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Ash the Avenger

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
In this scenario, you take on the mantle of Ash, whose father has just been murdered by bandits. Travel the land in search of both allies and revenge.

This is my first scenario worth posting. Please send any comments to:, or post them here.

NOTE: This scenario is intended to be used with the included modpack. Several buildings will look out of place if it isn't used, but everything should otherwise work.
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Map Design5.0
This is SiCkO here and I wanted to review this scenario cause its good, anyways I tried to get in the review link but it sent me to where all the 5.0 scenarios are ( WHICH I THINK THIS SCENARIO SHOULD BE!!! )and such. So I figured I'd review here. Now I gave it 5's on everything cause (Now the review will start)

Playability 5.0- Oh is this fun to play, you need to explore, adventure and discover. You start out as a guy named Ash (I bet I know where that name came from, pokemon probally maybe not)and your daddy just died cause some bandits killed him. And you are going to avenge his death on the cheif of the bandits. You do like 12 or so tasks for people and they give you money and guys so in the end you can kill this bandit leader dude and kill the Big Big Leader dude named Mordred (Which I think he should of changed the name, cause Mordred is a hero)

Balance 5.0- Hell, I don't know what Balance is, Im guessing thoe its between guys and triggers so I'll just go with my guess. There must be a lot of triggers (I havent checked) because you have to do so much, so many tasks and such. And enemy's, there in groups (about 5 guys in a group, there made out of man-at-arms and spearman and archers), the (weak dudes). But heres the good part see you are only one guy so it's hard even with weak guys. THIS IS FOR THE AUTHOR: The only thing I saw wrong with triggers is 2 things
1. With signs you did'nt loop them
2. Theres a guy named Lt. or Captain, Tess or Kes that in a text it said "Talk to Captain Tess" or somthing like that but you used the Lt. names instead of the captains

Creativity 5.0- Oh my gosh (never say God's name in vain, so I said gosh big deal) I'm sitting here in my computer chair laughing so hard and its not because his ideas wernet creative its because I can't figure out what words to use I'll have to pull out the dictonary for this one ( I'll give you the definitions)

beau-ti-ful: (byoo-tih-ful)adj. Lovely; aesthetically pleasing

won-der-ful: (wun-der-f'l adj. Arousing wonder or joy; marvelous

and those are just 2 words I could get many more. Well its great the names, the places, the names of the places and the modpack just brings the scenario alive even more. The statue, the lighthouse, the jail, the inn.Oh just so won-der-ful.

Map Desigh 5.0- Okay this is not the best map i've ever seen but its in the top 5 (I've seen many scenarios)This map has detail not freakish detail like some maps. Not overly detailed maps like some. This is the nice map that moms would like to meet (put boyfreind in for map and the sentence makes sence)This map is just awesome. The author did a excellent job on the map.

Story / Instructions 5.0- The story, ohhhh so simple but so complex. Dad killed-get revenge. Not that hard. But the author threw in baceball after baceball after baceball of things to go. So many tasks. The instructions, they were crysal clear. I could understand it all the way. Not much more to say about the instructions.

Over All: 5.0 everything, this WILL make it to the 5.0 list I promise. Download this scenario its everything I say it was. I was truthful. I love this scenario.

People rate this scenario and give comments to this scenario.

And author, you did a hell of a job.

You reviewer
Demolition Ship Captain
Map Design4.0
Playability - It wasn't really fun to play. Every sidequest required a long distance of walking (Which is really boring since nothing much happens on the walk), and after i finished playing, i didnt want to play again.. there's no different options, like no "decision point" where something major happens. Decision points like those increase playability because it allows the player to choose which path they want to go through. And without them, replayability value is zero, because you dont miss anything from not re-playing. My suggestion: remove the extreamly long walks, and add points where the player must make a critical decision in the game.

Balance: It's too easy to win. in most battles the main character can win it by himself, without the additional units. My suggestion: make it so battles can be lost if not played out right, basically adding more strategy to it

Creativity: I didn't really see much new in this scenario. Plus all the sidequests just require killing things, the relic requires killing the ornlu, another sidequest you jsut had to kill the academy. My suggestion: think of something new if you can, if not, at least add a wider variety of sidequests, and not just ask the player to kill things

Map Design: Was decently designed, most of the map was utilized. My suggestion: not so much forest next time.

Story/Instructions: Not much really happened during the game, it was just "kill this thing to gain a few extra units, hp, or attack" and at the end it was just another killing mission. My suggestion: add conversations during the long walks, have more points where the characters stop and talk. If you want to make an RPG, you need to have an excellent story for the game to revolve around.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Ash the Avenger, A Heroes Journey is a RPG, Cavscout74 won the first Orion Award for best Single player scenario. You play Ash in his search for allies to revenge his father, murdered by local bandits.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario is a lot of fun, I enjoyed the journey, the search for clues, warfare and the twelve in game objectives, a great adventure. It added to the game play that the player was free to explore at will, to choose in which sequence he does most of the side quests. It was a pleasure to explore the main city with eight mod packs in one compilation. 5

BALANCE: The scenario was played fast and on hard difficulty level. The balance is well above average, fair for a RPG, a tad too easy for my taste. Still I lost already the first skirmish outside Elmwood and had to lure some enemies to the town entrance for assistance from the guards. After you find allies, your enemies are in great number, which provides some reloads as you need some of your allies for the final objective, especially if you play hard, a good job on balance. 4+

CREATIVITY: I found creative aspects in every category to rate. The playability with a variety of side quests, escort a caravan, find a horse, a missing person, recover a sword, invoke a curse, board a transport or simply talk to a certain person; the balance with its increasing challenge and a good use of triggers and mod packs. A good idea to create a compilation with the eight mod packs out of which two are from the author and three replace a more suitable unit than before. Definitely worth to install permanently. 5

MAP DESIGN: Good basic design with a sparse use of elevations, terrain mix and a thick forest. The town/city design is better than the landscape, the map above average, but not detailed enough. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: You get clear objectives, hints, a scout section, a bmp, and two read me. The story develops in game, without twists, one dimensional, just the old revenge story, that is not good enough. 4

OVERALL: Without any doubt a best of AoK scenario.

OBSERVATION: It is in the author's intend to play the scenario with the included mod pack script, which includes a different Statue and an Inn by the author, East European Castle by Nein Nunb, Bazaar by Agamemmnon, Garden House by The Tiger, Lighthouse by Wildfire Studios, Gaolhouse and Monastery by BullsWool.

SUGGESTIONS: Try a story, improve your map design, use more elevations, terrain mix and Gaia and challenge the player for a better balance.

IN CLOSING: I recommend to play this great scenario.

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Map Design4.3
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