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Shadoworld I

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
This is the story of a man named William. He works for a scientist who accidentally sends him to an alternate dimension, the Shadoworld, where nightmares are real and almost no one can leave. This game features a three-way path you can take. This is the first, but possibly the last depending on feedback, of the Shadoworld series I hope to do. This is also my first piece of work. I am okay with negative feedback as long as it is focused and not just random curses.
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Troy i hate when the wolf life goes down for no reason.
File Author
No offense, Troy, but if you read the hints, it said that there was a trigger that counters Ornulu's (the wolf's)hero healing power so he is a regular unit, and it could be stopped by an item. It doesn't really make the scenario impossible to play or slowly kill Ornulu. It does, however, put you on a more level field with enemies. I have decided that since people naturally heal themselves over time, and the trouble it causes for the designer and player, that I will stop using this failed effect. Again, no offense to Troy; he is just stating a fact.
Map Design4.0
This campaign is about a man named William who was forced into a different dimension by a botched experiment executed by an ambitious scientist. William's only
hope of returning home is a talking wolf named Ornulu. Together they journey though this "Shadoworld" .

PLAYABILITY: This scenario's playability was good. I didn't detect any bugs. However , I didn't like how you couldn't win but didn't lose when the person you escourted
died. This is unacceptable unless it unlocks some secret , like in "The Quest". Instead the player should lose immediately or be forced to choose another mission.
The different paths to travel gave the game good re-playability value.

BALANCE: Balance was the weak part of the scenario. Your heros are ridiculously strong. A careful player , like myself , can go though all paths of the game without
dying. The items you received only enhanced the buzz-saw like killing ability of your units. The path through the desert was extremely easy. All the fighting was walking
down some road and slashing or biting your enemies to ribbons. This isn't all that fun if it's easy to boot. The author could raise this score to a 4 if there's more
balance between the strength of the heros and enemy units. I played on hard. So the other difficulty settings are easier. If all the settings are the same , I won't deduct
points for it. I won't add any either.

CREATIVITY: I will now turn to the most pleasant aspect of the scenario. This scenario was very creative dispite a lack of new trigger tricks. The author simply implemented
several known tricks into the scenario. The result gave me many nice things to look at. I hate the term "eye candy". I think it's overused. "Nice things to look at"
doesn't sound any better , though. I liked the siege ram bus and the explosion lake. The author used an interesting method for allowing the player to receive items , in the
graveyard. I could continue awhile longer , but I won't. The creativity made me continue playing when other parts of the game failed.

MAP DESIGN: The map didn't blow me away or even draw me into the game , as did the creativity. The map was just functional. It was molded to allow three independent paths to work.
All the roads funneled into and out of the two cities on the map. Both cities were adequately designed. While doing all of this , the map looked better than a random. To get a 5 , the
author must put in more .... eye cnady.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The story was superb and the instructions were clear. Why did I give it a 5 ? Well , there's more to the STORY/INSTRUCTIONS then a story and instructions. An excellent
job in both these departments is denied a 5 by familiar culprits. First there were multiple spelling errors , even the title is mispelled. I don't know if the author's first language is
English , though. In addtion , the author threw the player into the story with no explaination. The player can read a short diary entry from William , but that is all. I think far too
many scenario designers put the player in the middle of a complecated story without knowing what happened before or anything personal about the characters. Almost all scenarios do this.
This is especially damaging to one scenario campaigns becuase that's all you see. If this was a long campaign , I would have been engulfed in the story and have lots of plot twists to factor
into the score instead of a shakely beginning.

The author seemed unsure of whether this is a good campaign or not. He or she has no need to worry because it's good. I would be pleased to play a sequel to it. It's a worthy download for
anyone. An excellent first try at scenario designing.

Daveguy_700 I just played this, I think it's great! PLEASE tell me when the second one is finished.
File Author
I figured I might as well add that I will make Shadoworld into a campaign with seven scenarios, and this one being the first scenario in the campaign. Therefore, you may call this a "demo," or a teaser. At this date it is about halfway done.

Have fun (hopefully)!
hun_on_the_run I think shadoworld is great, but when you have to kill harold the monk, i don't know what to do. I go up to him, but nothing happens. What do I need to do?
File Author
Make sure that:
You have all three characters, Erik, Ornulu, and William, together.
They are all a few tiles behind from Harold.
You've tried it again and it still doesn't work.

I might add for those interested that I have just finished the main framework (map and storyline triggers) of scenario 4 out of the planned 7.
hun_on_the_run Thanks, but I already worked it out. I'm really looking forward to the next shadoworld scenario. Keep up the good work.
laz123 I got them to the relic place and nothing, zilcho. Trigger probs in the town as well. Nice try.

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Map Design4.0
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