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The Forgotten Evils

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
This is a scenario of a five scenario campaign, so this is just the 2nd scenario of the campaign.

The story is basically you are hero just journeying to the islands, and to stop the evil that you keep hearing about. It is by luck and chance that you know where these islands are because no one else does. You are on one of the islands, and you have to kill the Evil.

-A few quests to complete
-Some allies that will heal you
-Equally strong enemies (some of them)

Thats about it hope you like it.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"The Forgotten Evils" is a scenario based around a character called Hero of the Forgotten Islands.

Playability: The playability of this scenario was mediocre. There weren't many things to deviate from the standard gameplay, which involved a lot of travelling back and forth. With little in the way of optional objectives or other varying elements to captivate the player in other ways than fighting was the playability's weak point.

Balance: The balance was too easy and provided little to no challenge, except for individual fights but these were very few and far between. The standard character has 50 attack and 800 hitpoints and in game he gains even more. To improve the balance lower the characters hitpoints and attack, and make the standard enemy units more of a challenge.

Creativity: The creativity was the best feature of this release to the blacksmith. Featuring magicians, flying carpet people, a restaurant, advanced circuit training, fighting zombies and teleportation. Despite the many ideas in the creativity, the weren't implemented too well, and later on in the scenario this helps pull down the playability.

Map Design: The map design was very repititive, the trees were clumped using large map palettes and lacked little variety, except for the odd change to other types of trees and back again. The map design could be improved if the author was to use smaller palettes when designing, adding more gaia units to make the map have more of a real thing about it to draw you into The Forgotten Evils more.

Story/Instructions: The story could do with some improvement, upon loading the scenario there is no introduction screen, this is not a problem but in game the story is not fully explained. You enter a Island and something isn't right, which leads to a huge quest without really knowing what your aiming to achieve until the very end. Building up the story would be a great improvement for this scenario. The ingame instructions were adequate, no more no less. They displayed little dialogue and most sentences were short, lacking real depth which I feel it needed to make the story clearer instead of jumping you straight into the gameplay.

Overall: A lot of revisiting previous found places in this scenario, the main problems were the jumping straight into the game factor, without a clue at the beginning.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
“The forgotten Evils” was announced as the second scenario of an upcoming five scenario campaign.

The story is about the Hero of the Forgotten Islands who has been sent to some rather unknown isles where an evil is arising that no one knew about, until it finally gained power and a killing started across the islands. The hero will have to kill the evil causing it, but before you can face it you have to complete some side quests. The second scenario plays on one of these isles, but how did you get there?

PLAYABILITY: This was average, but some tricks, side quests and the story kept my interest. The map size was a reason to lower the fun factor, as the journeying between points of interest was too long. Right at the beginning you have to traverse the map following a Teutonic knight and later you are travelling twice the whole map just to deliver some gold, while nothing else is happening. To make this a total blunder, a gate opens not far from where you got the gold, so you travel for the third time. 3-
-The west gate should have opened already after you killed Ornulu. A good short scenario is better than a boring long one and it will not be marked down because it’s short.

BALANCE: I played on hard but there was no challenge. The weakness of this category is due to a conflict between the credibility of the story and a good balance between the “Hero of the Forgotten Islands” and the different enemies. For the story the evil had to be very strong compared to ordinary mortals, which demands a strong hero and as the foes become more and more important you even have to raise the HP of the hero to balance the last fights. Unfortunately he is able to kill a swordsman with one stroke in the end and the combat with the evil is well balanced in a way that the player wins heavily wounded but without moving or clicking the mouse. 2+
-To solve the conflict you should use champions instead of swordsmen and some paladins. You should not be able to win without tactics like retreating, to fight less enemies or searching for elevations to gain advantage. Another solution would be “boss fights” with magic, which you find in newer campaigns.

CREATIVITY: The creativity of the author is undoubted. Worth mentioning are the parts of the map, where you get transported to, the circus area, as well as the story, a carpet trick through telekinesis and the teleportation. 3+

MAP DESIGN: The special places were good design, done with effort and skill, like the area of the zombies, circus, the evils, wolves, as well as the fortifications. The rest of the too large map size was filled with small paths through forest done with a big brush, in which the only diversity consisted in mixing palm trees with oak. 3
-Make a smaller seize map, use a smaller brush size; make openings into the forest and add some Gaia.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The history section starts where my introduction ends. You should read it before playing as this is the sequel to a not yet published scenario. The objectives are clear, in game as well as at the start and you always know what to do or where to go next. The hints are useful, even though one made it to the scout section. The story is good but you should display it on your introduction screen which would spare the player to read the author's description of the demo and of the scenario again before playing. 4-
-The player downloads generally more than one scenario at a time to play them later. The description page helps the player in his decision to download, not to play the scenario. All information should be at hand when starting to play

OVERALL: Download, play on hard and fast, it takes only half an hour.

FINAL OBSERVATION: This scenario was not easy to rate and my +plus and -minus marks reflect the conflict. My exact rating would be playability 2.5, balance 2.5, creativity 3.5, map 3.0 and story/instructions 3.5. The above represents a compromise and the overall score stays the same.

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Map Design2.5
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