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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Lord Of The Rings-Scouring The Shire (Updated!)

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Lord Of The Rings-Scouring The Shire (Updated!)

Author File Description
Evil Sephiroth
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Another Lord Of The Rings scenario. See the \'Two Towers\' comments for info. This scenario concerns *SPOILER* the part of the final book where the hobbits return home and are forced to liberate the Shire from Sarumans clutches.
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LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA I don't know if anyone will like the spoilers being in a description page, lots of people look at these pages ya know, so this isn't the place to put spoilers. But I did enjoy Lord of the Rings, so I will download it (as long as the file size is NOT 12 megabytes!!)
LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? File size is 12KB not 12MB, fix immediately.
(At such a small size, this must be a scenario from someone new. If you are new here, and to triggers, please check out this forum topic: Trigger Library and FAQ)
Evil Sephiroth
File Author
Okay Yuri, I read your review. So you want to fight me? I have reasons...
1) This was my first ever scenario, so I didn't know jack about triggers or anything.
2) This is not meant to be a proper, 'playable' scenario. Like in the book, its meant to be an epilogue.
3) If you've read the Lord Of The Rings, you should know what to do in the scenario. If you haven't read the Lord Of The Rings, what are you doing?! Read them now!!
But, even though you are really pissing me off, I'm still going to update the scenario.
Evil Sephiroth
File Author
Done. An updated version of Scouring the Shire is available...I'd like to see you whinge [/B]now[B] Yuri!
LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA It's nowhere near the best scenario ever (duh), but it is still pretty good. However I would like to see a change to your straight roads, square elevations and unrealistic (and not even near LoTR-looking) straight lines of Tree TD. The balance has been improved quite a bit but I never lost any of my heroes. Also the game crashes when Wormtongue kills Saruman. Fix this please.
LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA Oh, and have you downloaded my Campaign yet? (Counter Attack :: DEMO) and if so could you please review it?
Evil Sephiroth
File Author
AAAAAAAAARRGGH!!! QUIT whining!!! I'll fix the damn thing, but what more do you want?? I'M ONLY HUMAN!!!!

Go on then Yuri, why don't you make a LOTR scenario? Let's see you try!
LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA Go to the "Search" menu and tick the "Author's Name" box, and type in "StG_Phoenix" and then search. You will come across several LoTR scenarios by him (Donwload the campaign version because it's the fixed one.) I don't have the time to make an LoTR scenario anyway, cuz I'm in the middle of my upcoming project which will have 500 triggers :) as well as the second scenario for Counter Attack.

And I wasn't whining, the only thing I said was bad was the straight lines of trees. If I was whining I would have said "EVIL SEPHIROTH SUX HAIRY BALLS" but I atleast helped you by telling you what to improve on.
DarkPaladin23 yuri why don't you stop making fun of other peoples scenarios or campaigns what if one day the make WAY better scenario than you look who'll be laughing then
Orthanc_Assassin I agree that Lord Yuri Ninja was just giving him some tips, he tells a lot of people about their mistakes and that way the scenarios are more fun for other people to play.
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