrealistic. I felt there was not enough eye candy. Some parts I saw an attempt at eye candy, but it was very conventional. The author just put down some pieces of eye candy that would have been good, but they looked, once again, unrealistic, as if they were just there for the purpose. You don't see rugs lying on the side of a river bed now do you? The reason it did not recive a one is because the author used some nice tricks that you don't normally see (i.e. Waterfalls not created by bridges).

Story / Instruction = 3
The story was average, although not enough backround information was put in. Also, as I mentioned before, some of the text triggers read to fast.

This scenario is a very good first shot, although, I do not believe it should recieve a 4.8. If you want some creative ideas or are looking for a pretty fun scenario and don't mind the lack of eyecandy, you should download this scenario ASAP!
King Joshua III
Map Design2.0
Playability- This scenario was pretty fun, Just wondering how you are going to get to enchantia. You can see it's right across a bridge, but you have to go all the way around. Where you have more adventures. The triggers are a little bit basic, such as the players that become yours already being gaia, instead of having them change from another player. I still haven't figured out why the camp right before the roaders, suddenly changes to your enemy. But for the most part this is pretty good.

Balance- The balance was on the easy side. If you just go the right way you can cruise right through. There were no real parts in which I had to use micromanagement to win a battle, even in Kabesh I just let my men run around and kill wolves randomly, yet I didn't lose any of them. Though at some points if you do go the wrong way you could be suffenciently doomed.

Creativity- WOW! Who would of thought oif making the main character a trade cart, or a secret agent type trade cart at that. There was only one small fault, which was the triggers. The triggers were all very simple and nothing amazing really happened there. But mostly this part was definitely the best. GOOD JOB!

Map Design- The map design in this map was very basic, and did not look like it took very long to do. The upshot were things like the big waterfall, which was well made.

Story/Instructions- This story had a very good base, but could have been elaborated on alot more. Considering the only instructions were something about going to Enchantia I can't give a 4.

Overall- this was a good beggining scenario, and if you work on your map design and triggering a little you can be really good. Keep it up.
Map Design4.0
First of all it was cool seeing a new designer's work that wasn't junk, so that's a good change.
Playability: I don't know about replay value but it was fun the first time.
Balance: It was kinda hard, but i invite a challenge so i had no objection to the designer's twist.
Creativity: As one of the reviewer's previously mentioned, It was neat how the main character was a tradecart. that is certainly new.
Map Design: It had some nice eye candy, kinda cheesy though since everyone is using the waterfalls now a days. and the floating guards :)?
Story: the designer needs to elaborate on this story, perhaps turn it into a campaign. good depth to the story, but needs to go a bit further.

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Map Design3.4
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