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Ahmos the King of Egypt (Updated)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Strategy
In this update: More enhanced map and more fixing for some bugs in the last sceanrio.
Ahmos the Pharaoh of Egypt
In the year 1764 B.C a foreign people invade Egypt and occupied the whole land. These people are the Hyksos or the Shepherds. They were very tuff with the Egyptians. Those people didn’t come to Egypt with armies or weapons. They came at the beginning in small groups. The Egyptians let them live and have jobs even in governmental posts. They began to live in Egypt from King’s Senousert II days. When the 13th Kingdom became too week, the shepherds became more than 450,000, they jumped to the palace and made their Kingdom the 14th Kingdom, the man who began this Kingdom was Salitis. He was one of there leaders and they made him a king.

The Hyksos ruled and live in Egypt for 184 years from that day. A brave man came from the South of Egypt, the head of the Egyptian 16th Kingdom. This man was Sek Nen Raa, The Egyptian king and the Pharaoh to whom the Egyptians beloved and believed. His mother was Tity Shery The Grandmother of the Kings, Queen Eeh Hoteb his wife and the mother of Kamos, Ahmos and sister Ahmos Nefer Tery.
After a long time of surrounding the Hyksos city Hawareice, they request a covenant of surrendering to King’s Ahmos army. They request to leave the whole land safely and went out of Egypt with all their people and stuff and promise not to come back again. King Ahmos agreed and they went out in 250,000 man and woman, with all their stuff. In the year 1566 B. C., King Ahmos defeated the Hyksos and drove them out of Egypt.

Our Story will begin with King Sek Nen Raa and his final battle against the shepherds’ army under Apipy or Abo Feece leadership. Who was stronger than the Egyptian King, he will defeat and kill him in this battle.
In this time Ahmos will appear in the map and the story of liberation begins.

In the year 1566 B. C., King Ahmos defeated the Hyksos and drove them out of Egypt. May be as some archeologists said that the Hyksos were the Exoduses. So after 3000 years another war or wars will be in the same area. I hop Microsoft helps us and invent a new game like this but in a modern shape to let us continue these wars.

You lost this battle. Loosing a battle doesn’t mean you lost the whole war. May be you got killed but my friend we can’t change the history. History said that you liberated Egypt from the occupation of the Hyksos, and you have to do this.
Try again and learn from your mistakes.

1 – Don’t try pass or come near the land of the Hyksos.
2 – Apipy’s army will defeat you in the first battle. This is important for continuing the game, but to try to kill or capture as many as you can. This will decrease the number of the shepherds’ army.
3- A villager a monk and 4 women will appear in the bottom of the map. You have to take them and go with all your ships to the west to let Ahmos appears. This is important to continue your game.
4 – First, destroy the towers in Thipy. This will give many technologies that help you in your war.
5 – Second, destroy the towers around the pyramids, because the Pharaoh will come to pray to his God Amoon Raa. This will also gives you more things.
6 – You have to got 8000 gold, 8000 stone, and 8000 food to get your Grand fathers castle back to you. But, not before you pray to God in the Pyramids area.
7 – you must destroy all the towers in Mymphece to let all the Egyptians revolt against the Hyksos and change their stance to enemy to them.
8 – last thing you have to do is to destroy Hawareice to the last stone and garrison the Pharaoh in the southern castle. But this will not be easy. So be careful. This will let you have your victory. Or you can garison Ahmos, all queens, and Lato the Monk in your Grandfather's castel.

- Don't forget that your villagers are sometimes more usefull in war than solders.

King Ahmos - Master of the templar.
Queens and Princesses - John the made figures.
Queen Eah Hoteb - John of Arck
Lato the monk - Friar Tuck.
Enjoy the game.
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File Author
I'd like to say somthing more. This is my first completed scenario. So, it may be have some bugs. But the Imprtant thing is that I made the first step. All your comments are very important to me. I also need your advices, all of you, players or designers.
Sorry if there are some languages misstakes. I'm not English, I'm from Egypt.
and This will be the first of an Egyptian stories taken from histories.
Do I continue or not? ;)
Official Reviewer
For a first scenario this was pretty good :-). I think I might review it later.
A Lone Crusader1 Well... the history is picture perfect! From the information you give now, I see you really tried hard to have a historicly accurate scenario. Downloading now...
khaled Hey you Iam from egypt too,Iwant to talk to you send me in my email

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