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The Great Commander El Cid

Author File Description
King Joshua III
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
I In this scenario you play a retired commander named El Cid. You must journey to the king's castle. There he will tell you more about what your mission is.

I worked on this scenario for almost three wekks and put in about 3 hours a day, so I hope you enjoy it.
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Mr Tradecart
Map Design5.0
Playability: The playability was definitely on the difficult side, if you went a certain direction. At one point in the scenario, if you take a left/right you can win easily, the other direction is very difficult. This is a very good first scenario as far as playibility goes.

Balance: Their were a few extrememly small trigger faults, but none large enough to hinder gameplay. At one point you are asked to defend a village and make sure the tower remains standing. If you succeed, you keep men give to you earlier. I destroyed the invading forces, then I assumed the men belonged to me. But if you don't destroy another object(which is not visible for a while) then the men are taken from you in the heat of a very important battle. Because of good trigger flow the balance was still a 3.

Creativity: The story might not have been very creative... But the time it took to create this map was certainly notable. A very well crafted and nice looking map. The story was a bit dull though.

Map Design: Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. One example used in the map was the tedious job of placing individual Gaia trees instead of terrain trees. This makes the map look much more natural. In the RPG game, the map must truly tell a large part of the story. Paths and roads must all be n'sync with each others and the triggers. Never was there a moment in the map where no eye-candy was visible. Very nice job.

Story Instructions: Their wasn't much depth to the story, I though perhaps it might have been based on the historical figure. Perhaps you could try making a campaign out of this, the first scenario could be followed up by more great scenarios. Keep making scenarios!(for AoK, cause I don't have TC, and I don't get a chance to look at new work nowadays)
Da Warriah
Map Design4.0
Playability - This scenario was nicely done, it was very fun to play. A few small "extras" gave it a nice touch, but there were some minor issues with the scenario. A few of the objectives weren't recorded, and for one brief instant, a battering ram became mine. It was stuck in the forest, then disappeared again. The forests were well done, with a fair amount of eyecandy.

Balance - I found this scenario not much of a challenge, it was just a matter of choosing the right road to go on. I never did find that sheep in the desert, but that wasn't a major issue. I didn't find myself thinking what I should do a lot, because a few of the triggers (i.e. the bar scene) played it out automatically. On the other hand, I wasn't bored to death, neither was I restarting every five seconds to try it over again. I would give this a 2.3 if I could.

Creativity - This scenario was an average scenario, with eyecandy and such, but I thought the bar scene was a good touch. The raiders seemed to all come in one lump, I think it would have been better to space them out a bit more. Overall, well done, though.

Map Design - The paths were done nicely, winding throughout the trees. It almost looked like a random map, with paths made, and cities built, so I couldnt exactly give it a 3, but it wasn't a five. I'm sure you could have improved, with more animals, more terrain slopes and such. I could tell you didn't just make a random map and put in the players, especially with the capital city.

Story/Instructions - This is hovering between a 3 and a 4, because a few of the instructions weren't clearly laid out. Also, the story didn't really change, it just has some dips along the way, which makes the scenario interesting. The story wasn't exceptionally done, it's basically a guy going to the capital city.

Overall - This scenario was nicely done, and the map looked nice. If this was one of the first few scenarios the author has made, then this is nicely done, and keep up the good work to better yourself. If this is an expert's work with quite a few scenarios under their belt, I'm sure you could have done at least a little bit better.

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Map Design4.5
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